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  1. To be honest while I was writing it I kinda got lost myself but if I get any further ideas about this I’ll report back.
  2. I was just thinking of what i thought was great idea. since the "roleplay" element in tali is getting dull, i had an idea of a "taliban media spokesperson" in which can interact (enter base after being searched and checked) and negotiate with the u.s, they can also put ads around about situations or reports, obviosly they can still get commands from higher ranks to what they want the spokesperson to do. i was also thinking that since ive also been supporting some of the trainees of u.s and congratulating tali for thier win e.t.c. that im capable of being this role. its also gives new players this look that no other server has attempted such a role. sincerly, the son of the great yusef the malakand leader, BIN CHICKEN