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  1. +1 should be unbanned and promoted to prophet of al q for his glorious actions, ghett my nibba back in here.
  2. you guys want like 12 vids of spetz fail rping cause this happens often af. Oh shout out to my nibba ringo btw
  3. Press F to pay respects
  4. Not really regi dis, didnt give shit just be exposing dem. Plus is a very educational series.
  5. IM LITERALLY GONE FOR AN HOUR AND THIS SHIT HAPPENS...... oh btw new series, subscribe to my nibba ringo
  6. Can i ghett a phat rip for spetz
  7. +1 Ghett my man back in there, Server will be active again if he comes back......
  8. Those were deh good days.. sad reacts only 😞
  9. Ide have to disagree, nothing beats serious pizza rp
  10. -1 Answers seemed rush and maybe get your hours up
  11. PHAT -1 get your playtime up on the server and be more active within community, maybe familiarize yourself with ulx
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