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  1. Below are most of the features and changes coming in the Drop The Nuke update. Information written by: Asatru, Feralswan, Russ, Rhys and Uni. Combat: Refined and Expanded. Our team has worked to maintain a distinct feel to every weapon while maintaining a quality balance. CG’s combat will maintain the fast-paced genre of combat but with a new level of modularity. The last major overhaul was done in 2018, this era of guns has worked great but it’s time for something new. We are excited to break into a new era of combat because this is an entirely new balance. The team will be working closely with the community to refine the balance. ☢ New Weapons: Fresh Equipment. Alongside balance changes, many new weapons of different types and calibres have been included within the new lineup of weapons both in the store and in regiments. ☢ Combat: Refined and Expanded. To accommodate the new changes in the new era of combat, the default armour will be increased from 25 to 50. Along with this will be a reduction in time to kill for all weapons, allowing for faster-paced combat. ☢ Advanced Weapon Loadout: Attachments for the upcoming era. Attachments are a major focus for the team. Plenty of weapons now feature attachments never seen before. In addition, we have tried to clean up attachments where possible and ensure that each attachment has a use. ☢ Regiment Weaponry: A change in style. To prepare each class for the new era of weapons each class has received weapons which closely match their playstyle. This will even the playing field giving an equal opportunity to every regiment. Weapons Update: The Fine Print. All weapons have been balanced to a new change which is a buff in the amount of default armour, the armour for all players will be 50 compared to the current 25. All weapons and equipment have been adjusted to accommodate this change, alongside this the overall TTK (Time To Kill) of combat have been reduced in order to make combat feel quicker and more responsive. With this update there will be a total change to the weapons (not equipment) given to each regiment and class, this goes for main faction and sub-faction regiments. Brand new guns are being added. Which also includes some new attachments included both on the new guns and some pre-existing firearms that have had attachments added to them. The weapon rework means regiment guns will be balanced close to mid-tier prestige weapons. Upon launch of the new weapons, there will be a new channel created in the CG discord which allows users to give feedback and suggestions regarding changes of weapons directly, this will be directly looked at by the Weapon Balancing Team and changes will be made when necessary. The Weapon Balancing Team looks forward to seeing everyone enjoy the major weapon re-work when the update is released. The team includes multiple staff members who volunteered their time for the benefit of the server the team includes: Pingas, Russ, Uni, Rhys, Asatru, Gizmo, Views & Price. Pistols Pistols have received a global deploy speed buff allowing for pistols to act as an actual secondary weapon rather than something that rarely gets used, furthermore, they have all received modifications in order to be a viable choice in close-quarters combat against other larger firearms. There are also a number of new pistols available to both regiments and in the store, some of which include the Ruger MK3, IMI Desert Eagle as well as numerous new revolvers. These changes along with custom attachments and ammo types aim to make pistols more viable and unique. Shotguns Continuing the theme for the new era of combat we have aimed to make shotguns fun and as close to realism as possible. The main limitation for shotguns is balancing the distance they can one shot a player. The new shotgun meta will be brutal at close range and hopefully still viable in medium range engagements. Assault Rifles and Battle Rifles Like most of the guns we have brought up the fire rate to simulate a more realistic feel. The weapons have been balanced to shine in medium to long range engagements. We have used a variety of fire rates and damage values to ensure no gun feels too much like another. Expect different ttks, fire rates, control etc. Sub Machine Guns SMGs are being tuned towards operating as CQC weaponry with enhanced hipfire and higher firerates. Both new and old weapons are being introduced as well as some ARs being reclassified as SMGs and balanced accordingly. Machine Guns MGs have had a large rework to make them a relevant and distinct class from ARs. Large mag sizes and significant DPS are key aspects of them. They have also been split into 2 sub-classes: LMGs and MMGs. LMGs operate as basically heavier ARs and MMGs being essentially a new class of weapon which focuses on high damage, lower firerates, smaller magazines and reduced mobility. This shifts their focus towards their IRL counterparts as support weapons rather than big mag ARs. Sniper Rifles The snipers are sticking to the format of 2 shots body and 1 to the head. A few semi auto snipers will also feature at a different shot to kill formula. Some old favourites are back in addition to new sniper rifles. Close range combat and quick-scoping have been rebalanced. Snipers will excel in long range and when used standing still. New Systems Faction Wide Objectives - Faction needs to complete a number of objectives before unlocking the specialised raid, examples below: (note: 'Specialised Raid' is placeholder name) - capture 12 objectives excluding FOB - 5 score each cap - complete a faction training - 50 score (20 minute minimum training must be completed, staff member will approve this objective). OR 2 regiment trainings - 25 score each - complete/defend 15 transport missions - 5 score each - capture FOB - 10 score - defend/capture vault - 15 score - kill a certain number of enemies - 1 score each - defend or complete a raids - 15 score - win 2 random events - 15 score each - Each objective completion will give the faction exp and money. Note: Scores are for the regiment leaderboard (further information below) Image showing example of objectives that a faction needs to complete in order to unlock the specialised raid: Specialised Raid - Menu showing all the objectives that need to be completed before specialised raid can be started (see screenshot above). - Once all objectives are complete the raid can be started by high command/minister/General etc and needs to be initiated on a main faction - Defending specialised raid gives extra rewards across the whole faction - Completing a specialised raid gives extra rewards across the whole faction - Specialised raid functions similar as regular raid except more tasks need to complete during the raid in order to gather the intel needed to drop the nuke. - Extra equipment for specialised raid attackers. Image showing example of a power box that needs to be destroyed in the enemies base during the specialised raid: Rewards for completing the specialised raid - Dropping the Nuke: Completing the specialised raid will give the intelligence needed to drop the nuke: - Drop nuke that will kill all enemies and leave behind radiation fallout. - Massive exp and money rewards for whole faction - Each specialised raid will give points that go towards rewards such as weapon skins, new guns, knives, exp/money etc (see screenshot below) Image showing example of nuke being dropped: Example image showing Nuke Rewards menu page: Regiment competitions for specialised raid: - Completing objectives also increases the regiment score and the amount of score increase depends on the objective completed - Regiment standings shown on discord/website/menu in game - Highest ranking regiments will get points each week that will go towards rewards (5th - 1 point, 4th - 2 points, 3rd - 3 points, 2nd - 4 points, 1st - 5 points etc). This is across all factions and resets weekly. - Regiment points gained can be saved up and go towards rewards such as weapon skins, new gun, knives, exp/money (Similar as to screenshot above showing nuke rewards page) - High Command/Ministers count as being apart of the top regiment that gets points in their faction Image showing Regiment Leaderboard: Regiment Leader System for faction objectives: From the objectives menu, the regiment leader (officer+) has a tick box next to each objective where if they click it that objective will be the target for the regiment. Ticking an objective will send out a chat alert message saying “regiment leader wants you to target ‘objective name’”. It will also be highlighted for everyone in the regiment if they open the menu. If you contribute to an objective marked by the regiment leader, you will receive bonus exp/money. Example of new objective added - Transport System - US can start transport mission at NPC in their base by speaking with NPC and choosing the transport mission - Give money to NPC to start transport mission with more expensive mission giving greater rewards. - Transport goods to the location marked on the map to receive rewards. - Taliban can capture vehicle by immobilising and pressing interact button (need to stand close for a period of time after interacting with vehicle) - Taliban that captures vehicle gets rewarded and will scale depending on the mission. Map change events: - Demolition event type: Attacking team are able to plant explosives at certain locations and will need to stop the defending team from defusing the bombs. - Capture the intel event type: Both teams are trying to capture each others intel and whichever team steals the most intel will be successful in the mission. Player driven RP and PVP missions - RPOs and higher staff will have the ability to give out missions to players that upon completion will earn exp/money New Medic System for home map RP - Upon sustaining significant injuries players will need to seek medical attention within the base where a new system will be put in place for medics to treat the player. Players will rarely receive these significant injuries. Event Maps: gm_death_tunnel: - This map is designed to play similar to midbridge - Made specifically for high fps - 3 unique floors can be accessed from spawn and from the middle - traps... - Admin toggles for dark emergency lighting. Update to gm_emp_bush: - All textures have been improved - New and improved foliage/nature - Third bunker has been added - Middle bunker improved - Terrain fixed (no holes in the map, hills cannot be climbed with vehicles) - Heavily optimized - Admin toggles for dusk, rain, fog variants (means higher fps when needed)
  2. Accepted. It will be developed as being on an independent timer to happen for periods of time each day to begin with. The idea is still being scoped.
  3. 30/09/2020 Changelog Weapon Changes - Flamethrower: Damage nerf, now get rewarded for kills Vault Changes - Fixed bug with defenders not appearing as hostile when holding a money bag (if neutral is allied to defending team and you have a money bag they will appear as hostile/if you are defender person with money bag will appear as hostile) Random Event Changes - Rep viewer on middle of screen now changes similar to warzone objective with neutrals turning hostile when inside random event area/when you are inside random event area neutrals outside will appear as hostile - Fixes to timers with satellite and bomb random events - Wartime now shows timer in top left Raid System - Bug fixes - Raids now show timer in top left NPC System - The defender NPCs spawn at bases that are being raided and assist the faction that is defending - The militia NPCs spawn at warzone objectives and when vault is raided - You receive money and exp for killing the NPCs - NPCs do not spawn if there are over 60 players online - Minimum 1 player online required for defending team when raiding a faction There are now tents
  4. Add your pictures to this thread!
  5. 24/08/2020 Changelog General Changes: - Rep Viewer height and size has been increased Aircraft Changes: - Cessna banging noise fixed - Helicopter sounds set to 0.1 default (from 1) - Armed Transport helicopters added, gets mounted machine gun but slightly less HP compared to regular transport (SGT/DPL minimum rank to spawn in flying regiment -counts as transport helicopter not attack-) - Attack Helicopter slight HP buff Vault System Reworked: - Vault is located in the middle floor of the apartments and the banker is located in the airfield building - Each map change there is a 50/50 chance either Taliban or US will be attacking/defending - Sub factions need to be allied to a main faction to be able to interact with vault system (become attacker/defender) - Type !vault to see if the vault can be raided - Vault cooldown is 30 minutes and the vault stays open for 12 minutes after being unlocked - Once vault closes all money bags will get deleted - Any attacker can raid the vault (no rank requirement/can be alone) - You can only hold one money bag at a time except while holding the bag anything you do to get money/exp around the map will add money to the bag (objectives/FOB/killing/raiding/random event) - Money bag starts at $250 but can go upto $1250 max depending on how much money/exp you earn doing activities around the map (vault only stays open for 12 mins though) - You are KOS while holding a money bag for defenders/defenders are KOS also if you are holding a money bag - Once you hand in the money bag you get exp/money based on how much money you had in the bag - When handing in the money bag there is a chance to have a unique weapon drop. The chance is increased the more money you had in the bag. - Unique weapons that can drop which will last until you die include: HL2 RPG (changed), Gauss rifle (changed), PDW (changed), S12 (changed) - If you get killed while holding a money bag it will drop on the ground and defenders can retrieve it to get 50% of the money/exp that the bag contained (Donators get 60%) - Will not be able to easily mass transport money bags around/can’t drop money bags - Requires 25 players minimum with 12 defenders minimum Regiment weapons SMR: Buffed (Damage, max spread, spread per shot, hip spread, fire rate, recoil) STAR-12: Buffed (Damage) EMJ-S: Buffed (max spread) TEC-9: Nerfed (damage) MP-970: Nerfed (damage) Weevil: Nerfed (damage) Prestige weapons Peacekeeper: Nerfed (Damage) M8A7: Nerfed (fire rate, only semi auto now) EMJ-R - Sleight of Hand: Buffed (mag size) AS50 Gold: Buffed (max spread, recoil) Staff Changes: Ian - Head Admin Bob Jane - Veteran Eleventeen - Respected Rito - Veteran Stormzilla - Trial Moderator Kiba - Trial Moderator
  6. Gun Changes: - QBS09: Removed slug - XM8: Removed stock SL8 - Chicom: Buffed (damage, aim spread, fire rate) - Hamr: Buffed (spread per shot, recoil) - LSAT: Buffed (damage, max spread, spread per shot, fire rate) - m8a1: Buffed (damage, max spread, spread per shot, fire rate, recoil) - mk48: Buffed (damage, max spread, spread per shot, fire rate, recoil) - mtar: Buffed (damage, max spread, spread per shot, fire rate) - PDW: Buffed (damage, max spread, spread per shot, fire rate, recoil) - ajm9: Changed (max spread, spread per shot, fire rate, recoil) - Groza4: Buffed (damage, max spread, spread per shot, fire rate) - mp970: Buffed (max spread, spread per shot, aim spread, fire rate, recoil) - MSBS: Buffed (damage, max spread, spread per shot, fire rate) - tec9: Buffed (damage, max spread, spread per shot, aim spread, fire rate, recoil) - Weevil: Buffed (max spread, spread per shot, aim spread, fire rate, recoil)
  7. We will add something for defending objectives
  8. If KFC is closed and Maccas is the only place open I'd usually get a Big Mac Meal with a Vanilla Coke
  9. Feralswan

    Go to KFC Order?

    Bob said the Zinger Stacker is bad so I just get regular Zinger Box with either Mountain Dew or Pepsi
  10. We have had almost all of these addons on the server before, not sure why people think we need to buy them again.
  11. I made it clear that it was delayed as we literally lost the whole server which meant we had to quickly move everyone to the dev server while creating a new server that we just recently switched to.
  12. Warzone size got reduced from 14 metres to 10 metres shortly before this was posted. We will see how it goes at that distance for now. Players should be mindful of the FOB hill as that will always be a warzone area.
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