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  1. -/+ I would say to get yourself better known within the community since your 5 months parting and because of that the server has had a lot of new players and members of the staff team who might not remember you too well if not at all. I recommend being a whole lot more active since you have just come back since your 5-month hiatus. Get to know people better so they have some sort of basis for posting a response to an application. Off topic: "If I charge, follow me. If I retreat, kill me. If I die, revenge me." Jesus Christ, are you Ralph Wiggum?
  2. +1 Idea sounds pretty awesome however in addition to this all US should have parashoots also Xd.
  3. +1 Great knowledge of rules | Crude skill with event crafting, however, will a little assistance they could be very good | Has been around for a while definitely worth looking at as a Trial EM.
  4. To be honest I had a great idea but I don't know how it will be taken and what it was would be a building in checkpoint where I would sit in and handle the PTL's requested by the spetz? But I must say something Rhy can you talk to Pubble he is ignoring how things work and entering the US base solely on the basis that his PTE did not get a response.
  5. Can you just accept this application already Views come on I mean he already does a fair amount of the briefing/debriefings for the US. He constantly brings fresh and new ideas that are really quite interesting and I would take great pleasure in testing with him. However, he dogged me in Security operations where he left without mentioning it to me and when I approached him he said that he is leaving soon and wants to try other regiments. BUT NON THE LESS +1
  6. Brad

    Resigning From FMod

    Today I am saying farewell to you, but I am not at all sad. I know that you are going abroad in search of new opportunities. Goodbye and all the best for the future.
  7. So far Grammarly's stated the only error is not having the comma after welp which is shown below. Welp, you've done it this time, getting yourself arrested, it is your fault your here.
  8. -/+ Support ~ Need time to think of something appropriate to say.
  9. There is not a reason to add another regiment the reason we are at 5 US and 5 Taliban regiment was to make it much more streamline. My idea would be to make a subclass for either Delta or 75th rangers.
  10. -/+ Describe a little about yourself "I am a 20 y/old boy who plays video games in his spare time."
  11. To be honest if the US seems fit to execute a prisoner then that is our decision not Taliban.
  12. RDM – Colossal Gaming is a serious role-play server and we don't want new players joining the server for the first time seeing that we allow US to run around killing other US. Disconnecting to avoid arrest – The server staff guidelines state that if you disconnect to avoid arrests it comes with a 1 day ban however it does say to warn first although I think that deliberately disconnected from the server. Fear-RP – The breaking of the servers Fear-RP rule pretty much would result in the usual warn/kick/ban procedure. Warns – Over the time you have been playing on colossal gaming military-RP you have managed to mass a total of 18 warns which to be honest should earn you harsher punishments as you are a repeat offender and the excuse the warns are 3-4 months old does not matter they are taken into consideration when a punishment is handed out. My recommendation is that the ban time is a sufficient punishment for your actions.
  13. -/+ don't especially have a reason however after your recent attempt to get the Head EM demoted your chances are probably 0.000001%
  14. +support Although Mad Cats and I don't get along I think he would make a suitable fit for the position of event master. although he may be young however, I have had experiences in the past in other communities where a young Trial Moderator was accepted and was able to prove he was more than ready for the position regardless of his age. i say give Mad Cats a chance to prove that he is ready to take on the mantle of event master and with a little guidance he might just surprise you.