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  1. Denied Feel free to reapply in 2 weeks.
  2. +1 very nice man has shown in the last little bit a good amount of maturity. he is also a bad rocket league player so I feel bad for him.
  3. -1 Tried killing a regiment due to threats of a demotion. Don't think much more needs to be said.
  4. -1 I found you hanging around secops ops jail after leaving the regiment shooting a wall and then running away. So I have no idea how you can become mod if you find enjoyment annoying people because a regiment didn't treat you 'right'.
  5. -1 First of all, you were kicked from ems after failing to stay within guidelines. My main concern is what have you done to change? You say that you have learnt from your past but I still think it's too early for staff. You were immature and was found to be annoying to some people.
  6. Is someone cutting onions?!?! Fairwell my friend. Who's going to run whacky minis now
  7. -1 Asatru literally demoted you yesterday for talking In a briefing. Plus, you have play 3 out of the last 30 days. Even if you had decent game time, I don’t think you’d be mature enough.
  8. What if you fail you mission and you're spotted? What happens? Do you submit defeat or attack them and initaite a raid? Would attacking him count as a solo raid?
  9. Glad to see that you on the server. Welcome.
  10. Looks like your chances are over...
  11. -1 I don’t why you bothered. Time and time again you don’t listen, minge and be stupid constantly. Just yesterday I kicked for being stupid. Fix yourself before applying again and stop applying every 2 weeks because you haven’t changed since your last app. Please at least wait until 2020.
  12. -1 I banned you the other day for solo raiding and defib abuse. You said your brother did it but I find it quite hard to believe.
  13. +1. VR is the future and I believe CG need to seriously think about this as it can advance CG for the greater good.
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