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  1. dInGo


  2. all of them are equally shit except for al-shabaab which has best models!
  3. al shabaab still best regi cos im in it
  4. this is against hte forum rules please remvoke this psot
  5. hi everyone i am back from tokyo yes
  6. -frag grenades make sense for a terrorist fighting force to have and currently greandes are fine, they do offer one shot capabilities if a person is standing on them. -not only this but it makes sense for chiefs to have frags as their kit is comprised of every gadget/weapon in their regiment -last time 75th had electric grenades they just spammed them at spawns so adding them back wouldn't be a good idea. -flashes and smokes are chill so why not add them to the US. 75th have the GL and sec ops have shields. There isn't a 'blatant in-balance', you just aren't thinking about all the kit that US is actually provided.
  7. dInGo


    clearly you're fur*getting dusky
  8. Currently the event master team lacks numbers and people who are able to hop on to run events. This often leads to moderators and trial moderators running events. I'm not trying to throw any hate but the quality tends to dip drastically when this happens and questionable decisions are made frequently. If a basic level of event training were to be implemented for moderators i believe this could be avoided entirely and the quality would be more consistent. Those who apply for Mod often say that they are willing to help CG and do whatever it takes. If you read the current applications and past applications then you can determine that this is the case, so why not give them opportunity to help where CG currently needs help? thanks
  9. overall the communication of rules is poor such as vault, helicopter stuff etc going off Gizmo's idea, having the updated rules all in one spot would make it much easier cause now you can just get a warn straight off the bat for obscure rules since verbals are a thing of the past.
  10. +1 always hangs around in discord and is a good bloke unban him plz
  11. good bye you absolute minge bless
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