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  1. Gunna be another one on the weekend on Saturday after 5:15 since a lot of Mr Goul's folks weren't in attendance.
  2. An Spoon

    ive fallen

    Nah for real this fool gotta be capping right now man fr fr. my man can't leave like this. this man in his future endeavours.
  3. So basically, E v e r y t h i n g .
  4. +1 Look, I've known this 'Dom' bloke for a while. I know his kinks, his no-nos & most importantly, his dick size. As the boomer stated, the man is deeply apologetic for his absolutely irresponsible behaviour!!1! Besides, endgame is like... kinda irrelevant now.
  5. +1 I don't think he's coming back on at late night for a long time, please remove this mans warning!11!
  6. gello gello, ebisode tew of two and a half taliban is out featuring @dean-chan, shme, @Bob Jane and @Ellion. tanku mr @Fosbury for epigg edit vote predcolossal as new map or ur literally a fucking retard kiddo
  7. yeah look... -1, no from me chief.
  8. Yes. If you say otherwise you can die.
  9. Myself and homie @dean-chan have created our own podcast called Two & A Half Taliban. Our first episode is out featuring @Unwanted & @Dom. We talk about Lil Unwanted's rap career and his rise to fame with his assistant and record label owner, Dom. tanku @Fosbury for being our epigg producer.
  10. An Spoon

    adios bb gril

    we must talk terms. as his fincancial managerrr my client wil not play with a nobody unless he recieves payment. ian is top level streamer competeing with the likes of ninga and shrimp and entertanment is top pprioity in order to promot and become a biger brand.
  11. An Spoon

    adios bb gril

    yes, im here.
  12. An Spoon

    adios bb gril

    Fucking finally, Goodluck with pro fortnite streaming, ill be ur financial manager when u win world cup.
  13. I'm sure everyone is aware by now, Wikka has officially gone pro on Rainbow Six Siege and has joined the new and upcoming org called Brenton Tarrant Esports alongside myself and Razi. He's gone full time and earning a steady pay of fuck all and we're competing in the next major as a 3 man team. gg ez. we be repping CG at the major boyos. Any homies who lookin to join the team must be below the age of 12 so we can pay you literally piss all . Fags are not invited.
  14. i want a raise. 2 pieces of bread is not enough for the camera work. i also want a better crib i dont want to share a bunk with ur stinky ass.
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