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  1. +1 being around for a while and a nice person to play with and can Rp a lot
  2. +1 if you gave ghett a second chance give wikka a second chance he is a fun person to play with
  3. i +1 this they should make the officers go for a pilots test if they want to fly if they don't go to the sas officer they cannot fly
  4. +1 what skarperttare said it help when someone pulls a massie
  5. +1 tali need heli because most of the time US cannot spawn in heli because tali have FOB and when we do they despawn it or destroy it
  6. i have to agree with eleventeen you dumb every comment plus you can wait a week for the ban to go away or act like you want to be unbanned
  7. +1 a good block and being on for a long time
  8. -1 as stated as everyone else you were a bit of a minge before you were banned and you abused
  9. -1 when ever i play events you are ever not on or afk and you hardly play events
  10. +1 being active on the server and is a nice person who helps out everyone
  11. Steve

    Good Bye everyone

    -1 you cannot leave now
  12. i have to agree with taco and it will be annoying to join the server and then buy ammo for the guns
  13. i made it better
  14. asatru best major gen change me mind
  15. Steve


    like no 75 jk 75 best