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  1. Health has been reverted and 25 armour has been added to each player.
  2. Accepted. This person has put a lot of time into helping the community in the past and I believe they have learnt from their mistakes.
  3. Please use this form to submit class suggestions: https://goo.gl/forms/NKr5aoBGit8GQmOF3
  4. When you act tough but you kick someone out of your gang for criticizing your irl stream idea xd. @BigDaddy
  5. If enough people want helicopters then it may come back. I suggest changing it from bring back WAC to bring back helicopters as some people might not know what WAC is.
  6. This is gonna happen after we chuck in the drug system.
  7. Military RP January Update Patch Notes Regiments Redone - New ranks have been added - Reduction of the amount of regiments to allow for more depth to regiments. - Taliban ranks have been renamed - Each regiment has around 5 classes. After trying out for a regiment and being put into the default class you will be able to try out for other classes. - Unique progression for each class (many new weapons) - The class system allows players to specialise further within their regiment and will allow leaders to utilise the different roles that their members bring - Each regiment will have an Officer/Chief class which will contain the leaders of the regiment who will be able to train and recruit people for all other classes - Added High Command and Minister regiment containing the highest ranking members of each faction Guns Redone - All guns have been balanced meaning that any gun will be viable with the best non prestige guns having only slight improvements - Guns should overall feel better - Prestige guns now have perks that improve a certain aspect of the gun such as recoil, reload speed, clip size etc. Money System Improvements - Earn money for capturing objectives - After achieving the level required for a gun you will need to use in game money to unlock it, the higher level the gun, the more money it will cost Attachment Store - You will now need to buy the attachments for your gun with in game money Remade Game mode - Completely new UI - Promotion system redone, gives commanders better overview of their regiment - Loadout System: Gives an overview of the player showing their primary and secondary gun as well as equipment and other information - The way you view unlocks for guns has completely changed XP rates - Slowed down donator XP boosts - Increased levels from winning random events Donation System - You can now upgrade your package by paying the difference between them - Each regiment will contain a donator class; players that have donated will be able to join that class after successfully getting into a regiment. - Many more new things to donate for NOTE: Some things haven't been included. This update is the biggest we have ever made so I might have missed a few things.
  8. Feralswan


    Thank you for leaving respectfully, unlike others recently.
  9. Here is a very simple way that answers the question. https://pastebin.com/QE2L1SLc
  10. This has been dealt with.
  11. A staff member found out that they may get demoted and decided to abuse their powers.
  12. You should elaborate more on: "I know what I'm doing when it comes to the rules."