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  1. I am sorry to say but that if down right stupid.
  2. Taliban is just as bad as US. So don't even try to deny it.
  3. +1 Application is well written.
  4. I agree with Etho US - More RP|Stricter regiments|Slow promotions|Better head of faction. Taliban - Easy promotions|gets carried through events by Amin for easy levels|Enjoys ruining RP
  5. Hi. Can you please stop wasting your time and ours we have very little interest in the appeal of someone who takes joy in mass rdm let alone someone who shows zero to no remorse for what they have done. Considering this is your third appeal and your previous two were denied if it were up to me your ban would be extended for not listening to Senior staff they have told you in a previous appeal that you are to wait out the ban and yet you make another appeal.
  6. мιlιтary polιce geт тazer aт ѕgт don'т тнey?
  7. +1, Kenny has shown a vast improvement in many of the areas he was struggling with before. I reckon he would make a perfect addition to the EM team. Who cares if it is copy and paste I can name a few who have been accepted that did not rewrite their entire application again. I consider a staff application much like a resume yes, of course, you will edit it when something is needed to be added but really it is the same document.
  8. -/+ I would say to get yourself better known within the community since your 5 months parting and because of that the server has had a lot of new players and members of the staff team who might not remember you too well if not at all. I recommend being a whole lot more active since you have just come back since your 5-month hiatus. Get to know people better so they have some sort of basis for posting a response to an application. Off topic: "If I charge, follow me. If I retreat, kill me. If I die, revenge me." Jesus Christ, are you Ralph Wiggum?
  9. +1 Idea sounds pretty awesome however in addition to this all US should have parashoots also Xd.
  10. +1 Great knowledge of rules | Crude skill with event crafting, however, will a little assistance they could be very good | Has been around for a while definitely worth looking at as a Trial EM.
  11. To be honest I had a great idea but I don't know how it will be taken and what it was would be a building in checkpoint where I would sit in and handle the PTL's requested by the spetz? But I must say something Rhy can you talk to Pubble he is ignoring how things work and entering the US base solely on the basis that his PTE did not get a response.
  12. Can you just accept this application already Views come on I mean he already does a fair amount of the briefing/debriefings for the US. He constantly brings fresh and new ideas that are really quite interesting and I would take great pleasure in testing with him. However, he dogged me in Security operations where he left without mentioning it to me and when I approached him he said that he is leaving soon and wants to try other regiments. BUT NON THE LESS +1