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  1. lmao just join another regiment, or just get good to join isis. simple mathematics
  2. But you literally have 999+ ammo, and it's spammable. Why would you want this buffed ? UR ALL KILL HUNGRY !!!!!!!!
  3. +1 Eleventeen has become a valued member of the community, allow him to give back by accepting his application !
  4. whens my debut in this series ?
  5. Able


    lol you're so bad at rainbow six
  6. lol what the fuck is this demon or some shit?
  7. Multiple mistakes, stating "if they had any questions," twice. Please proof-read your application.
  8. lol i find it funny that he actually hacks.
  9. Requesting a Forum Mod to remove this trash off the forums.
  10. Moved to correct sub-forum. @Badger @Feralswan Help this user out please.
  11. I have to strongly agree with Old Predator. You guys are too new losers.
  12. As what Merlin stated before, your answers are short and need to be expanded. Neutral
  13. Able


    I'm going to have to agree with eleventeen with this. Sorry dude, looks likes it's time for you to resign.
  14. Your application is somewhat informal, using the phrases "sick cunt" and "ghetting" really drive me off this app. If you want to get respected, you might want to change this.
  15. I think you need an exorcism with them noises you make.
  16. Meme post, this can be dealt with the help of Discord admins and what not. Locked.
  17. Locked by request of user.
  18. Accepted Contact an Admin+ for training.
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