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  1. I miss ya Crudes. You stay safe bro. Now for memes
  2. My issue here is you guys are miss representing what the checkpoint is which is not a place for you to come and chit chat outside US base. If an amendment must be made here a new rule which would be the following: Loitering in the checkpoint is a valid reason for a weapon check. Time defined for loitering is being in the checkpoint for longer than 10 seconds.
  3. To be honest I'd rather see some replies from those who implemented the handicap on Amin because it was done for a reason which was to balance the playing field of those who are new to the MilitaryRP genre.
  4. my opinion add some water to your concrete powder and harden the **** up seriously. -1 Taliban don't need any further advantages.
  5. Neutral My question is Ronan up to the challenge of taking the same criticism he has given to you and the other event masters when it's his event they are shit talking? how will he respond?. The reason why I am asking is that I take a general dislike to those who shit talk the events without offering any constructive ways that they could improve instead they take it on themselves to ensure the event master hates there job and therefore would rather not run an event. Now that I have said that Ronan is someone who you could have a good laugh with and could bring some exciting topics up whilst helping set up events.
  6. +1 I find Blaid225 to be suitable candidate for a position and should be given the opportunity.
  7. +1 Decent member of the community and for the love of god Levi change the color from something less eye rape-ish than the blue you went with.
  8. Walter

    adios bb gril

    Good Luck in your future endeavors Ian.
  9. Those that participated in what happened got a similar punishment to the one which you received explain why you think this case should be treated any differently? And to be honest, I feel as if Canoon makes a perfectly acceptable point regarding the fact where not once did you approach staff to discuss what had occurred instead you chose to take the path of stupidity and decided to crash the server deliberately something, in any case, would warrant a permanent ban as it interfered with the gameplay for others.
  10. It is my general opinion that we are all responsible for our actions and must accept the consequences that come along with them. -1
  11. I am sorry, but for the moment I am giving this a -1 until some changes are done as you are merely not getting that this is a formal application. Until certain things are fixed, don't expect me to change my position. Things to be addressed: - Answers are way too vague please expand on your responses. Aim not to have one-sentence answers. - If you see a rule being broken, create a ticket, and have a staff member look at it. - Your application looks messy, add some style to it, and make it stand out.
  12. +1 | Great responses to his scenario questions | Has been part of the community for a long time | Has the qualities of a great staff member | Much better attitude that previously witnessed this time | Good luck on your application Tropica.
  13. Neutral off topic: On a scale of 1 to 10, how well are you known throughout the community by both players and staff members?: I would say I am about a 5/6. "On a scale of 1 to 10"
  14. +1 Excellently written event | Always mature and can hold his end of a conversation | Would make a great EM!
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