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  1. recommendation: Coast Guard (Uncle Sams canoe club) Reason for suggestion: because it's a free country fuck off coast guard regi so we can defend the US bases pond, it is at VERY HIGH risk of being invaded by Taliban, critical weakness in the US defense system
  2. cunt, don't make me come over there and give you a flogging
  3. man for someone with a broken space bar you did seem to have no issue with putting spaces into this short story lol
  4. Kroiky mate this might be one hell of a good weapon, this'll be sure to glass the cunts for sure
  5. still salty I didn't get to join I want to neck :((((
  6. this is getting taken down for REGI DISS :(
  7. why is everyone leaving now lol
  8. I mean, I'm all for freedom of speech but that's just pretty toxic to call someone that lmfao.
  9. The server actually doesn't have alot of americans on it suprisingly, and there are people from Poland Israel etc, but I get your point
  10. a certain RP server uses this system and averages like 70 people lmfao
  11. RussianBias


    no competition boys US ARMY BEST REGI If instagram models can get thousands of likes can we get 50 likes for our brave troops 😞