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  2. Well, the DB kettle's gotta dip
  3. I was asked that question by a bushwookie upon entry, the same answer goes: "There were 5 PVTs and a SFC escorting me, so that adds up to like a general"
  4. So recently, Jarrad and I were given the opportunity to tour the US base, upon entering the vicinity of the old MEDBAY (now 75th bunks) I was absolutely disgusted. This building is the historic building of the Medical Regiment ran by Views, Ehad, Helium, Me, River, Ezygle, Franklin, Penguin and Uppercut. It is saddening to see this wonderful building be *VANDALISED* inside out. There are not many positives I have to saym only one: being the pond was properly maintained and the fish are still living in there. However, the cross next to the door has been removed. Another thing to point out is the fact that the front reception has been turned into a bedroom, the holy shelves are gone and the table and chairs moved into the storeroom. Don't even get me started on the fact that the upstairs area no longer requires PTE . Here are come images to compare the vast differences... Here are some before pictures: Hopefully this post brings much needed attention to the ruined MEDBAY and maybe a change can be made..
  5. That's my pond, inherited from Views. It's still being protected by the holy gold turtle
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    Hello Helium
  7. This is the singular comm that I used to call mortar support to blow up 2 US PVTS on the evening of 19/05/2019: Here is AlffEllion; the mortar team
  8. I hate how it syncs up with the polyrythms
  9. Suggestion Name: New Gamemode Suggestion Type (Rank, Vehicle, Menus, Regiment): Event Gamemode Addon Pack (Optional): N/A Addon Pack File Size: N/A Reason (Why would you like this added/removed): If anyone can remember back to early 2019 or late 2018, we had an event on Predator where the normal RP rules applied; civillians are not KOS until they have sufficient evidence of being taliban (pull a weapon, their story doesn't add up). (If anyone doesn't remember this event; it involved a water truck in the town, taliban basiclly asked wAtER?!? over and over and there were buckets of water that were scattered all over the place) I'd say this gamemode should be applied more frequently due to the low taliban numbers which allows for US to win every single event of each day, making events more or less a chore for taliban. Screenshots (Optional): N/A *Imagine a water truck and taliban asking for water*
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    Nonono, I'm RUnnInG iT :)
  11. +1 1) Taliban has had aircraft in the past (Cessna, littlebird, the gunshipWhatever it's called ), and taliban most likely will only have the ability to spawn a littlebird, nothing else. 2) The map is way too big to walk, evident in taliban asking for vehicles and not walking. Even when cars are used, the terrain is annoying to drive on. 3) Makes raiding 'fairer' : US at the moment can insert one person to grab the intel and fly away, only way to stop the helicopter would be to use RPGs or a fuckload of people shooting at it (Which taliban doesn't have at the moment). 3.1) This way, at least taliban can 'attempt' to do the same. 4) FOB control is required to spawn helicopters anyways, so if a faction doesn't want the others to have helicopters, they can just defend FOB.
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    I thought I was gonna go back to Al Qaeda :(
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    @Dom Has some content hehexd