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  1. Well known throughout community, answers questions well. Only thing is I haven't seen you on the server for the time I've been on... Neutral towards +1
  2. +1, been around long time. EM team needs more people. As matrix said, great responsibility.
  3. I still dont think you are well known within the staff team as much, But sure are known to officers of the US Army. Meh I'm going to give this a Neutral Since you are known to be a little mingey at times, a little more than usual.
  4. And now I believe you just got yourself a bigger punishment, Glad your appeals didn't get accepted.
  5. -1 Known to be quite the minge, Didn't use correct format and you've only joined the server less than a week ago.
  6. I believe breaking fail rp would be a good thing, I think you meant breaking fear rp? hehexd
  7. -1 You stated yourself, You are not too well known in the community since your 5 month parting, And because of that a lot of new players and staff do not know you too well, if not at all. I also have not seen you on the server as much, Yes your name pops up every now and then but I've never seen you doing much RP. If you just came back or recently did, Then I don't think you should put up a mod application just yet. I'd say give it at LEAST 2 weeks, But through out the 2 weeks you would have to be super active and get well known. Otherwise I'd just recommend a month since you stated you have been having some sad times recently, to prevent stress just take it easy.
  8. Neutral leaning to +1 You are active through the server and I haven't heard any complaints. Although: I believe you could be more active on teamspeak, I've rarely seen you on and I'm on teamspeak most of the time. I don't see you going to the maximum capacity you can on the server, How do I know you wont do the same if you were mod? Yes, I see you helping a lot with marines. But I believe you could do a little more just to get more recognized by the community and staff team.
  9. Neutral I've often seen you around in game, Enough to say that you are active. Although I wouldn't personally say your still well too known. I believe that you should get more known within the community to be applying. Give it another 2 weeks to a month till you feel like your well known enough. Otherwise good luck.
  10. Aye, At least his back in High command, Canoon does well in there.
  11. +1 Good friends with him and has great potential to be part of the staff team.
  12. +1 Great guy and active on downtime, events and teamspeak. Even though your trash at PVP, your events will be fun to play.
  13. +1 but with what REX said, It really needs to be elite people that actually know how to fly, And with what Feral said the skybox isnt actually too low. BRING BACK 37TH!
  14. Neutral For a guy that has never spoken to you, Here is my input. From reading the other responses I can see that you are a chill guy and personally I've seen you active a lot. The only exception that is getting picked up a lot here is that are you well known to everyone else, correct me if Im wrong, I know you are known to about 20 people and good friends/close to 10 of those. Thats just what I seemed to pick up from the calls you join and the people you hang out with. You got to realise even though a lot of people dont seem to be on the server as much as they used to, they are in the teamspeak, a lot. That's where you will find a lot of new people and get known. Yes you also seem to be active, and trust me, since you were here you are active. But I believe the whole point of the 60 hours ( i think its 60 ) is to encourage you to get well known to others, Personally this is not long enough to get well known by everyone although thats the whole message of it, It will be pretty cool if you took it into consideration to get more hours because within this community, Hours is counted in a lot to anyones application. Work on what was mentioned by myself and all and I'm sure your app will go a lot more smooth.
  15. Neutral Similar to what Ian said, I do see you on the server so I would +1 you for activity but you should try to get more REP within the community, I personally have not had a conversation with you besides the RP in game so trying to hop in more TS calls and not being a MEME like mundy, then I'm sure this app will go a lot better! good luck mr blizzard
  16. I think the point of the US Scouts before SSGT is that they are spotters... Thats what I thought the whole point of it was.
  17. neutral towards -1 I'm not going to say you didn't put effort just because I don't see a lot of words, It's what I understand about this and take in about you and your application. "In three words I can sum up everything i've learned about life". But the big reason I ain't giving this a +1 is because of REP/Community knowing you. A few responses have mentioned about your rep, Yes you may be active although have you been active on the server and playing around but you really have to get to know the people and community better if you want to apply, It's what will help you succeed in this community, I suggest reaching out on the server and defiantly use teamspeak! It's an easy way to get to know others in a non roleplay environment to make good bonds and make good mates. Good luck with your application.
  18. nah man we done need anymore flamethrowers, so many people are going to have it and there is just going to be a lot of mass tk mate.
  19. @Unwanted Even though this report is not showing the bright side of rex, His been part of the community of a while. Unfortunately Im against this afking on point in cloak, So hopefully he will be talked to and it will all be resolved and if we see it again in the future then the higher staff will need to start taking further action.
  20. Please fix up your application and go over your app before you post, Fix up your time problem, Basically its asking for your hours played on the server, Not how long ago you started to play (in your case 2 weeks ago) When I read that I immediately think that your not to well known within the community. Now personally to be honest I have seen you on the server and I have seen you roleplay, I also see you low key minge, If you want to become a moderator you need to start shaping up as one. Increase your time, Increase your rep and shape up yourself to fit the role of a moderator before applying.
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