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  1. If you have any information please help this lost Colossal Gamer Veteran #WheresCreamyMayo
  2. Bob Jane

    Lest we forget

    As a Star Wars fan, I take this day very seriously. I may be attending as this event fills my hear with passion. #WheredidCreamyMayogo
  3. It's hard to tell who's in the wrong here. You may have to wait for Asatru to give you his POV as why he banned you. Were you pulled into a sit and banned or was this out of nowhere?
  4. You Missed A Question In The Teamspeak Agreement Area Words have been misspelled for example; The answers to the questions appear to be at an acceptable length however, i have a sense that this was rushed and put onto the forums. Feel free to re-read this application and polish it up and then I'll give my +/- verdict. Also, changing the colour of you answers can help separate your response from the question but that is of course optional.
  5. This is why I stopped playing CG...
  6. Bonus Photo Of Smidaddy
  7. +1 Played Minecraft with me once, triggered cool mech and met Jason2. Good man.
  8. I can almost guarantee that they’ll tell you to wait the week. So be patient and you’ll be back on soon.
  9. Just A Collection Of Photos When CG Was In Its 'Prime' (My Opinion Of Course) Glory Days
  10. Send him to Pokemon RP and make him play 24 hours of raw game time. That'll make him beg to get unbanned.
  11. I'd like to start this reply with a quote "If you're lucky enough to get a 2nd chance, don't waste it". -1 Make him do Community Service.