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  1. That is a pretty good idea. The UN base could also be used for @Yapopey's suggestion about the 'UN Embassy'. If RPO's are watching over that RP, i see no reason for it to be removed if UN are removed. US negotiators could take over the responsibility otherwise and like you said, Court RP and shit like that can be used there as a neutral territory.
  2. Suggestion Name: Remedies to common suggestions (and some of my own) Suggestion Type (Rank, Vehicle, Menus, Regiment): Regiment/Maps Reason (Why would you like this added/removed): UN Changes There has been multiple suggestion to remove/change UN from the server. From what I remember, the main point used is the ‘population to factions ratio’ is not at a place where 6 factions are viable. Going into the Christmas break, this is going show even further as typically, the population goes down until after Christmas. (even after Christmas, it’s still not going to be viable) I believe the best option to fix this suggestion is to change the ‘negotiator’ class to fulfil UN RP on the server (make negotiator a normal class, not donator). This will decrease the factions from 6 to 5 whilst having an RP option for those who want to continue UN RP. Another suggestion I was thinking was adding a similar class to Taliban called ‘Interpreter’. This class in tali would work like negotiator. This gives Taliban an RP class that could work like UN. Negotiate with the US and other factions. Pretty much how negotiators work right now. Cannot be shot unless holding a weapon. Otherwise, make a ‘UN’ US regiment kinda like how RU used to be. Or reworking UN's purpose on the server so that it is more attractive and gives better RP for the server. TL:DR Remove UN and add negotiator and interpreter classes to US and Taliban to fulfil the UN RP that would be absent from the removal. Decreases the factions count but sustains the RP that some people enjoy Brand new Home Map I don’t think that this is a major issue as the old home maps are being transformed to suit the WW3 style and most of them are enjoyable from what I’ve seen. However, it has been a long time since the server has seen a genuine new home map. I don’t completely agree with the idea of having the same home bases on every map. Having new bases on a new home map would give a refreshing feel to the server. This is something that should be considered once Russ has finished his highlands map and is (hopefully) added to the rotation. Something new for new and old players to discover is something worth investing in. New unique bases, landmarks and features was always something to look forward to when going onto a new map. TL:DR Invest into a new map that has new bases and stuff. When I think of new things/changes that could be implemented, I’ll add to this thread. Feel free to post your opinions in the comments or in the discord. Thanks.
  3. That is brilliant to hear. Great to see you are vaccinated
  4. I do believe never hearing is the right answer
  5. Life is great mate. So good to see you back in the community Great to see you've settled in
  6. Welcome Back. It's so good to see a verteran back on the server. RP On!!!
  7. I think i wanna put my time into training trainees
  8. I have repented and have decided to make a return.
  9. Welcome back. Make sure you read the rules
  10. one of the most influential players on the server. Set the bar for US officers. Thankyou for your time on CG
  11. @Bunnings Warehouse bit of a kick in the stomach.
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