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  1. Feralswan


    Thank you for leaving respectfully, unlike others recently.
  2. Here is a very simple way that answers the question. https://pastebin.com/QE2L1SLc
  3. This has been dealt with.
  4. You should elaborate more on: "I know what I'm doing when it comes to the rules."
  5. Please elaborate on: "who looks at every scenario from a different angle."
  6. We aren't going to just accept you because you are active and "good", you should be able to tell us more about what you can bring to the staff team.
  7. I would just like to point out that standing on a barbed wire fence can be considered failRP.
  8. Seems to be a lot of problems with the CGX Gang... Maybe you guys should do another remake?
  9. Sorry but I feel that this post was informative
  10. This will be looked into... thanks for reporting the issue.