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  1. Why are you eating me?
  2. this goes to show how much i go there
  3. I personally don’t go to aldis but if I do I like to buy dog food for my dog
  4. Then put em in ur suggestion. Neutral There are already enough sub classes in US and giving them another one is just gonna look weird in the f4menu. I’d say give this to a different sub faction other than US.
  5. Big Mac, large chips and a coke
  6. I caught a fish when I was like 4, I’ll try and find the photo or video for you
  7. he made a ban appeal back in march and was told to go speak to the owner. not sure what happened afterwards.
  8. -1 would mean more content and new guns and new equipment etc. plus adding a whole new base to the map, where would you put it?
  9. +1 didnt actually cheat, good lad, been a long time since his ban and deserves another chance due to the fact that he legit didnt cheat.
  10. +1 only good part about school is when subjects come on where i have free time, the rest of the time its just boring nonsense stuff we dont use in the future
  11. +1 been too long, was a good bloke back in 2018
  12. +1 good bloke, could of waited a bit longer to make an app. Answers are good.
  13. -1 I’ve used this addon before and it’s annoying as fuck. The games that come with the addon is great but the errors keep rolling in. If someone can fix the errors then +1
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