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  1. :p

    Perma Ban Appeal

    how do i actually get unbanned tho? People are saying i should be unbanned but im still perma'd
  2. :p

    Perma Ban Appeal

    Thats all i can remember considering no reason is given on the ban itself lol
  3. :p

    Perma Ban Appeal

    steam id is : STEAM_0:0:88558478
  4. Ban Appeal Template: SteamID: In-game alias/rank: This was over a year ago, i think i was private but idk my alias Ban Reason: Mic Spamming Ban Duration (Initial/Remaining): Perma Why should we unban you?: I think I should be unbanned just for the fact that perma bans are really harsh when it comes to something like mic spamming, since a perma should be repeated / mass rdm or something but i did it once and i mic spammed we are number one over a year ago and me and my friends are getting back into it but im still banned and i don't want to have to get a new account. Evidence in your favor (Optional):
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