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  1. +1 The amount of warns he has right now does not reflect the person he is right now. He is more than capable of holding this role.
  2. flamethrower, grenade launcher etc should all be auto equipped just like the dart gun instead of taking up a primary slot +1
  3. +1 sick models means blokes will actually play on the server cos they wanna get em
  4. +1 Lexi is a good bloke who is very kind and has worked hard to build his regiment. He would be a great addition to the event master team
  5. +1 I have worked alongside N3V in the Marines and have grown to know the bloke as a fun fella who is capable of serious roleplaying and building close relations with those around him. N3V has contributed plenty to the Marines through the construction of dupes for trainings, hosting of tryouts and the development of the new FORECON taskforce, demonstrating leadership. This clearly shows he is dedicated to the server and i believe N3V would contribute even more if he joined the staff team as his devotion to the server would allow him to perform the role effectively
  6. +1 Pancreas is easily one of the most fitting people for the role of moderator. He has a calm and relaxed manner in normal roleplay and is quite sociable and easy to get along with and yet can handle serious occasions in a manner that is properly appropriate for the situation. Not only this but he has been quite active within the US and would make a great addition to the staffing team with his likeable personality and passion towards the server.
  7. dInGo

    able introduction

    fucked if i know. what school you go to foo
  8. dInGo

    able introduction

    seen you around school. dont talk but seems cool 6/10
  9. +1 Being active in the teamspeak i get to hear ideas that are floated by India and i must say that his in-depth approach to events will be interesting and most likely be implemented well resulting in enjoyable events. Not only this but he also demonstrates capable abilities in ULX and utilising props as demonstrated by his commanding experience
  10. +1 Hearing all your ideas in the teamspeak and witnissing you helping out the EM's and already bonding with them clearly shows someone who wants to genuinely help this server and its people. In your short time here you've already made an impact on this server and i truly believe you can achieve greater things in this role.
  11. +1 Chill, relaxed dude yet still enforces the rules when it's required. His answers clearly demonstrate this. get this bloke on that team
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