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  1. bob the builder deserve a +1
  2. Neutral the app kinda decent but ngl the hourt is good so neutral
  3. im not a staff member but okay 2 thing i wanna ask 1. what the name of the uh guy that RDM you? if they RDM you or you were in a roleplay scenario?if they keep kill you for no reason why you do not make a ticket? a US killing another US without reason or just mingy is RDM 2.the fact that you join them and kill taliban aka civilians except if they have gun out bcs for a reason corruption US is unacceptable in my POV that is like just an poor excuse for RDM civilians. @Asatru hop in the boi wanna get un-ban
  4. so uh dumb question what is r&r?
  5. i belive unwanted deserve a chance to be unbanned he a good guy
  6. you have a decent app but you just cameback from LOA? play around more rn i will -1 for this app
  7. lad im sorry but im gonna straight up -1 bcs for me this is way to early for you to become an EM i suggest that you should play for a while or hell half a year bcs that to me you have some knowledge about what to do a good event and looking at the app about the event it seem decent toward eh kinda bad event? idk but who am i to judge overall im suggesting to make a medium-long script event.and you gotta understand 1 thing that you gotta make it fair for bothside not just US side nor Tali this is bcs the concern about the recent event that has gone downhill to the point most of the time is 1-sided camping.and other thing i want to mention that since you an EM you gotta listen to community what they want and learnt from it and have ability to handle criticism and know how to fix it and improve to make a better event not just place some prop and just that it just already prove it a bad event.overall that my point straight up -1 sorry lad way too early for you
  8. The Pope is a good man and beside he a india twat so +1 for me lad
  9. this is 1 of the reason why they can't do a properly job during event
  10. hmmm the apllication look decent lad try to make it a bit longer eh? but ya just comeback from LOA right? try to get a bit activate more in-game or forum(or maybe im just retarded and don't notice that) and look at the app again ur been in a staff member from some big servers and that a good thing so over all looking at this apllication i will stay at neutral but toward -1 (also change the color it cancer for me to read this xd)
  11. Johnson is a famous mingy boi and do 9/11 alot +1
  12. omegalul this is the most weirdest ban i ever seen
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