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  1. Hey kids, I know most of you are doing your schooling from home now but if you do happen to go out and about remember not to touch anything you don't have to, and if you do happen to make sure to wash and sanitise your hands before and after touching your mouth, nose, eyes or willy. Your immune system will most likely be strong enough to battle thus chink virus, however most of us have a family member with respiratory, heart and/or blood pressure issues. Think about your loved ones and stay safe, it's a weird time to be in but 'IT EEEZZ WHAT IT EEEZZZ'. Personally I believe this virus will be around forever but will turn into another flu like situation. Scientists will develop seasonal immunisations yearly and our bodies will naturally grow more immune to it. I hope your hard working parents are still employed and/or have the opportunity to work from home. A lot of my friends have lost jobs because of the Government closing down 'non essential businesses' which has left thousands of families in distress causing heavy tension. A lot of us have lost a large portion of our super from this shit beating our economy to a pulp, likely leading to another economic recession similar to what happened in 2008. Stay strong for your families and support them through these stressful times. Remember it's okay to talk to people you trust, if you've got family issues. Much Love from, Crudes
  2. Denied. Come on guys this is just silly & retarded. Next time just message me directly instead of bringing a shit fest to the forums. Ty xoxo
  3. crudes

    Tattoo Ideas

    Not happening, move on before I smack you
  4. crudes

    Tattoo Ideas

    Hey guys, I've recently been planning on filling out my thigh with tattoos and finishing the thigh sleeve. Now the theme is 'ignorant youth' and I'm looking for some cool shit to get next. If you guys have any ideas drop a reply with one, can't be too nsfw remember its on my body for the rest of my life. If I genuinely like the idea I will get it tattooed on me and you get the satisfaction of knowing you caused it. Here is a photo of what I have so far. Bully my legs all you want, I'll still fuck your bitch
  5. Denied You know what you did wrong and this ban should give you enough time to reflect on actions and prevent this from occuring again. The purpose of the ban appeal is to go into detail with the situation and resolve it on the forums not to be resolved after a ban.
  6. +1 would make good addition to staff team
  7. In wrong location /moved
  8. crudes

    Hello there

    Hey Hi Hello Welcome to the new forums! My name is crudes aka Simon and I am the Community Manager. I am an 18 year old uni student in Australia, I like to punch cones, skate and play games. You can usually catch me on the team speak server so feel free to give me a holla if you wanna talk. I hope this post motivates you guys to tell us a little about yourselves.
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