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  1. Quickhell

    The Dayz

    @Etho. Remember this? Final days before moving to FS2
  2. Has been around since US Medics LT Quickhellv0. Kool kid all the way from the 82nd to Al Qaeda. Knows his shit so +1
  3. I think I saw him in the line at KFC last week
  4. +1 How bad could it be? But pliss non of this* (Recreated via Ms Paint)*
  5. +1 I agree that the 'executions' the US hold are unnecessary for the minor reasons that one may be captured for such as tresspassing like mentioned above.
  6. I do recall one of them (or all) having penises
  7. The taliban recently visited Thailand and came back with herpes and gonorrhoea. Here are some pictures: This is me with the lady boys: At the Ping Pong show:
  8. The position of corpses are CLIENT SIDE, that's why when someone dies in front of you on your screen, they could be revived from elsewhere from soneone elses perspective. For the most part, the corpse will be in the same location for most if not all people.
  9. A porno shoot on taliban base gone wrong 8=====================================================================================================================================================================================================================================================================================D
  10. Quickhell

    Plis Stop

    PLES STOP THE ABOOSE We are all clinically depressed