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  1. (Btw I was the guy who did sit) In your last appeal u put the video of doing the mass rdm, where is it now? The video clearly showed u doing the deed. You even said in ur last appeal that u should of called an admin and you knew that you could of done that before shooting everyone up. You’ve played the server long enough to know what !ticket is. -1 video btw:
  2. Thanks for the good times and calling me out for hacks once. Hopefully you return someday.
  3. Neutral Your app looks bad (put in more detail) In-game you are mature and can control your emotions. You’d be a great fit if ur app was better
  4. -1 (I warned you/did the sit) In the video it clearly shows you killing Taliban while stuck. In logs it showed that you killed yourself afterwards, you even said that you should of called an admin in the appeal, it was your own fault for doing that. You've been on the server long enough to know to call an admin for whenever your stuck. You also have previous warns for MassRDM.
  5. -1 .... idk what to say, i've never heard/seen u in-game (im guessing u was on loa), the answers to the scenario questions are poor and i would atleast wait till you get more active again and get more well know in the community. also you put the application in the resolved section???
  6. +1 Brian has been apart of this community for a very long time (under a lot of different names). Your event script is amazing.
  7. -1 You were very toxic towards player and staff. I believe you should wait the 1 week and 4days as you deserved it.
  8. +1 Miller is a great member of the community and has shown his trustworthy by getting up the ranks and achieving Major of the 75th, the answer to your questions was decent to a good standard, I can see you as a staff member.
  9. ur lvl 2000 ur gonna get prestige 20 when update comes out smh
  10. -1 Your app is rushed completely. I would not trust you as a staff member
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