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    SteamID: STEAM_0:1:189467385 In-game alias/rank: Tucker Who banned you?: Asatru i think Ban Reason: Ban conditions Ban Duration (Initial/Remaining): Perm Why should we unban you?: Because if I'm honest, I did come here to minge but I honestly quickly realized what a good server this was and how much of a idiot I had been to commit such a stunt but as far as the debrief warn goes I can truthly say I was confused at the time Evidence in your favor (Optional): yes
  2. Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:189467385 In-game alias/rank: US PVT tucker (also known as yunder, stimb, ruble, grunk, RedGuy or AmazingDude32) Who banned you?: Canoon Ban Reason: Mass RDM + Ban Evade Ban Duration (Initial/Remaining): Permanent Why should we unban you?: I would like to start off by saying that I am deeply sorry. Colossal Gaming Military RP was and still is very important to me, but unfortunately I was too brain dead to realise that beforehand. Asking for a community ban could have been one of the worst decisions I ever made, I could've just stuck with a 5 day ban, but at the same time I think the permanent ban opened my eyes to the annoying shit that I was being. I never realised what impact my minging, ban evading, regiment hopping, spamming and general FailRP had on other's gameplay and enjoyment. I fed off other people's frustration and I have no excuses for my terrible behaviour. I started off in Colossal like a regular player, it was rare that I broke a rule, as I was in fear of getting a warning. But when I got my first ban, my frustration started kicking in and I took it out on other people. Whenever I got banned or warned, I found it made me feel "cool" (sometimes people did think it was cool as well) so I would keep pushing the admin or mod's limits until they banned or warned me again, eventually leading up to me getting warned very often. I had no respect for the work that went into Colossal. I didn't realise there is no other server quite like Colossal and I didn't realise that Colossal was unique and there is a reason why it is so popular. I always said "if i get banned ill just go to some other server lmao" not realising that there was no other server to simply move on to. Even when I tried to evade my permanent ban by playing as a user by the name of "RedGuy" I pushed the trainer's buttons until he called an admin to watch, and then I started pushing the admin's buttons as well, what I was doing was horrible for the new trainees and setting a bad example, but of course I never thought about these things. I was full of bad intentions. I actually maintained a good reputation with the server for a while, but my bad decisions have lead me to this point. Unfortunately many of you today didn't know me in my heyday either when I was known as victrolit or ruble so i'm stuck in a bit of a hole here. I always thought of myself as the funny guy for mic spamming and forum/chat spamming, but now I realise that no one finds it funny and I was just being a pure asshole. All I'm asking for is one last chance. I do have friends on the server, but there is a severe lack of evidence supporting me in this scenario. I have acknowledged my mistakes and there is nothing more I can do. I guess you could say my own decisions bit me in the ass and I deserve this ban, but I can assure you I am different now. I personally apologise to you if I ruined your experience on Colossal and I apologise to all of the admins that had to deal with my bad behaviour and bullshit, especially Canoon, BananaKing, Ian and Ásatrú. I hope you will accept my apology and appeal. On the slim chance that I return, I WILL improve my behaviour and will hopefully progress to the higher ranks. Thank you for reading. Edited May 20 by victrolit
  3. Tucker

    Navy SEALs

    you should remake that big green code block thing that you made ages ago that was insane
  4. He is well known for shooting behind blue barriers
  5. we also got fire merch in the description was getting to much money so the vid got a copyright strike claim I make new one soon anyway so no need to worry my fans
  6. Dark really does not act like a staff member, he is really immature and that is coming from me
  7. US MEDICS US MEDICS US MEDICS change size if gay
  8. I would but he would just lock my thread /shrug
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