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  1. -1, although its been a while since u have been em, i still dont think you are fit for the mod team. Also, you know this, you aren't allowed to demote people to trainee anymore.
  2. I agree on nerfing the Golden STF-12 could solve the cheesing problem, but it still does not change the fact that you can do this on other guns too (differently), which means the problem could still be considered persisting (upon the nerf of Golden STF-12). Which Steve mentioned: We buffed the shotguns as they were never used, they are still barely used, nerfing the STF-12 will just kill the use of shotguns again
  3. -1 this would just bring tons of lag to the server (the Nukes and artillery/bombs)
  4. I would still say it’s solo raiding as they are considered a US even tho they are a civi. Also what business would they have in the base? They would be kos if they walked in anyways and any tali would just kill them.
  5. Hi as you may have noticed, my activity on the server has dropped tremendously. This is because I have lost interest in the server and would like to focus on school and other games which I enjoy. I’ve also resigned from my position of chief in al-q and have resigned from admin. I will be back in the future! I hope everything goes well for everyone and have a nice time on the server!
  6. -1 Literally everything said above. you are very mingy, although I haven’t been on as much, I can tell by the previous -1’s that you aren’t mature enough to become a staff member
  7. Replace ar with launcher 10head. Jk this would be cool except for the fact that some people wouldn’t want it auto equipped (for some reason)
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