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  1. +1 Decent event crafting with practice could be perfect | EM team could use some more members.
  2. +1 Great Leadership | Scenario questions are well written and in detail | During his time as EM he pulled of some good events | Been around for ages literally #1.
  3. Give Civ/Taliban quad bikes 😛
  4. @Adine - Danger D00delRude ;( good luck on future endeavors.
  5. Riot Control are police who are organized, deployed, trained or equipped to confront crowds, protests or riots. Weapons changes perhaps for Riot Control could include the following: - Pepper spray - Tear Gas - Stun Grenades - Baton No where can I find on any google page says they arrest people only that they work indirectly with the MP to maintain order.
  6. Perhaps give riot the method of deterring rioters given there name for example a flash bang or a mild hallucinogenic gas grenade.
  7. Do think some unique higher roles in the US would be a good idea. - Minister for Defence - United States Secretary of the Treasury which could be cool with the added vault.
  8. Realistically only thing he can be punished for is putting links in chat which he was verbally warned by Asatru. #denied&locked.
  9. Staff applications should be taken seriously and from what I have read in both your application and from comments from other members in the community that you are simply not fit for the responsibilities that come along with the rank. At this point it is a -1 from me.
  10. Walter


    I am interested please do tell me more?
  11. Welcome back, I hope to see you ingame!
  12. I respect Johnson enough to give him a +1 due to the fact he has been around for quite some time and whenever we talk he is always pleasant. Good Luck Johnson
  13. I disagree TTK should be slow to allow a fair chance not to mention not a single US has commented other that Asatru or myself and I find until more comment nothing should be done as it would be completely bias to change it due to a couple of Taliban players.
  14. I am leaning towards agreeing with Asatru with the addition of the 130HP it allows new players to have a fighting chance against us veteran players. It is about time we looked at balance gunplay and not just getting one-two tapped by some prestige gun. Sorry to tell you guys it can get pretty boring when all a server is shoot->die->wait for respawn and repeat.
  15. Let's be real you sent the image proving you were hacking after you and Jesse simply could not be grown up enough to stop fighting over discord ranks i.e medals and other pointless shit. So you sent me a picture with the following statement "this should be enough to ban me" so I went and spoke to Ian and others who then decided your actions warranted a perm ban and thus you were dealt with swiftly. -1