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  1. its literally 4 and a half hours, just wait it out
  2. o7 will miss you mister scripter
  3. +1 did nothing with his cheats (or it just wasn’t noticeable). he did mess up by streaming himself do it but I think he should come back. He didn’t go and top frag every event like some other cheaters
  4. Love you too RCOM is best, bring it back please!!! I’ve never had that flavour of gum, is it actually good?
  5. the way to fix this is to revert the sub-fac update. this would make server fun and even again
  6. i will be gone again for a while, server is boring atm and events arent helping it. if we go back to a good map like fs2 and have good events like we had back in 2018, ill def come back. but for now im gone. o7 i enjoyed my time on the server and will hopefully have more fun in the late future. byeeeee
  7. +1 can read what my fellow teammates are saying in team chat. (Don’t delete my comment this time)
  8. Tropica

    Ian is a clown

    @Ian clown, can’t even top frag smh. Ur the fake isis here
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