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  1. +1 would make events fair. good bloke. actually active. would host events on time
  2. Tropica


    Hello Dex4Vet
  3. +1 I kinda gave up on trying to negotiate with US, they never accept offers unless they are bored. Just gas em instead, much more fun
  4. +1 amazing previous staff member, would rate 10/10 for staff. Ur app looks under detailed but i think thats cause of the size of the words.
  5. Neutral, This has been brought up many many times, and the same thing has always been said. The reason why they don't have it is because the staff don't want Al-s Pilots to just 9/11/ditch their heli every time they get it.
  6. This was the exact reason why feral Nerfed rpg and gl, he didn’t want launchers to be the meta. Buffing both rpg and gl will make them meta again. ye ik u were talking about giving it only 1 change but my point still stands. GL is still a somewhat decent launcher, if there’s a bunch of shitters camping, just noobtube them from across the map like in the bo2 days, although it won’t kill them you’ll force them to move into another spot leaving them out in the open for you or someone else to finish them off
  7. If you're going by the logic of their playermodel having a shit ton of armour on them, that's saying that sentinel also needs a buff, aswell as malakand avenger and armoured since they have a shit on of armour. I understand your opinion on the armour buff but the riot shield is ur armour, its a fat headglitch and if u put it in the right spot, people wont be able to break it. -1
  8. -1 its damage is completely fine, its so annoying to play against, I understand that it doesnt kill but it puts us to super low hp and is just generally annoying. it was nerfed before due to the fact it was legit way too op, the changes u've put would make it op again.
  9. thats kinda toxic dont you think, im reporting you to the police - Tropica
  10. First of all. I’m sorry. I’m sorry for bullying you for all these years at school. I only did it cause my friends put me under pressure to become one of the kool kids, I did not see the consequences of my actions. I’ve been bullying not just you, but many others, to the point where one of them moved schools. I don’t want that to happen to you so I’m going to stop and just say...... sorry. We’ve been through a lot together, and I can’t stand to lose you. I hope you take my apology and find some place in your heart where you can forgive my unforgivable actions. What I’m asking for is not a second chance as you’ve given me that already, all I’m asking for is..... redemption. It may not be today and it may not be tomorrow. From the bottom of my heart I’m sorry for my actions, I’m sorry for bullying you, I’m sorry for being a bully in the first place, what I’ve done is unforgivable (as I said). - Tropica SIIIIIIIIIIKKKKKKEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE Bitch I don’t care if I’m not your friend anymore! You bullied me first! I nearly killed myself you realise that? I nearly killed myself cause you bullied me. How can I be sorry when I haven’t forgiven you? You’ve been bullying me ever since kindergarten, the first day I walked in and saw you and thought “wow how pretty”, but then a few hours later you started punching me, calling me names and everything. All of this lasted until now. We have 2 years until we go to high school and I can’t stand your shit anymore, either we end it here by stopping or I do the worst thing of all, snitch to my mum. She’s gonna come to the school and complain to the principal and you’re gonna get kicked out instantly. I’ve put up with your shit for a long time and you’ve put up with mine, I think it’s time we stop, when we stop is when I really apologise. - Tropica
  11. She is ugly she isn’t funny she pooped in class She is ugly She is a jealous egirl i have more friends than her thansk for wistening - Tropica
  12. -1 massive yikes from me. Don’t know why ur going for em again considering you got demoted from it. You have not matured enough to get em again. You are super toxic. App is ok I guess
  13. my point still stands. also what wiemers said. its just unfair if its auto-equipped, doesnt matter if it makes u slow or not, you got a fucking swep that makes u go faster when using it, just use advanced weapon switch and its not a big of a deal. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
  14. PLA have to equip RPGS, flash is garbage, artillery strike isn't that good, cuffs have always been auto-equip/only used on homemap aswell as stunsticks, riot shield isn't that good, insurgents is a car, RU heli is a heli and parachutes are parachutes. it just isnt fair if the MG is auto-equipped. you guys have sprint swep, oh welp if u guys can get fearrpd easily.
  15. -1 its not a gadget, its a fucking gun. just switch ur ar out for it, not hard.
  16. -1 who? never heard of you, gonna report you to Garry himself to get you banned.
  17. Neutral You aren’t a bad guy. I’ve only had great experiences with you as staff and as not staff. I would give this a +1 but imo your events were not the best and I can see you stuffing up as a moderator. Also your grammar is horrendous, please use grammarly or something that assists you when writing.
  18. Neutral its just gonna be a thing where a faction raids and as soon as they cap intel they’re gonna end raid
  19. It's not leaking when he had it public on his youtube channel (it's gone now so dont bother looking for it).
  20. Tropica


    i need to create a squad where we elimante furries
  21. +1 hxtp has changed. in cg discord you can see the difference. I guarantee you that he won't make the same mistake and will not dox again! He's been permed for a while and has had a ton of time to reflect.
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