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  1. It's been great managing CG for over 3 years but its time to go......... It started on the brink start of 2016 when I first joined the Colossal Gaming Military RP server. I was trained during a TDM event by what I saw as a black camo US soldier along with another person. At first, I didn't know what the hell I was doing because I was 11 and a half back then, but I got through it, was equipped with a Scar-H and fought through my negative kills and a large count of deaths because I found CG extremely fun. After the event, I was told by an MP to get to DB but I didn't know where it was, so I followed him and got to the DB. There were promotions and announcements, and I didn't know what to do after the briefing. I was then confronted by Apteryx and another Riot Control commander and was asked if I wanted to join their regiment, whereas I replied that I wanted to join the 75th Ranger Regiment. A Tryout was announced, I was the only attendee and I passed. After a few minutes of passing the 75th tryout, I got my first ever kill of my career, RDM'ing Lil Peep because I thought he was Tali. Getting up to Corporal and during a Friday event, Apteryx decides to attend it while drunk. Turned out he had 24 shots of bourbon (I think) during a night out last night and woke up the next day heavily drunk. During the briefing, Apteryx marches up onto the stage and according to a protocol, must salute LT+ when they come by you but somewhat gets sorta mad due to many people turning their attention to him and saluting him altogether. During Apteryx's time on the stage, he tells us all to sing a song (I think it was a Queen song), and we all mutter with Apteryx singing with all of his might. Obviously, he didn't do very good because he was bummed as hell. After the event, Apteryx goes back to sleep and the rest of the US all have a laugh. A few days pass and I get up to Sergeant. I am granted permission to train trainees under the supervision of WO's+, most of the supervision was from Apteryx. My next promotion was a day after getting Sergeant and get up to Staff Sergeant. After training at least 5-10 trainees in 2 days, I finally got Master Sergeant, personally from my newly promotion Captain Apteryx. We congratulate each other with our promotions and return to our duties. Another few weeks pass and I get up to WO. Matt Gates joined the regiment a few days ago and gets up to WO as well. We both became friends (sort of) but we hear Apteryx's resignation from the 75th Ranger Regiment. One of the higher ranks hosts a commander tryout for 75th. Matt Gates didn't have time to attend so I attended, along with six others. I am eventually disqualified from the tryout and Kurgan gets 75th Commander. Another couple of days pass and I get LT along with Matt Gates. I found out that you can apply for Moderator at when you feel comfortable, so I asked Funky Hendrix about it and he told me an array of instructions and advice. After he tells me this, I write up my application and post it on the forums. I got a mix of good and bad reviews but mostly good, but I start to get inactive more often and legitimately quit after 75th and another regiment (Spetsnaz, I think) were getting removed. After 75th is removed, I moved over to the Taliban and started off as a Combat Medic. I get up to the rank of Corporal until I decided to take a break. I wrote up a 'leave of absence', requested to lock my mod app, focused on school and my real life in general. I didn't get a girlfriend (nor would I be planning to, even at this point), achieve a life goal that would've been the greatest moment of my life or invent jetpacks to fly around and swear constantly. Instead, I chose to work hard in school and ignore problems on my PC as I just used it if I was bored or didn't have any more homework. A complete 6 months later and I'm thrown into a server I feel like I had accidentally clicked on instead of CG, but soon realised it was CG, just hugely updated with new regiments, guns and etc. I found it quite confusing at first but soon adapted. Apteryx came back to CG to give it one final look although he was still a Captain but was ultimately demoted to LT. He left after a few weeks of being LT and never came back, still doesn't want to anyways (I DM'd him about it, he doesn't want to, ha). I saw some familiar names such as Ezygle, Asatru, Rhys, Dragoul, Matrix, Brad (Now Walter), Canoon and literally everyone else that I remembered. I joined the now-returned 75th Rangers and enlisted as a Medic. I got up to PFC and yet again, went inactive. Another 3 months pass and I'm still a 75th Ranger Medic. The map is now the old map from last time (rp_colossal_fs2) and I decided to start all over again. This time, there were new ranks, regiments and features of the server. I soon found Ezygle as a GOA instead of Master SerGEAnt Ezygle of the US Medics. Along with Asatru as a Major General (who is also now a Senior Admin) and Dragoul as a PVP god. I also saw Amin Yashed and soon found out his proper name pronunciation after a year. I called a ticket and got ranked down to Trainee. Asatru was training another trainee, saw & recognised me and got promoted to PVT after he said: "You already know half this shit so I'm just gonna promote you anyway". After an hour of meeting old and familiar faces, an event occurs and I do somewhat, quite well. After the said event, I attend the debrief and get promoted personally by Ezygle, along with 75th Ranger tryouts being hosted by him as well (I don't know why he did this, I think it was because of that game of Rock, Paper, Scissors). I pass the tryout with another person (who is now inactive and barely known) and demoted back to Private. After the tryout and becoming an Infantryman, I waited to meet my new higher-ups, Cap and Miller, which both of them were sort of inactive but still well-known. I then journeyed my way up to Corporal until I got bored again and switched over to the Taliban again and joined Malakand as a Marksman this time. I was in it for a legitimate 5 seconds until I switched over to ISIS as a Surveillance member, that again, for 3 days this time, went inactive. And that concludes my story to this very day. ] Thanks to @Badger for Thanks to @Asatru for always being trhere for me and being a shoulder to lean on in tough times. Thanks to @suna for getting forum banned Thanks to @p4sha for being a good friend Thanks to @WantMym8pro for the laughs over the years Thanks to @Quickhell for inviting me in
  2. SteamID: STEAM_0:1:54183216 In-game alias/rank: PLA Medic SF SGT Crispin Who banned you?: Astaru Ban Reason: Banned for 3 days: Staff diss in OOC. Due to history (MRDM and soloraid+ltap) 3 day ban. Ban Duration (Initial/Remaining): 3 days Why should we unban you?: Evidence in your favor (Optional): I have 2 warns in the past 3 years of playing this server? The time span between them is big and I don't understand how that has anything to do with it. I said in the DISCORD to a staff member "your kinda queer ngl" and then he banned me from the discord. I don't understand how this was OOC because I wasn't even ingame. I don't want to be mean or anything I was just stating how I felt about him and he obviously took it the wrong way. I do feel as he is exaggerating the ban and the circumstances because I have 2 warnings in the past 3 years of playing the server.
  3. Yo whats up guys can u unban suna from forums please
  4. Crispin


    im more of a rick and morty type of guy
  5. We live in a society, this is a video game for gods sake.... I was testing my weapon out on a friend since I play this game like Call of Duty and no one ever told me I couldn't. I never recieved any warning of any type and my trainer never explained this to me.
  6. SteamID: STEAM_0:1:54183216 In-game alias/rank: Chutney Rink, former Combat Medic commander and Al shabab pilot, leader of the rinks & tournament winner of 2016. Ban Reason: Team Killing Ban Duration (Initial/Remaining): 1 week/6 3 days Why should we unban you?: I was testing out my weapons with some friends and then I get brought and told that its against the rules, even though I had the consent of the person I was using the weapon on.. I am a big veteran of the community and it saddens me that I went down like this. Evidence in your favor (Optional): Ryan was the kid I was testing with
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