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  1. i got my second dose today. am i gonna die?
  2. -1 You have been explained the rules so many times and have been let off so many times yet you still break them. We've told you on countless occasions to make a ticket or tell a staff member yet you still don't listen. You should also wait at least a few days to a week before making an appeal. More than likely this will get denied as you were banned yesterday. I'm sure you know this by now but if he kills you don't retaliate just make a ticket. Getting angry and breaking the rules is just going to make it 10x worse for yourself as shown with the ban. You need to stop trying to get others banned whenever you get banned. If he RDMd you make a ticket, don't just retaliate. Unlike you human doesn't have ~40 warns and can better himself. You just need to relax and chill. You also need to stop blaming others for your actions. Use these 2 Weeks to better yourself and to make sure you don't break the rules again.
  3. I don’t want to be rude but you guys look like a bunch of sticks. (Again no offence)
  4. I’m still surprised on the fact that I found you on another server on complete coincidence back in 2019 I think
  5. Definitely not an 8, from looking at your gametracker you've started playing around 2 weeks ago, after some consideration, neutral. I reckon you should get more well known in the community
  6. From Aleo himself: "Ill come back to cg if they rebuff the dart gun, I heard it got nerfed but thats the only way ill come back" -27/05/2021
  7. +1 chad, probs my first friend on cg uh good em. Weld airboat
  8. o7 my g, that rant at isis was funniest shit ever
  9. dont you have kids to feed? also som1 who is 20 and has a kid is not considered a milf you retard
  10. yo when are you buying the entire server everything in the donation store?
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