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  1. i have to agree with taco and it will be annoying to join the server and then buy ammo for the guns
  2. i made it better
  3. asatru best major gen change me mind
  4. Steve


    like no 75 jk 75 best
  5. by the video you provide and people have said it comply skip half of what asatru said plus the tali INT or sod what ever i know people said this cannot train you asatru even retain you but you refused so if you did let asatru train you and did not rdm you would be playing on the sever and joel was an EM and probs had to do stuff
  6. plus tali does not have a bad promo system
  7. US are better then Tali change my mine if you do i will join tali
  8. -1 like everyone said even though i am not on the sever much and in tali what i heard you are mingy
  9. Steve

    my ultimate rank

    like a month or 2 back i have donated ultimate rank but i have not receive my rank ingame or team speak who can give it to me
  10. +1 a good guy and we need more Ems and the event that tiki made was very good
  11. +1 good person and a great CMDR and a active person