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  1. +1 Good person in the community and reliable. Is good man for job Yes!
  2. +1 kool Kat, if he toned down the toxicity he’d be a great fit cause I’m sure he’ll host events when no ems are on
  3. -1 just cause of the icefuse pictures jk for now its neutral wtf is this app?? i see you on, i see your hours, you look like you'd help but like do event crafting properly, you didnt even put the commands
  4. Tropica

    gane unban

    +1 there are more toxic people on the server than him atm im sure he wont be as dumb as last time
  5. you wish bucko
  6. +1 kool kat, would like him back on the server he used to bully kids like me back in the day but as we have grown he has become more mature and learned about the good in himself and other people.
  7. please dont type if you joined in the past 6months
  8. It’s about drive it’s about power we stay hungry we devour
  9. i really dislike RUs officer models, doesnt feel right for the WW3 scene
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