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  1. +1 I remember when the server used to have them enabled, it gave you the option to fire a nade or a smoke grenade and they were great fun to use. i wouldn't be too concerned about the 75th losing their special thing since the GL is getting buffed soon
  2. +1 sensible bloke so would be a good addition to the staff team
  3. +1 was a good moderator in the past will be able to be a good moderator again
  4. Currently 2 shots with the GL can not fulfil those "situational things" you mentioned as the splash damage alone can't kill large amounts of players on a point. Since it can't do this it easily deserves a buff That being said an RPG buff would definitely be fair aswell because that is a useless piece of shit aswell
  5. I agree that the RPG definitely needs a buff alongside the GL
  6. RPG should definitely get a buff damage wise cos that shit does like 0 damage
  7. Chief I think you’ve misinterpreted what I’m putting forward but it’s ok cos I don’t expect much from u g im not suggesting to implement ALL of these but to simply choose like 1 of those to pick from to make it somewhat eligible
  8. Suggestion Name: 75th A35A2 Launcher (Grenade Launcher) Rework Suggestion Type (Rank, Vehicle, Menus, Regiment): Regiment/Weapon .Reason (Why would you like this added/removed): Currently the GL consists of 2 shots, the splash damage alone which struggles to kill someone with 100 HP, 25 Armour unless the grenade makes direct impact or blows up DIRECTLY at their feet. Do keep in mind that after firing the first shot, the second shot takes exactly 2 seconds of waiting until you can fire it again, Considering some of the better weapons only take 0.25-0.75 seconds to melt someone, this is too slow of a firerate to combat groups and strategic locations - something the GL was IMPLEMENTED for. Here are some improvements that could be made: - Reduce the time taken for shooting the secondary shot of the GL to 0.5 seconds instead of 2. - Increase the damage so that it has the ability to one shot a person with 100hp within 2 meters (Not if they have 25 armour) - Give the GL 3 or 4 shots. I'm not suggesting that ALL of these suggestions get taken into account but simply one of these suggestions are implemented to make it somewhat useful
  9. +1 Mans has persistence so you can definitely tell he wants the role He has been more than ready for the role for quite some time now give him a chance
  10. +1 mans clearly misses the quality roleplay on CG. give this man his fix and unban him
  11. +1 i don't know what any of this stuff means but it looks like he knows whats up don't fix un models ty
  12. dInGo

    Post your cars!

    my project car that has been sitting idle for a while (looks nothing like the photo rn) 1977 LX TORANA bought for 3k off an ice Addict, 2 weeks later it surges up in price to like 20k when holden shut down their production facilities. more of an investment than anything else, planning to keep it stock instead of doing the ol SLR 5000 conversion
  13. +1 already has the skills required for the position
  14. +1, much easier to see the massies of us army pvts so implement it now
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