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  1. eleventeen cant you read? read my name damn
  2. new phone, whos this? Sorry haven't seen you big dog -1
  3. Pope's active, and a good player. I believe he should have this rank as it will assist the server for good, oh also, he's not dumb and that's a good aspect +1
  4. yes yes we need active staff, give it to him, Thankyou +1
  5. Nice app Nice player Nice rank give it to him. +1
  6. +1 Hes back and that's what matters. Not like staff team are that active accepting/denying staff apps. He's got good he can put in, I reckon everyone deserves a 2nd chance!
  7. So like its a simple +1 I believe you should be Mod, you as Mundy said have great potential and I believe you are 100% fit for this position.
  8. Oh, well, for the time being, all we need to do is change sv_loadingurl and put a link to the photo, wherever they upload it while we wait for them to sort it out?
  9. The original file is more sharp. will be given to owners if they ask 🙂
  10. Currently when loading into the MilitaryRP Server, you are welcomed by a blank black screen. It isn't that welcoming or inviting. As our server doesn't use stuff like Sleek Load or other loading screens from gmodstore, and we only use photos. I've made a loading screen, that we can use instead of a blackscreen until we get a final screen. This may be the final screen, but for now it should be used. +1 or -1 if you want it. I don't see a reason to why we shouldn't substitute it for now as its not blury and its not horrible.
  11. -1 you seem mingey ~ We killed you from spetsnaz tryouts and came back changing your name to other tryout-ee's and just being a true minge.
  12. Well, What makes you so anti-airforce? IHave you got an actual reason or just NO haha
  13. Hello the players of Colossal Gaming MilitaryRP, If you would like to bring back Helicopters, US and Taliban Air Operational Regiments and maybe a plane! Vote on the Poll above saying YES ! , if you do not want these, Put your vote to No! Chuck some feedback below to support your choice, EG, +1 Yes I love helicopters, I want to be USAF again! or -1 No it was boring and useless! Just to add, The skybox isn't touching the trees (So no its not low) you are able to fly, just need skill!