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  1. might want to use this because it might not get accept how it looks
  2. i have to agree with meaty it is annoying when we are talking to other people and MP just walk up scan us without any warning and taze and cuff us and put us in jail
  3. +1 good guy and the event crafting look great
  4. Suggestion Name: al-shabaab pilot Suggestion Type (Rank, Vehicle, Menus, Regiment): al-shabaab pilot parachute Addon Pack (Optional): the parachute (on the server all ready Addon Pack File Size: none Reason (Why would you like this added/removed): The reason i wanted this added is because the al-shabaab pilots don't have it and it will make it fell more realistic
  5. can anyone give me the RP_colossal_Fs2 when ever i try to join it say error map missing even though i have it to download content
  6. +1 being around for a while and a nice person to play with and can Rp a lot
  7. +1 if you gave ghett a second chance give wikka a second chance he is a fun person to play with
  8. i +1 this they should make the officers go for a pilots test if they want to fly if they don't go to the sas officer they cannot fly
  9. +1 what skarperttare said it help when someone pulls a massie
  10. +1 tali need heli because most of the time US cannot spawn in heli because tali have FOB and when we do they despawn it or destroy it
  11. i have to agree with eleventeen you dumb every comment plus you can wait a week for the ban to go away or act like you want to be unbanned
  12. +1 a good block and being on for a long time
  13. -1 as stated as everyone else you were a bit of a minge before you were banned and you abused
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