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  1. Pretty much what Blaid said, I don't believe you were here when it was announced
  2. -1 You seem like a nice guy, but i've never seen you in-game (You probably have been on when I have just not seen you) , maybe you've been on when I haven't but I don't see you often, you have 89 hours which is close to the bare minimum, your app has little to no detail, I would like to see more activity and more effort put into app before I change my -1 to +1 .
  3. +1 good bloke, good answers and active gl bby
  4. +1 Pretty much what soap said. Your app looks good and so does your event crafting, would like to see you as an em
  5. Doesn’t matter if he was there or not, you should know what to do and what not to do, and that was something you shouldn’t be doing.
  6. Use approapriate template! https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSeuCaeHuWmEv7fVBS0dzE6iUsw1XuXV59_LvpOHJJVDnjfYOg/viewform
  7. Welcome back bby, love this intro
  8. So let me get this straight. - You got perm banned - Unbanned and given a section chance under conditions you don’t break any rules - Break a rule then get perm banned - Then ask for an unban -1 that’s a yikes from me
  9. -1 who? you've only just recently came back to the server, i recommend waiting a month or 2 before reapplying to get more well known, you are definitely not a 8
  10. +1 Pancreas is a nice person and a great member in the community, he knows the rules and has reached the rank of 1LT meaning he is trusted, I've only had good interactions with him on the server. He has shown his worthiness by becoming the marines 1LT and leading them well. His answers are very detailed and shows that he can be a good staff member with training.
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