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  1. What Rex is saying is use I instead of I’m
  2. Tucker

    My Apology

    Ghett bullied me to, :’( any life advice on how to cope with such mean words?
  3. Yes I didn’t want to say it but I would rather get a response now rather then be given false hope, denied or accepted. The debate has gone on for long enough to make a final and proper decision, in my eyes anyway.
  4. Tucker

    Gaming clan

    Yes this idea is quite detailed and large minded how ever there are some issues that may occur in certain instances upon opening your, "Gaming Clan". Such as, but not limited to, virus spreading, distrusted denial of service, other illegal activities that some of our kind may condone in. What you have done is quite unforgivable and I can not see this happening any time soon. -1
  5. Yes, he was the russian rebels commander
  6. Tucker

    Farewell Ting

    next lil peep this comment has comedic value pls no warn
  7. Tucker

    A simple apology

    Yes he does anyway he will come back
  8. what you did with alameme is kind of unforgivable -1
  9. I worded it wrong, he is judging my personality from 1 action and also how have I tried to cause a fight I dont even join public teamspeak channels atleast not often. I only talk to my friends
  10. How are you judging me by a action lol i am a mix of dr fox, @Matrix, and gambon that is my personality Anyway why would I deny people service, I’d just be losing money at that point
  11. I’ll just explain it here I guess even though it’s gonna fuck my chance of being unbanned further I got banned idk what for it was ages ago, I was really mad at high ups, feral and king I think so dumb ass me I start ddosing the server and my other friend Cameron started ddosing the teamspeak, feral got in contact with us idk how he threatened us with a lot of stuff and even got Cameron’s full name and such. So we just hit it more, feral I believe tried to start being nice and me and my friend started feeling really bad so we stopped ddosing feral then unbanned me? my memory is not very good since this was ages ago @Feralswan may be able to correct me on some stuff oh also my friend stopped at the leaking part because he was scared. I am pretty sure he kept ddosing though he did it anonymously and told everyone it wasn’t him and he stopped.
  12. That was very fast. And also I was just referring to him saying I ddosed a person, anyway I can hop on ts and actually explain what the ddos stuff was , who was included , etc.
  13. I never ddosed anyone, besides some friends for a joke but they can probably quote this and even say they don’t care. @Wiskey is the only one I did that to and it was for not even 30 seconds. Feral swan has said himself so when the person that created what your looking at now can forgive me I think you can. I almost never minged except the time I first started and towards the end of jungle / me getting banned. I don’t see how allowing a player that has put so much work into connecting with the community and even saying if I mess up once you can permentanly ban me is a problem. And also literally read the title, my app has been up for a lot longer then 2 months, and also I have mentioned my app to personal friends (matrix (he replied before I even bought it up) and Johnson who I don’t even think plays colossal any more). I also said in shoutbox can a high up do something because I have been banned for a long time and people are out here getting unbanned in under 2 weeks. I understand if you mis-understood that but it was a joking way of me trying to let out pure frustration and I regret that. I understand why you -1d me but I may aswell try and say it how I see it.
  14. his teacher gonna come in and be like why the fuck do you have a browser open ma'am C# Coding problems V4