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  1. Just revert the rule back to that they have to have 3-5 people on (can't remember which one it was). Doesn't make sense that factions could raid factions with noone there to defend. The NPCs don't help that much.
  2. Hey guys, If you didn’t know, today is World Mental Health Day. 2020 has been a difficult year for all of us; some more than others. Take some time today to contact love ones, mates or fellow colossal gamers. One ‘hello’ can save a life. If you ever need to talk to anyone about anything, feel free to come to me. My DM’s are always open. Be safe out there
  3. -1 First of all, it’s common knowledge that cheating in games is not accepted yet alone wanted anywhere. The fact that you cheated on the server AND furthermore live-streamed it to people in the community shows little care you had back when you cheated. You can say ‘I dearly regret it’, but the damage was already done when you thought cheating on the server was a good idea. It wouldn’t have been as bad as it was If you didn’t livestream it to people within the community. I’d honestly be surprised if you were unbanned after cheating on the server and furthermore live-streaming it community members.
  4. FearRP Rules - You are put under FearRP if a player is directing a gun at you while you are unarmed and within eye sight (this includes if you are in an unarmed vehicle). This means you are not allowed to pull out a gun on them until out of sight for 4 seconds. The player putting you under FearRP can only give you orders if you are within yelling distance. If the player starts shooting you then you may pull out a gun even under FearRP (this includes being able to run them over). - When you are under FearRP and within yelling distance you must follow orders made to you, provided they are within reasonable bounds (ie. You may refuse to kill yourself). Orders may include leaving an area, getting out of a vehicle, being put under arrest (following them) etc. (This includes if you are not moving in an unarmed vehicle and within yelling distance) - FearRP applies until 4 seconds after the person under FearRP has been out of sight of the armed players. (FearRP does not apply during events). POWERGAMING - Powergaming is not allowed! US can't reveal a civilian to be a Taliban without correct evidence.
  5. He's not wrong. Silent weapons would be fucked anyway without an offset.
  6. This is an old app that you’ve copy and pasted. Literally has the TeamSpeak agreement. Why do you bother if you can’t be assed to be on the server yet alone write an application. -1
  7. Never forget the shitcunt vorteke a half beer viking
  8. Alright, I'm going to be honest with y'all, everyone makes mistakes. No matter how big or small, we all have. We have all made dumb decisions. Even I can say I have because that is what we do. HXTP has been at it for a couple months now trying to seek forgiveness for what he's done. He has admitted that what he did was wrong. Before his perm ban, he had served as an EM, giving back to the sever. Correct me if I'm wrong, but he also was a chief, doing what he could to help players out. Obviously what he did was quite poor and he knows this himself. However, I think it's time people move on and you know, forgive him. Obviously this will be a decision the staff team makes, but I do hope they take the communities POV on this. There are a lot of people in the past and right now that want to see him back. He has said he is will to let someone go through his PC to prove he never cheated on gmod. He is willing to do all these things just to be given a chance, something that he should get. Like I said, It lies in the staff team's hands so i hope they make the right decision. +1
  9. -1 Molotov's don’t make sense for SWAT, something like tear gas would (nerfing the radius and damage on gas grenade) If anything, secops should be reworked so that the 3 current regiments each have decent incentives, not all focussed on ‘RP’. Adding elements of this suggestion to RC and then further stripping some of their current content so that MP’s is more unique will better enhance player’s choice and leave a spread of equipment for each class.
  10. I better see you continuing to clown threads. Good luck.
  11. Suggestion Name: Expanding Loadout Options Suggestion Type (Rank, Vehicle, Menus, Regiment): Menus Addon Pack (Optional): N/A Addon Pack File Size: N/A Reason (Why would you like this added/removed): Having the ability to fully customise loadouts in the f4 menu would make inventory management so much nicer. Being able to enable/disable guns, equipment, sweps etc would make inventory management better and would then give the option for people to disable some sweps from the inventory as there are many of them. Screenshots (Optional): N/A
  12. It’s like you said, how high off the ground you are. Both of the videos you showed, you failed to get enough height, you a) hit the lower roof and b) hit the side of the cliff. Besides, like a lot of things, parachutes our stress on the server. If they were toggled on more often, that’s just more stress to the server. I just don’t see a reason to make parachutes more deployable if they are meant to be used out of helicopters. Anything else are bonuses.
  13. You realise that parachutes are for jumping out of planes, not off 2 story buildings? The way your using the parachute is not how it is intended in an RP sense. The class that gets the parachutes, the paratroopers, use parachutes out of airplanes. "Paratroopers jump out of airplanes and use parachutes to land safely on the ground." It doesn't because parachutes aren't meant to be deployed 15m off the ground, they are designed to be used out of aircraft.
  14. +1 As an ex-2LT Secops and Ex-CWO Sceops, I was always wanting some sort of new things to be added to secops. This is ideal as they are very small addons. The riot truck looks suitable for a milrp gamemode Keep up the great suggestions Auslo.
  15. -1 There are already "enough" sub factions right now. Adding more includes a new map, new models, guns, equipment, more coding etc.
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