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  1. Neutral Looks Like You Just Came Back From A Break Get Sum Hours Up And I'll Change The Neutral
  2. It's okay. Since you are learning a new language, I'm guessing that this is fine that there are some mistakes in this application. My only concern would be if you're at a good enough level of English where you can communicate with players in the game? What I would do is get your name out there in the community. What a lot of people have said in this thread is that you're mingey. So you should try your best to fix this and change the way you play. Also, If this application gets denied, I would not rush for another application. Wait a few months and progress you English speaking/writing abilities to a stage where you application is at a 'professional' stage. Good luck however 🙂
  3. Who could forget the Serious RP weapon, the Pocket Watch
  4. And a CWO. So basically a GOA
  5. Suggestion Name: Adding the old Predator colossal to the map cycle. Suggestion Type (Rank, Vehicle, Menus, Regiment): Map Addon Pack (Optional): rp_predatorcolossal_v1 Addon Pack File Size: 61mb Reason (Why would you like this added/removed): I believe that the original Predator maps were the best maps that colossal ever had as their home maps. That is why I would like to see Predator Colossal map as the next home map in rotation. I believe that this would attract older players to join back and reminisce in what was a past home map. Otherwise, Predator MG V3 would be nice to go back too as well. Screenshots (Optional):
  6. If they're being mingey, shooting at you, mic spamming etc, get a mod to get them warned. Most if not all of those are against the rules. Otherwise, I'd just read the script and if they don't listen, they don't listen.
  7. -/+ Haven't met/didn't know you existed till now. Like Matrix said, I think a 9 is a little too high. Also, fix up the mistakes in your app and maybe in a week, I can give a +/-
  8. Yeah, whilst we take the one unique thing taliban has, take their guns too. Scratch that, that them out of the game. No tali = no problems
  9. +1 From my experiences, a great person, well respected. Pretty good event crafting by the looks of it. (He gave me my first ever promo back in 2016-17.)
  10. Bob Jane

    bye guys.

    All the best man. enjoy CG retirement!
  11. +1 Good At RP. I Believe That He Can Help Make Events More RP Based.
  12. Awesome. Maybe I’ll hop on tonight for the first event I’ve played In months 👀
  13. Oh okay. Like I said, I Don’t know what happens behind the scene. Is there a minimum amount of events they have to do per week?
  14. +1 Wikka is a great member of the community. What he did was most definitely wrong but this app shows that he feels bad for what he did. Like most Ex-community banned players, a second chance should be given.
  15. I Don’t know what happens behind the scenes but a set schedule for every event master should be established for a) every event they must host and b) every event they must attend to help out the other Event Master. Penalties should be applied if they miss events because if they can’t make it to the ‘job’ they signed up for, they shouldn’t be on the team. (Adding to current comment) Otherwise, what could happen is the EM’s chat on Sunday and collectively plan a week-long project where the events that week are all based on the same idea so that each event aren’t random ass TDM’s. This could really bring in good role-playing.