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  1. I mean, I'm all for freedom of speech but that's just pretty toxic to call someone that lmfao.
  2. The server actually doesn't have alot of americans on it suprisingly, and there are people from Poland Israel etc, but I get your point
  3. a certain RP server uses this system and averages like 70 people lmfao
  4. RussianBias


    no competition boys US ARMY BEST REGI If instagram models can get thousands of likes can we get 50 likes for our brave troops 😞
  5. Seems a bit convenient that it only goes for 1:30 and completely skips over the whole death threat and training thing lmfao, and it's literally just joel taking the other guy to a sit. and on a side note, an event master isn't compelled to tell you anything in the ways of training, it's not a necessity for you to know every nook and cranny of the training process, your best decision in that case would have been to wait patiently for a trainer or go afk, instead of doing what you did.
  6. RussianBias


    @Asatru +1
  7. RussianBias


    yeah nah
  8. I don't really play the server anymore, I'm purely going off of probably information I had weeks ago, and it's not like US have fear rp'd and raided spetsnaz in the past either (which, mind you isn't allowed) and also on the raid thing we had a US PVT that tresspassed and were handing them back, when a certain commander, not naming any names, decided to go for a little bombing run on the base, and a sniper killed one of the spetsnaz during the handback process, and a certain officer, not going to name names again, randomly fear rp'd me and tied me to the floor (for literally no reason) so it's not anything new.
  9. Spetsnaz CAN in fact fearrp US if they're near the Spetsnaz Base, especially if they don't leave at their request.
  10. well, I mean, you're technically not wrong
  11. You ruined the flow chief, you will now be smited by the respect gods.
  12. bruh you mass RDM'd and you want to be unbanned, I think 1 week is actually a REALLY fucking good time for mass RDM just saying.