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  1. 100% agree with Matrix on this one, constant disrespect and immaturity towards staff and other players is not a good look. -1
  2. +1 Johnson is a very old player, probably the longest standing non staff person on the server
  3. Lol you proceeded to mingle around base for the next 30 minutes smh. You had no intent to RP
  4. -1 Minge, had experience where I had told you train a trainee and you had refused to do it. You minged and just talked shit to me. 0 good experiences with you
  5. Pope India

    so uhhh yeah

    cringe, they’re fairly equal
  6. +1 corrupt US sounds good? As US make less money than Taliban so it can work through factions? Corrupt US can be arrested?
  7. This isn't really an issue to do with a staff member, if anything he was breaking a rule, which should still a staff report should not be made. It's not like you make a report on the forums for someone RDMing. A ticket could be made where asatru will let another staff member deal with the situation
  8. +1 about time this man gets it, he's been with us for a long time.
  9. Pope India

    uh oh

    Well I have now resigned from my spot as Malakand Shadow Govenor Had fun lol I'll miss you all xx
  10. I think I’ve seen you on TS max 3 times. I low key live on teamspeak
  11. Sorry new phone who this? I’ve heard the name, haven’t had any experiences with you ( at least I don’t think so) idk might have shown up a bit in last 2 weeks but I wouldn’t know as I’m on a long ass LOA
  12. Don’t you have less rep than Ghett?
  13. Not a copy + paste of Ellion’s EM app, impressive. +1 Can take situations very seriously, eleventeen is wrongly judged on his ability to keep taliban alive, he watches over on what he needs to do and if help is needed help is provided. Eleventeen would a very capable EM as his building skills are pretty good (just look at his office + minister toilet) Event crafting is pretty good as well, unique ideas displayed, not just a TDM on mall, brung up maps that aren’t used very often (shows thought into the crafting)
  14. If you look at photos you can't actually see a plane, it was staged to make it look directed at the USA and the government giving USA a good reason to start shit for oil
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