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  1. True, We could always use the building for training, and the little shacks as medbays and the farm for a firing range.
  2. +1 but I think that the issue would be spacing or convincing someone to make the base bigger, but I would love this.
  3. Spetsnaz would always be happy to help with civilian problems 😉
  4. You need to read the entirety of the description.
  5. Yeah, I had to say something in the Spetsnaz chat, because it's just not on, we need to pull our heads in. I'm sorry for past behaviour.
  6. Jesus I actually never knew that spetsnaz did that, I personally do not partake in those activities, this is from personal experience, so I'm only speaking for myself, but I never knew how bad it was on our part, which is an issue that will need to be resolved. Who would be these people?
  7. Yes, we always do, but staff will never actually answer the tickets, I had a ticket that was waiting for an hour, and that's the thing, we're being treated so poorly that working with the taliban, is a WAY more preferable alternative by a landslide
  8. The US and RU killing problem has become more of a common occurance than a few isolated cases, me and a PVT had a CPL actively seeking us out and killing us, and he even openly admitted to wanting to kill us on the comms and nothing was done to the CPL, this is unjust, and we are starting to want to work with the taliban, because we know they will treat us much better.
  9. Yeah but the problem is we can't see what eachother say, so Officers can't talk with operators in the team chat and vise versa, it makes communication difficult
  10. If only I had amazon prime so I could watch that show lmao
  11. Despite this being 4 months early, I want to recommend holding a VE Day (Victory in Europe day) to honour the fallen of the second world war, it could also be a good opportunity to try and restore relations between the US and RU, Taliban should also be allowed to attend if they so please.
  12. -1, unfathomably mingy, I watched you run into the US jail for shits and giggles, and you keep leaving the base without PTL, you're incredibly irresponsible
  13. Yeah DW about it I just decided to join spetsnaz instead
  14. Staff Members In-Game Name/Alias: Goosebumps Staff Members SteamID: I don't know Staff Members Teamspeak Name/Alias: (optional) Staff Members TS UniqueID: (optional) Where did this occur? MilitaryRP Type of Report: Unjust Demotion Reason for Report: I was demoted wrongly (I feel) Evidence: I was a CWO a month ago and Goosebumps had demoted me and now I'm a WO Extra Comments: This was due to him making me train at about 1AM roughly, in which 5 trainees were going on about my poor microphone quality and this was preventing me to train due to the fact they wouldn't shut up and they were incredibly loud, this led to Goosebumps teleporting me out and demoting me for it, although I had made comments I do regret afterwards, he was very stubborn and didn't seem to grasp that my mic quality was making them be retards and stopping me from training, honestly I just want my rank back