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  1. can you teach me how to get good at RL, also when u eventually comeback next can u powerplay US this time and get GOA
  2. goodbye, thank you for making me want to kms many times over
  3. Tropica

    colossal rewind

    Shot on Iphone X
  4. no, make mine the most reacted
  5. +1 people change and from past comments he has changed his behaviour, you guys can expect him to be on his best behaviour, give him another chance
  6. Tropica

    gamer rank

  7. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^ actually prestige 20 which took him 1month and 1 week. +rep
  8. o7 duck you will be missed. you shouldnt have went for perm tho ngl.
  9. +1, events are the main reason most people play (and the main reason I play). Evens are recycled constantly and bring nothing interesting to it besides bias towards certain sides. I'm aware that being an EM is very stressful and is very hard but it can be SO MUCH EASIER if you did everything properly (Event Crafting, Being on Time & Being original). Not all events have to be original and contain something new that no one has seen before, events can be re used (like KOTH, Hostage, 3CP, Hardpoint), but make it unique in your special own way, it doesn't necessarily have to appeal to every single player but should appeal to more than 70% of the players playing. Event crafting is something that no ems do nowadays (from playing and watching events). It'd be good to see some actual planning before events, this would help as during the event it wouldn't be random when something new pops up. It's not hard for EMs or even mods to make event crafting, just open up a google doc, write down a template for event crafting, jot some ideas down and put it into the template to create an event, this should take no longer than 15 minutes. ITS NO THAT HARD! As you said, the schedule is non-existent, sometimes EMs are early, sometimes they're late and sometimes they are at the exact time. Events are very unpredicatable and is annoying when you have to ask for an event to happen when its supposed to happen and then get yelled at and gets told to make and em app if they want a fucking event. Its competely unacceptable, I shouldn't be told to join something that I don't want to to do something they should already be doing. This is a very rare trait for many EMs. Most of the times, EMs recycle events and just paste the same dupes and put everything the exact same, while in some rare cases, newer EMs actually come up with unique events that is fun for the players, even if it isn't good, it's something different. In my pinion, I believe that events shouldn't always be different but should always include something unique (this includes random events and other stuff i cant think of atm). Event masters have the hardest job (which is to appeal to players with events) and can improve if they stuff up, if you don't know what you've done wrong or how you can fix your problem, you can make a vote in-game, make a forums post or even get a discord admin to make a discord channel for players to specifically give you guys ideas and feedback. Also please take feedback, whenever you ask for feedback and you actually get feedback you immediately don't listen and just ignore what they've said. I'd honestly come back to the server and play it actively again any day of the week but the only killer for me is the events, PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF GOD FIX YOUR FUCKING EVENTS! I understand it's a hard job (as I said earlier) but please, take some time into making your events instead of improvising it. Take into account about the players on, players afk, players actually playing, how even sides would be.
  10. Tropica

    Furdy 2

    Hamad is best furry
  11. It was only 5am you should go to sleep
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