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  1. Tuckers goa appeal also I thought canoon still was goa
  2. I don't think he was saying you were wrong, I just think he did not understand it because of the way you worded it. Also: I am pretty sure Forza meant that when typing in team chat (which is done by pressing u) no longer sends messages to people in your regiment, only people in your specific sub regiment. Making it difficult to communicate it with your team.
  3. why would you make an appeal for a 2 day ban you would literally be dreaming for it to get resolved in that time span but anyway on topic: next time you should just try and stay calm,block out what people are saying and in the case you do get pushed over the limit just disconnect and go watch some youtube
  4. Ye goosebumps always usto do this pretty sure I even made a report on him once and it didn’t go anywhere
  5. Y’all niggas should get ya own opinions not just -1 cause a person on the internet said they did something bad anyway +1 was a good staff member on other servers, although I don’t really have a say in comments or just colossal in general since I am banned, this guy would be a really really good staff
  6. Hit or miss atleast your not permd huh
  7. Obviously you were not around when he was banned. You would get perm banned for doing shit like mass rdming but in trade ban appeals were not just left for the wind to blow away they were actually denied/accepted.
  8. it also looks like your reply looked like it took you a couple minutes to make considering the -1 is fucking blue lmfao but basically what @Brad said " -/+ to be honest I would not accept any less that a paragraph for the responses to scenario questions " although I see holy man / ninja on alot so I would trust him with this position but fix up your application first
  9. Tucker

    Seems Legit

    Shit my g only got 51 years left anyway my actual birthday is in 3 days praise me
  10. but yea on the topic of this I think there both wrong but I don't think any punishment besides a talk or slap on the wrist should be given out (goes for views & or lach)
  11. Maybe I don't know the teamspeak rules but that seems like abusing a loophole like what if I let everyone in my private channel put a fake youtube link and then logged there ips but I used the excuse, "they were in my private channel" ????
  12. How are you staff you doxed ian anyway neutral your app looks really nice but you only have like 150 hours played and your uid is high on the forums, play for a bit longer and I will +1
  13. Tucker

    Raven Ban

    He said he was pvt, he has -4 rep, he mass negative reps, he said he was banned for not here to roleplay. You or atleast I can guess what type of person he is and why he was banned. But maybe I am wrong so I won’t speak any further.