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  1. This is overall a very abusive and somewhat toxic post. Hopefully you reconsider what was done and try and cope with it in a healthy way, not in this unhealthy way you have. I and most people i think dont like seeing this side of you and understand that hopefully it isnt your normal behaviour. Id read peoples opinions/feedback on the current situation and reflect tbh FEFE. Best of luck though
  2. Idea is good but using a button is not so good. I'm neutral about it but if this where to be done I would recommend the Billy's Keycard scanner addon (https://www.gmodstore.com/scripts/view/3192/) instead of a button which would add a pretty good level of realism as well as efficiency but It does cost money. So if you used the keycard scanner I would +1. Good suggestion though Edit: Dont use fading door btw its not really rp just use the door tool and use a door prop.
  3. Accepted Rank to supervise training will be lowered to WO+. Just a reminder that if there is a Drill SGT that they should be supervising over a WO+ and in most cases it doesn't matter if a WO is above Drill SGT they still can't tell them what to do in some aspects. With the rank being lowered as well the demotion of people failing to supervise as WO+ is now a possibility so if staff would like to enforce that I would appreciate it. (This is a issue I have control over so that why I'm accepting it dw.)
  4. -1 they're is already enough aircraft on the server to do the job. All this would do is add a waste of 60mb and add more vehichles that can cause lag. Otherwise i dont mind the idea but i think it is unneeded.
  5. Ill start of with the kicker. "Legitimate feedback" not once did you ever provide any form of feedback you provided complaints with no form of way of solving the problem which is to be fair not always needed and then when I try to discuss the issue with you a lot of the time I'm met by "US is shit", "Just do your job" or the most common route in which you partake is extending my hypothetical questions to its most ridicules ends. I have talked about US RPG regiments before and often times I try to seek opinions from both sides without being biased to my own opinion which is truthy that in my preference yes a RPG regiment in form of way would be possible and/or beneficial. Yet when I had a discussion I believe on TeamSpeak during an event on atomic about either adding a RPG regiment on US or maybe limiting the use of RPGs in certain scenarios you where one of the first voices to chime in saying that US need to just get good. I hope that some in the community that have had discussion with me before when I suggest a hypothetical change or suggestion to the server think that I have an unbiased view as In no way shape or form do I attempt to and in all shapes and forms I avoid it like the plague as I actually came from a terrible community before where higher ups where biased and refused to talk about even the tiniest of matters. There used to be a time where I had no opinion on you Rhys until you began taking questions that I personally wanted to be taken seriously kept getting meme'd by you and as much as I enjoy a good little meme here and there but when it becomes a repetitive case of all intensive purposes wasting my time I wont take you seriously and will call you annoying and mute you. Like I said prior you can just say I need to get a sense of humour or learn how to take a joke it is just most of the time in my opinion its not a joke and its not funny and once again to say it you beat the dead horse a bit. When you have posed a question to me instead of the other from the last and only time I recall is when there was in issue with trainees not being trained in which you just complained to me that you had to train trainees that day because US is bad and I have to do something about it which at this time people knew I was already informed of the situation and I was handling it as I just brought up training at a cmdr meeting and I didn't find issue with you pointing it out it was the extra snark additions of US is bad and you moaning about how it isn't your job which to be fair it isn't but it was the way you went about saying it wasn't your job I found disrespectful. As for the second part of "If you treat me likes this, why should I treat you with the upmost respect back" I find it somewhat annoying you think I deserve the upmost respect back when I have never in my time on the server said that to anyone and meant it seriously and not apologised. Then the case of the old testament thinking of an eye for an eye. In which this case you have applied to the issue of me not giving you respect so you shouldn't give me respect which might sound fair but as many have countered before an eye for an eye and the world will end up blind and in this case you say you only lack respect in retaliation to me not giving you any which is clearly an attempt to put yourself on the moral high ground as pinning your self as the target when all it does if it was true would just lower your self to my level. I think it would be much easier to just maybe give serious thought or suggestion to some of the questions I pose I might start to show you some respect as well. Later on in the reply you state if anyone took the time to know you that you are quite mature and that I made this reply out of self quarrel. Like I stated previously I don't make many of my choices out of quarrel or bias because of aforementioned reasons and I actually commented previously in private that I will most likely minus one your EM app which was a couple of weeks ago but I decided against it as at the time it had only been a couple of things and id probably move past it and yet time and time again since that time you have made similar comments until just yesterday after a personally offensive comment towards me was the last time I would let it go. You have probably noticed that I don't -1 or +1 other peoples apps this is due to the fact that senior staff have told me before that if someone of high rank like the GOA says it that people will just follow and although it might sound arrogant and pompous I do believe in a way I shouldn't comment on most posts as to not sway what others may think, again I don't mean to sound arrogant and pompous. I never made my original comment out of a snap decision and I only did after waiting a long time and trying to make sure what you where doing was a one time thing as I didn't want to influence others of what they think of you. Rhys I really don't want to delude this post into a back and forth between the both of us and I think we both have our valid points. Once again I wish you the best of luck with your app and hope for no hard feelings man after all it is just a game . I wont be responding any more to this thread as to further the prior point of not deluding this post and I've said all I need to say.
  6. -1 Lacks maturity. I always seem to have continuous issues with Rhys due to the fact he lacks the maturity or respect to hold a serious conversation. Earlier today as I spawned into the server someone said Rhys wanted to speak to me and I just said that he could pm me the guy persisted and said Rhys was at the edge of spawn barrier (on casino). I went to the barrier and Rhys immediately told me I'm shit and Canoon is better, as much as it might be true or a meme it has been a consistently occurring issue with him and me. When I'm in public channels on TS Rhys will sometimes join and just start shit talking me and how I do my job and other things that it has come to a point that I just have him muted. He doesn't have a sense on when to stop or when its not funny and he consistently flogs dead horses. Althogh it might sound like I cant take a joke or heat, I can but its not I'm frustrated its that its annoying and generally something id never expect from a staff member. Just today he said (OOC) Tal Commander Rhys: I wana know how matrix is commander already, he must of sucked nana's dick Although its probably a joke its just one of the many examples of him lacking maturity and going after me. As much as there's freedom of speech Matrix had earnt his rank and you made general assumptions about nothing you know about like I see you and others do often about management of US which I appreciate as sometimes it gives me a different perspective, sometimes. In no way do I want to be mean to you Rhys you are a good guy I just think that there's things you could improve on and that's apart of life. I wish for no hard feelings
  7. Suggestion Name: Change home map back to jungle until new map comes out. Suggestion Type (Rank, Vehicle, Menus, Regiment): Map Addon Pack (Optional): N/A Addon Pack File Size: N/A Reason (Why would you like this added/removed): The current home map is incredibly boring and empty. It makes any interesting task basically impossible. How the map is spaced out and laid out is horrible and makes the map feel empty and just genuinely has no intrigue when playing it. Jungle on the other hand is actually spaced out well and has multiple interesting structures and buildings that makes playing it actually enjoyable. The air drops also work on jungle as well and that would be a great thing to add back as It adds a whole new aspect to playing. Im sure everyone agrees that jungle Is miles better then current home map and just would be much better to go back to until new map comes out. I think many new players as well would find it quite fun to explore as a home map. I think as well we could also give a elaborate story on why we are there e.g. where being deployed in this jungle until further notice that kinda deal. Screenshots (Optional): N/A
  8. Hey guys I work at KFC as the manager its my life achievement the Olympics I had good fun there in 1972 I met some good friends I think they where a book club called "Black September" they are now called BLACKED.COM. Here is a cute pic of me with them in 1972 munich Most of the time ill be on the server making tickets about how to switch to Taliban but for some reason they wont let me :(. just memes I love you all unless u play on the server. Big man Nana saying good hecking bye
  9. *Snap* this one goes into my cringe compilation
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