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  1. -1 Doesn't meet the pre-requites Also, your pre-requsites does not match the moderator app. So you've either removed some of the pre-reqs, you've used an old app or you're using an old template Please use the appropriate template,
  2. -1 In your recent times on the server I have seen little to no positives from you. For starters, I caught you deleting models and when pulled into a sit, acted as if you had 'issues' with your addons The other day, you were found to be healing enemies in events You micspam constantly From what I see, you show no maturity what so ever. Jordan.mp4
  3. Here is my 2nd part to my experience on CG in 2020 Click here to watch!
  4. Sometmes in life, you have to take a step back and learn from your mistakes. I have come to realise this the other day and will too learn from them. From Bob Jane
  5. hi tahnjks

  6. -1 Doesn't meet all prerequisites "You must have at least 60 active hours within 1 month on the server."
  7. -1 Recently came off a break from the server. Like @Smiddy said, there needs to be more detail in the app. Seems rushed. But yeah, probably spend more time on the server and i may change my mind.
  8. +1 Since Unwanted's ban, he has been displaying high standards on other servers within gmod. A second chance should be given as he has learnt from his mistakes in the past and is ready to come back the community, if it is even every now and then like he said.
  9. He got 2 of his alts to vote no
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