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  1. OMFG I remember that Jarrad, I was like "Come al-Qaeda with me. Great times man, hope to see you again soon.
  2. Okay mate take your time, if not I'll wait another month and cross my fingers again.
  3. f At least admit you're hacking if you ARE HACKING.
  4. Neutral. Moonman and I were good mates at one point, then we kind of drifted when he moved to US. I believe everyone deserves another chance, especially OGS to the server. GL moonman, hope to see you along with myself on the server again someday
  5. SteamID: STEAM_0:0:142448881 In-game alias/rank: syn / DPL (i think, been a while) Who banned you?: Canoon Ban Reason: Hacking Ban Duration (Initial/Remaining): Permanent. Why should we unban you?: Before I go on for my third unban appeal, I want to link my second appeal. Since I put effort and a lot of detail into it I thought it would be better then writing the same thing but just in a different format. Since my second appeal goes into detail about my past I'll link it below, because my view on my behaviour hasn't changed. So there really isn't a point in writing another one. My Explanation: Anyway, I got advised to wait another month. Which I've done, I know most of you wont trust me but I really want to prove that I've changed. I will do anything just for another shot, and after 4-5 months I'm sure I've learnt my lesson. Have a good day Thanks for reading.
  6. Could you guys put me on a very strict watch program onto me for a timespan? Make it as harsh as you want and as long as you want. Please?
  7. wait wot, its gone down I swear to god when I checked it last it was at 928? Alsweet lmao
  8. SteamID: STEAM_0:0:142448881 In-game alias/rank: syn / DPL (i think, been a while) Who banned you?: Canoon Ban Reason: Hacking Ban Duration (Initial/Remaining): Permanent. Why should we unban you?: This is my second unban appeal after waiting out another month like Canoon advised. I'm going to go over what I said in my previous appeal and add a little bit more onto it for improvement and elaboration. I honestly can never find the correct sentence to start off appeals, since this stuff is pretty new to me but I'm prepared to change and make up for my actions on the server. I have way too much love for CG and the way I treated the people, and the server was actually disgusting. Looking back on it I had great times, made a lot of good friends, but also A LOT of enemies. But being toxic and minging wasn't the reason for my ban, although it is the reason why most people don't want me to return. The MAIN reason was getting caught cheating. Long story short I installed OUTDATED cheats sent by an anonymous source from WAY back in the day to kill spetznaz and get them off the FOB, we then went to an event (which I forgot to uninject the cheats). Canoon then teleported me to a sit and gave me a chance to admit that I was cheating, but I was too stubborn and or scared to get my reputation as an (ex isis) and overall above average player destroyed. Which it ended up back firing because everybody found out anyway and it resulted in a perm ban. I want to go out of my way to apologise for using cheats to my advantage because in fact I was SUPER toxic to cheaters, and for me to go out of my way to use it myself is 1. Hypocritical 2. Unfair on the people I used them on 3. Degrading to them because I then talked shit after killing them with the use of ESP. I also apologise to canoon himself, for lying to his face and I want to thank him for being so chill about it in the sit, I honestly wish I could go back in time and just admit to him that I was cheating and gotten a much less harsher punishment. Thank you for giving me that chance Canoon, that in honestly is why so many people respect you, but I was too immature and stubborn to listen to your suggestion. I love CG and I really do fucking miss it. And I'm prepared to prove that I've completely reformed and that I'm ready to be apart of the community again. I've let go of my toxic mingey ways, and of course I'm still going to be that goofy stupid kid that everybody remembers, but I've matured and let go of my old ways. I appreciate you taking the time to read this, and have a good day/night. -syn video (5).mov
  9. I legit said I'm prepared to change.
  10. No buddy, I joined the server late jungle on my current syn account because I forgot the password.
  11. SteamID: STEAM_0:0:142448881 In-game alias/rank: syn / DPL (i think, been a while) Who banned you?: Canoon Ban Reason: Hacking Ban Duration (Initial/Remaining): Permanent. Why should we unban you?: Well, where do I start. I know that what I've done is completely wrong and I can't undo my actions. And I'm also aware that I have a lot, and I mean a lot of enemies on the server which probably want me dead. But hear me out. I want to make a change, and I want to make up for what I've done wrong. I was a complete dick to many people on the server, and kept my circle small. Why? No reason, I just felt like being a dickhead. But I'm here to change, and you guys will have my word to never, ever cheat again. This is all on me, and honestly I can't see myself EVER getting unbanned. But it'll be nice to come back to the server and make up for what I've done wrong in the past. And the hacking? That was a one time thing, a certain (source) sent me hacks a while ago and I thought It'll be a meme to stomp on spetz since they were chilling on FOB for like 4 hours. All I'm asking for is a chance, if I break it, ban me. I've been playing colossal since late pred, and honestly the server has a special place in my heart, even though I'm a piece of shit on it most of the time I'm sorry to the people I've done wrong to, hopefully I can make it up to you. Thanks for your time. Kind Regards, Syn. video.mov
  12. syn

    i did an adine

    Good meme, fuck cg
  13. SteamID:STEAM_0:0:142448881 In-game alias/rank: syn, Legendary. Ban Reason: Accidentally killing myself in a sit, ban evading. Ban Duration (Initial/Remaining): About 2 weeks in total. basically 3 days left Wny should we unban you? I recently got banned for hitting my kill bind in a sit, then getting mad at the staff "asatru" for not hearing me out that it was an accidental kill bind press. My kill bind is g, and I tried to press y to type in ooc, but then hit the bind and got teleported back and was told I was getting banned for killing myself in a sit. So i got mad at asatru and called him an autist for not listening to what I was saying. It was a 1 week ban, and I really have no other games that I currently find as fun as CG Military RP. So I made a new account and tried to ban evade, I know it was wrong, and I've learnt from my mistakes. I know that ban evading is pretty serious, and it will never happen again. I just got bored being away from the server for 5 days. I'm sorry for my mistakes, and I want to start going on the right path to become less mingey. I'm sorry to Asatru for abusing you like that, it was completely uncalled for. -Syn
  14. Made a fucken funny moments video, read the description and enjoy the video fegs. (Badger Approves)
  15. syn

    i hack btw?

    This was one of my shit games too with shit hotboxes, hense why I have to shoot extremely weird. Usually my reaction times are way quicker but with horrible hitboxes it isnt easy. Smd ravage u smelly boi
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