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  1. Quickhell

    uh oh

    Nonono, I'm RUnnInG iT :)
  2. +1 1) Taliban has had aircraft in the past (Cessna, littlebird, the gunshipWhatever it's called ), and taliban most likely will only have the ability to spawn a littlebird, nothing else. 2) The map is way too big to walk, evident in taliban asking for vehicles and not walking. Even when cars are used, the terrain is annoying to drive on. 3) Makes raiding 'fairer' : US at the moment can insert one person to grab the intel and fly away, only way to stop the helicopter would be to use RPGs or a fuckload of people shooting at it (Which taliban doesn't have at the moment). 3.1) This way, at least taliban can 'attempt' to do the same. 4) FOB control is required to spawn helicopters anyways, so if a faction doesn't want the others to have helicopters, they can just defend FOB.
  3. Quickhell


    I thought I was gonna go back to Al Qaeda :(
  4. Quickhell

    CG Rule 34?

    @Dom Has some content hehexd
  5. Can we get a moment of silenec for our fellow jihadist Habibi
  7. Yea but your boi is a Jihadist (RIP SCARF)
  8. Quickhell

    The Dayz

    @Etho. Remember this? Final days before moving to FS2
  9. Has been around since US Medics LT Quickhellv0. Kool kid all the way from the 82nd to Al Qaeda. Knows his shit so +1
  10. I think I saw him in the line at KFC last week
  11. +1 How bad could it be? But pliss non of this* (Recreated via Ms Paint)*
  12. +1 I agree that the 'executions' the US hold are unnecessary for the minor reasons that one may be captured for such as tresspassing like mentioned above.
  13. I do recall one of them (or all) having penises