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  1. +1 It ask if they want to spawn there and if they know they are getting spawn camp they can not spawn there
  2. I +1 this make a green zone where only allies can enter so it can stop tali of walking upto to red barriour and complete spawn camp the whole event
  3. I agree what asatru and ditch said about the taser and if negotiator get taser they pretty much MP but cannot get killed
  4. -1 even though i am having a break from the server you just came back from a break and you should play for a month before applying
  5. i will be back in a month or 2 just need like a break but i will talk to every in the discord still
  6. I would never of thinking of making this post but it's time for me to say goodbye for now and i will be back later the reason Im leaving for now is becasue I got burnt out and what to play other games and servers @Matrix for being a nice bloke and got me into 37th @Asatru for being great mentor and bringing good rp @Ezygle for being a great leader teachs me a lot about medic @Views for being a madlad and a great person to speak too and everyone else for being nice and great to play with i will come back soon when i don't feel burnt out of playing the server i will be back soon
  7. I will have to agree what Gizmo said Aus get sprint and tunnels in there base so adding weapons to dronds will be annoying and way to op
  8. I will have to +1 this becuase it is annoying shooting a sentinel and then they can quickly turn around and kill you very fast or if i am trying to cap FOB they can just run at me with shotguns and kill me instantly
  9. i like the idea like every else said it might cause lag and there should be a regiment for tali because US have 1 more regiment then Tali and they also have spetnas as well
  10. might want to use this because it might not get accept how it looks
  11. i have to agree with meaty it is annoying when we are talking to other people and MP just walk up scan us without any warning and taze and cuff us and put us in jail
  12. +1 good guy and the event crafting look great
  13. Suggestion Name: al-shabaab pilot Suggestion Type (Rank, Vehicle, Menus, Regiment): al-shabaab pilot parachute Addon Pack (Optional): the parachute (on the server all ready Addon Pack File Size: none Reason (Why would you like this added/removed): The reason i wanted this added is because the al-shabaab pilots don't have it and it will make it fell more realistic
  14. can anyone give me the RP_colossal_Fs2 when ever i try to join it say error map missing even though i have it to download content
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