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  1. SteamID: 76561198263439842 In-game alias/rank: Ollie WO Who banned you?: JAzmin Ban Reason: MRDM Ban Duration (Initial/Remaining): 5 Hours 50 Minutes What happened?: I accdiently ran over people standing in the middle of the road with an LAV, they saw me coming I wasn't going too fast, and DB was called so idk why everyone was there. I legit am still getting use to driving the LAV and stuff, I think a sit shouldnt of even been called. Why should we unban you?: becuase it was an accdient and I don't think the staff handled it in a way that was unbias, I feel a warning would of been done better. Evidence in your favor (Optional): N/A
  2. +1 Very Mature, and someone I think would do well in this position
  3. Ollieㅤ

    I need help!

    +1 reliable trader!!!!
  4. +1 Knows how to do his job, has experience in it too!
  5. I'm not 100% of the situation but I don't think it was ban worthy
  6. Rico has a video of the situation which he will release here soon
  7. Ban Appeal Template: SteamID: 76561198263439842 In-game alias/rank: MSGT Who banned you?: Russ Ban Reason: Mass RDM Ban Duration (Initial/Remaining): 2 Weeks What happened?: Taliban were tresspassing in Neutral time, it only just turned neutral time and they ran out the base with guns out I killed them then about half an hour later got pulled to an admin sit and was banned by a bias staff member due to not listening to my story as well as were I play from CG. Why should we unban you?: Because I do not feel this was right, it was confusion I was still waking up and It's not mass RDM when it's on accident in times that idiots shouldn't be solo raiding and running in the US base to troll me. Evidence in your favor (Optional): N/A
  8. -1 Grammer is down Question 2: As an Event Master, how do you react? I would ask a higher up em to pitch in while im afk or if i cannot get one ill tell one of the fellow ems im going afk
  9. +1 Is good and active and quite mature -1 what tiki said
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