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  1. Although the server staff guidelines are so outdated it could even be compared to the bible it does state the following which I think should be brought up which is the following when dealing with hacking "Provide sufficient evidence to Management team and very closely spectate the player" was any of this done by the staff member who banned Keef. Now the rules on the server are pretty clear that if you are caught using anything that gives you an advantage over other players that is breaching the servers rules and can warrant a ban but what landed you in the dog house even after you were banned for scripting you decided to come onto the server on an alt and attempt to mass rdm but you were caught pretty quickly and dealt with. List of rules broken: - Ban evasion - Mass RDM - No intent to RP To be honest in regards to this appeal If it is to be accepted you should be placed on the watch list for any future slip ups and being banned.
  2. Thank you @Quebec Also going to point out that after your last ban on the server upon your return you promised to be a lot less mingy this time around but that is still to be observed considering after being banned by Goosebumps you came on the server on an alternate account and attempted to mass rdm which further implicates that you are A) Guilty and B) Lied about changing from your mingy behavior.
  3. To be honest the rules in motd if you have read them is a warning if I may say so you chose to ignore something obviously written and that's on you.
  4. NEUTRAL At this point I think we have enough teamspeak admins.
  5. +1 was a good event master | Still has good script skills | would like to see some events run by him.
  6. Off topic: Guys this is a ban appeal not an English lesson XD On topic: I had a friend read the appeal and your two stories do not match he basically stated that when someone logs onto your account it basically kicks you to the login screen which you then have to log back into your account. Saying you had no control over your computer but instead of pressing Alt+Ctrl+Del in order to get access to Task manager in order to find out what is causing the issue but no you instead decide the best course of action is to hold mouse1 and hope it will fix itself sorry but that is where I call this out as bullshit. Final word: Ban should stay as even though he says "I was unable to control anything" it is your responsibility your ban should stay until expires.
  7. Brad

    Europe is big dumb

    The United kingdom joined other countries on the 6th of April 2018 to have a sugar tax where Shoppers will pay 18p or 24p per litre extra depending on how much extra sugar has been added to the drink. Which is hence why "SUGAR FREE" for soft drinks is becoming more of a thing.
  8. -/+ to be honest I would not accept any less that a paragraph for the responses to scenario questions.
  9. Sorry but I clearly call bullshit just a gut feeling.
  10. My Idea is a pretty basic one but was used on the old forums which was having Taliban and US army have there own sections to discuss things. Sort of like Taliban Taliban army Isis Al- Murabitun Ansar Combat Medics Al-qaeda US US army US scouts US medics 75th rangers Riot Control 24th Special operations 2nd Commandos Military Police Green Berets Navy Seals Commanding Officers All though this might be different in the update it would be nice
  11. NEUTRAL. I am sorry Charlie but although you are trying to change my past experiences with you makes it impossible to give this application a +1.
  12. Brad

    dInGo's appeal

    I am all for second chances however how many kills was the Mass RDM? as for flash light macro's they are frowned upon and we consider it FailRP.
  13. Few things I want to bring to everyone's attention who reads this: You posted an application on the 03/11/18 you proceeded to have it closed on 5/11/18 you requested to have the application closed with the following reason " Is it possible that this gets closed and reopened once I think my behavior is better?". So within a span of 3 days how can you say your behavior is better considering you opened another application. On the 10/09/18 after being removed from the staff team you gave your farewell to Colossal Gaming then posted on the following date some things that make me feel you do not have the right mind set for the position 1) Posted on the 15/09/18 "I'll most likely return depending on the response on my new EM app from views." and on that exact same day "But that was the main reason why I actually played on the server". I don't think that anyone should have the right to hold someone at ransom over a position where they say well if I don't get it good bye colossal gaming. Going to note you have made multiple event master applications and then request that they be closed is this because people have given you a lot of -1's or you made a mistake in your application you do if it is the later you do know there is an edit button. My 2cents done for the day. p.s @Matrix I am going to comment on something "Events are supposed to have plenty of roleplay and show the event masters creativity" explain please as most of the events in the last 2 weeks have been the following Team Death match, King of the hill or conquest where only parts where I see roleplay taking part is the script at both mission briefings.
  14. @GhostHunterThat being said threatening in any shape or form to DDOS someone is a serious breach of ethical behavior and does warrant the harshest of punishments. But to be honest this "Ban Appeal" has been going for sometime can we just get a response whether this will get accepted or denied.
  15. Tiki I am sure you can understand as to why I am hesitant in responding to you application but lets be honest we do need some event master more now than ever however if you are to be accepted by Views I don't want to see any out there events please keep them simple and down to the point. However at this point the only reason I am going to give this app a +1 is down to the fact we need more event masters.