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  1. -/+ I think that you need to add more to your application but other than that it's pretty good. Good luck!
  2. +1 a good guy. responsible, trustworthy and a good role model. Good luck with your application!
  3. +1 good lad, nice and has good events. what more could you want?
  4. +/- I have had a read of your application. if I was you I would try to put more detail into your short answer questions. also, your event is ok... nothing really new or original but I know you have a mindset which you can improve, so I will keep it a -/+
  5. Lindy

    My Apology

    will miss you good luck in the future man. good luck! hope someday you might be able to come back the apology means a lot.
  6. +1 I think it is a good idea and would definitely increase activity over the forms
  7. +/- for now I will keep it like this due to the fact the way you act of the server but over the following week, I will watch you and how you act and make my decision. Good luck!
  8. +1 good event crafting| mutre| active| nice guy| good luck with your application
  9. ok, I am going to go with a +/- for this. first off you are a good guy to talk to and a great player, but sometimes you can be a bit of a minge and sometimes immature. but over this week I will watch you and I will change my answer depending on that
  10. Lindy

    Gaming clan

    yeah I'm down to make a clan
  11. +1 great appliacation| event could be improved, he is a good rolemodle and shows great ability towards the roles he is given|
  12. after talking to tucker himself I feel that he has learnt from mistakes and he can move one so I will change my -1 to a +1. I have full convivence in him to be able to make a new start so I will give him his chance
  13. First of all what do you think, it's like in life you may have one moment that defines you for the rest of your life, and its up to you to change it. But dont get mad if people do. If you kill someone if you are in court, people wont jugg you for all the "good" you have done they jugg you from what they have been told. So we have all been told that so we have no reason to believe anything Else you say. One moment can define the reast of your life. You only get one chance in life so why should we give you a chance in a game
  14. ok so after reading the comments following mine I have made at least my dission. I am more than certain that your toxic behaviour and your inability to understand where people might not like you too much. out of reading lots of ban appeals, I have got to say you are defiantly the worst out of them all. you say that you cant jugg some on by the actions but what you have done, we can. The fact that you can even say that is despicable you are constantly looking for a fight even within Teamspeak let alone the forms, and I think that it shows in your responses. it's like the boy who cried wolf if you do it over and over and over again and people start thinking that you might not be good for the server, you go all defensive and go you cant jug me by my actions. your expectations for your self, are so low that we are expected to have to deal and read your shit. no, just from reading the comments about you I strongly agree that you don't deserve to come back within the community and I think I can speak for a lot of people, we don't want you back. I am still amazed that you are lucky you can even appeal your ban, unlike some people. at the moment I think a community ban is more fitting because what I think most of your comments are just lies. the fact that you can even compline from the responses you have got from this thread is funny its almost like you think you are invisible, its like you are trying to prove something by trying to say that its all good to DDoS the server (claims not to) but even still you instructed your friends to do so witch still look bad on your part and I would do a FAT +1 for you to get community banned but for this its a no from me -1