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  1. That is brilliant to hear. Great to see you are vaccinated
  2. I do believe never hearing is the right answer
  3. Life is great mate. So good to see you back in the community Great to see you've settled in
  4. Welcome Back. It's so good to see a verteran back on the server. RP On!!!
  5. I think i wanna put my time into training trainees
  6. I have repented and have decided to make a return.
  7. Welcome back. Make sure you read the rules
  8. one of the most influential players on the server. Set the bar for US officers. Thankyou for your time on CG
  9. @Bunnings Warehouse bit of a kick in the stomach.
  10. Hacker apps shouldn't even be up for discussion in the first place. It seems like management have had this stand on hacking for a while now. It changed a couple years ago. Changing it again would straight up be clowning themselves. Hackers shouldn't be given 2nd chances no matter what. Can't be giving every hacker a 2nd chance because it just shows people that they can hack and have a chance of getting unbanned because 'well if this person hacked, why did he get a 2nd chance'. Rules are in place for a reason and he knew that he was dancing on thin ice when he hacked as he said it himself. It's not that we don't want to see him unbanned, it that we want management to stay consistent with what they have stood for which is "cheating isn't acceptable in any form in the community'. Changing their stand on something so frowned upon is stupid. Their current stand on hacking is good. It's been like this for a while. You can argue that other hackers have been unbanned and that other people have been unbanned for worse, but other people getting unbanned for something different cannot be compared to a cheating app. They obviously have different values on different matters so comparing them is flawed.
  11. What a dumb comment Anywho, it's not like you cheated for 1 day, it was for weeks. And when told to stop, you didn't. I spoke to Aleo months ago and this is what he said (being in the discord at the time of live stream) So you cheated; - After knowing the consequences - After your friends told you not to because they didn't want you to get banned - After being called out by your friends - After live streaming it Was there not a point in any of this where you thought 'hey. maybe I should stop'? It took staff intervention for you to stop. Getting 'tricked' into showing it or not, you still were told by members of the community to stop hacking. It's astounding the amount of chances you had to stop but didn't. You keep saying 'I owed up to it'. No shit. The community knew well before staff intervened. You can't keep using 'I owed up to it' as an excuse for plead. I do think you've moved on from the whole 'hacking phase'. You'd be stupid to appeal and not. But the way you used them for weeks after being told by friends not to, I think you deserve to never be unbanned. If you can't take a hint after the multiple points above, I don't think you deserve another chance honestly.
  12. your article is about the Russians, not US,
  13. I use straight ban people for days if people were being stupid. Closing features of general chat for like 10 minutes to cool down players I don’t mind, but a whole day is pushing it. You wouldn’t shut FOB down if a couple people abused it, so don’t be shutting down abilities of channels if some people are being stupid. You have mute/ban perms. Use them.
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