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  1. bob the builder deserve a +1
  2. Neutral the app kinda decent but ngl the hourt is good so neutral
  3. are they? i think most of them just show what around in the wall and teach them face and formation and done nothing more
  4. Suggestion Name:let taliban train trainee Suggestion Type (Rank, Vehicle, Menus, Regiment):taliban Addon Pack (Optional):none Addon Pack File Size:none Reason (Why would you like this added/removed):so okay let me bring this real up taliban is slowly activate again or dying slowly bcs most of taliban went to US bcs they have more thing to do and roleplay etc.... and when a new player get trained in US 70% of the time they didn't how to move to taliban so in order to fix the ratio i suggesting that we should let the new player when enter the servers there will be a menu let them choose side instead of join US immediately and we can use some 2 or 3 spare room that don't use in taliban and make it a trainee room similar to US i belive taliban can train trainee aswell Screenshots (Optional):none
  5. honesty dragoul deserve to be a mod man and he deserve ma +1 good luck lad
  6. yea sometime i receive this issue aswell feral/badger pls fix
  7. im not a staff member but okay 2 thing i wanna ask 1. what the name of the uh guy that RDM you? if they RDM you or you were in a roleplay scenario?if they keep kill you for no reason why you do not make a ticket? a US killing another US without reason or just mingy is RDM 2.the fact that you join them and kill taliban aka civilians except if they have gun out bcs for a reason corruption US is unacceptable in my POV that is like just an poor excuse for RDM civilians. @Asatru hop in the boi wanna get un-ban
  8. so uh dumb question what is r&r?
  9. good idea lad it will be more organization +1
  10. i belive unwanted deserve a chance to be unbanned he a good guy
  11. you have a decent app but you just cameback from LOA? play around more rn i will -1 for this app
  12. im honesty don't know but it would be cool to have 1
  13. or just give some regiment able to spawn vehicle like the old navy seal
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