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  1. Hacker apps shouldn't even be up for discussion in the first place. It seems like management have had this stand on hacking for a while now. It changed a couple years ago. Changing it again would straight up be clowning themselves. Hackers shouldn't be given 2nd chances no matter what. Can't be giving every hacker a 2nd chance because it just shows people that they can hack and have a chance of getting unbanned because 'well if this person hacked, why did he get a 2nd chance'. Rules are in place for a reason and he knew that he was dancing on thin ice when he hacked as he said it himself. It's not that we don't want to see him unbanned, it that we want management to stay consistent with what they have stood for which is "cheating isn't acceptable in any form in the community'. Changing their stand on something so frowned upon is stupid. Their current stand on hacking is good. It's been like this for a while. You can argue that other hackers have been unbanned and that other people have been unbanned for worse, but other people getting unbanned for something different cannot be compared to a cheating app. They obviously have different values on different matters so comparing them is flawed.
  2. What a dumb comment Anywho, it's not like you cheated for 1 day, it was for weeks. And when told to stop, you didn't. I spoke to Aleo months ago and this is what he said (being in the discord at the time of live stream) So you cheated; - After knowing the consequences - After your friends told you not to because they didn't want you to get banned - After being called out by your friends - After live streaming it Was there not a point in any of this where you thought 'hey. maybe I should stop'? It took staff intervention for you to stop. Getting 'tricked' into showing it or not, you still were told by members of the community to stop hacking. It's astounding the amount of chances you had to stop but didn't. You keep saying 'I owed up to it'. No shit. The community knew well before staff intervened. You can't keep using 'I owed up to it' as an excuse for plead. I do think you've moved on from the whole 'hacking phase'. You'd be stupid to appeal and not. But the way you used them for weeks after being told by friends not to, I think you deserve to never be unbanned. If you can't take a hint after the multiple points above, I don't think you deserve another chance honestly.
  3. your article is about the Russians, not US,
  4. I use straight ban people for days if people were being stupid. Closing features of general chat for like 10 minutes to cool down players I don’t mind, but a whole day is pushing it. You wouldn’t shut FOB down if a couple people abused it, so don’t be shutting down abilities of channels if some people are being stupid. You have mute/ban perms. Use them.
  5. Did you not read the last appeal? There’s a zero tolerance.
  6. Hey everyone. Just thought I'd let everyone know that I am leaving CG. Although I have been pretty inactive from the server the last few months, I have today stepped down from all staff positions. CG definitely was a decent time the last 4 years I have been apart of it. The memories I've made and people I've met have (generally) been good. There's a few people that I got to thanks for making CG better: - The Townhouse Reno Mob - Made my CG experience and my LOF campaign 1000x better. You guys really made CG better and I thank you for that. - @Ezygle - You were such a sick dude and thankyou for continuing what you're doing. Don't think anyone has anything to complain about when it comes to you, which shows how good of a person you are. - @Feralswan - Thanks mate giving me multiple chances in the staff team and being there when I needed to talk to someone. Although our Rocket League games are far gone now, thankyou for being a good friend. Keep in touch. - @Deston - We were typically on the same page about most things CG related. And although most of it never came into effect, it was awesome spending the last 3-4 years on CG. Thanks Champ - @Snake - Thanks for being awesome. You have provided me some good laughs the last couple months which I thankyou for. Keep the staff team in line for me please. - @Wiemers - You're a cutie. Will have to catch up on the GC one day. And for anyone who thought 'Oh man he missed me', I probably didn't. Anywho, I might be back in the future, but not too sure. If you want to continue talking to me and whatnot, follow me on twitch. Will be streaming as much as I can. LINK Thankyou guys again and I'll see you soon.
  7. Both ban reasons listed on both appeals are for hacking. I was putting two and two together. The two situations may be different, but at the end of the day, both parties were caught cheating and banned for it. Im not saying he shouldn’t be unbanned based on my opinion, I’m saying it off the fact that someone else was denied for the same ban reason. I’m sure you both would agree that all appeals should be treated fairly. And if there is a ‘zero tolerance towards hacking’ to one person, should it not be for the same? (I know there are examples of this otherwise, but they were justified (some of them worse than others)). No matter the length of hacking, there is a zero tolerance for it. Something the head admin would need to address when the final decision is made, whether the appeal is accepted or denied.
  8. Although majority of the community seems to want you back, it appears that the server (for the most part) still follows a no tolerance policy towards hacking as described in another appeal. The only way I see this ban appeal goes through is if the Head Admin’s (and surrounding management) opinion changes on hacking. However, changing their POV on it right after they denied someone would be a shit move. Although you seem to have improved, I would still hope management of CG remains fair throughout all appeals on similar instances.
  9. The flamethrower is a really good weapon. Like many people already said, it is good to for large groups of people like in this video. flamethrower_massie.mp4
  10. +1 I don't think Miller will fuck up a ship and mall event Good event crafting. If you get accepted, hopefully you continue the great event crafting.
  11. Just a quick reminder to keep all conversation on topic about the issue/suggestion being provided. Any off topic concerns can be direct messaged to one another.
  12. How long left is on your ban? +1 I would've probs given 2 weeks max (If this is a first time ban). You need to not get carried away in the future is all I can advise. Good luck
  13. I think that's because @Asatru and I have seen quite a lot of the background stuff with your appeals which shape similar opinions on you being unbanned. We had been seniors throughout your past appeals. When it came to your appeals, we were spoken to about them. That's probably why we have different opinions to the community. And it's not being targeted by staff. Asatru nor I are staff anymore. I am purely giving my opinion based on previous events I've witnessed.
  14. Why would he be given a fair go if he was straight up lying through his appeals? Syn knows he has lied in the past. I've witnessed it first hand when he appealed earlier this year. Other members, past and present have witnessed him lie straight through his teeth in appeals. I'm sure canoon (who dealt with majority of his appeals) was given similar stories, hence why he hasn't been unbanned. You bring up that he gave chances to other people. If Syn was honest straight up, there probably would've been a chance. He was almost unbanned a couple times, but it was found he was lying. So you can mention that Asatru wasn't being fair, but in all honesty, he was being fair. Moving on to my opinion My opinion on you being unbanned has shifted from the first appeal you made till now. I was happy for you to be unbanned way back. However, it seems like since those first appeals, lies have been present throughout some of them. You've even said this yourself in multiple places and you know you have. I don't really care if you do get unbanned, you seem to have made some sort of movement in the right direction in fixing your character, but you need to be 100% honest. It's evident you do understand your mistakes, but it's blanketed by lies that have made your movement to becoming better, flawed. At this point, I don't think you're quite there. You're getting there, but these appeals have been very similar to the others, the others you lied in. If the appeal gets denied, all I ask for your sake is to be as honest as possible, stay away from the server until you're allowed to appeal again and then maybe it would be time. I wish you luck with your appeal, whatever the outcome is, I'm sure the fairest verdict will be given.
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