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  1. +1, been waiting for something to spice pvp up instead of just being rushed lol
  2. Well known throughout community, answers questions well. Only thing is I haven't seen you on the server for the time I've been on... Neutral towards +1
  3. +1, been around long time. EM team needs more people. As matrix said, great responsibility.
  4. Not necessarily, Just used to try to pre fill the table up with whenever your available and if someone couldn't make it there would be a backup.
  5. I still dont think you are well known within the staff team as much, But sure are known to officers of the US Army. Meh I'm going to give this a Neutral Since you are known to be a little mingey at times, a little more than usual.
  6. And now I believe you just got yourself a bigger punishment, Glad your appeals didn't get accepted.
  7. Agreed, It doesn't actually make sense why it would be added to Delta force if this is implemented.
  8. -1 Known to be quite the minge, Didn't use correct format and you've only joined the server less than a week ago.
  9. Yeah, I have no way of talking to my regiment only. Which I've wanted to do quite often. Instead I just have to use discord. But it would be quicker and easier If we had some sort of regiment chat.
  10. I believe breaking fail rp would be a good thing, I think you meant breaking fear rp? hehexd
  11. -1 You stated yourself, You are not too well known in the community since your 5 month parting, And because of that a lot of new players and staff do not know you too well, if not at all. I also have not seen you on the server as much, Yes your name pops up every now and then but I've never seen you doing much RP. If you just came back or recently did, Then I don't think you should put up a mod application just yet. I'd say give it at LEAST 2 weeks, But through out the 2 weeks you would have to be super active and get well known. Otherwise I'd just recommend a month since you stated you have been having some sad times recently, to prevent stress just take it easy.
  12. Pack size is quite big... And SCARS will be way different to the current cars we have right now. Plus WAC was just implemented, I think it's going to be helicopter meta for a while.
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