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  1. Lindy

    ive fallen

    Thanks for spitting on my face
  2. Tropica, love him or hate him. you have got to understand the quality of someone from the presence of character in-game and though chat, and I think that Tropica is a key example of someone who is responsible, caring and is extremely mature. now he is not all perfect, but he is working on it, I know he has been denied before, but if I had the choice of who I would put into a trial moderator role, it would be him. +1 Good Luck Tropica.
  3. finally took long enough, na jk love you, you flog, best wishes
  4. lucky you then, because half the time when no other staff are around he can bearly keep himself contained, and has to lie to get his way
  5. -1, not a good staff, biased, not good to talk to, can barely handle himself let alone other people
  6. @Asatru Complaints that are given to the EM team a rarely constructive and are often abusive. You claim to not be ripping into anyone yet you posted this in a public forum instead of to the EM team. Your feed back may have been appreciated if you hadn't posted it as a public shaming thread. But it's classical of you to act like the neutral and non-aggressive bystander while you shit on someone's desk :L you know it babes , also i have a standing desk
  7. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1tkOXMNTSqSb11fCzq4_f1JK2juqG7Ze1vumhjY4WxLY/edit?usp=sharing
  8. +1 best em app i have ever seen, if you don't accept him its racism
  9. hey all, some of you may know me by lindy some may not, I have been on the server since August the 26th, and every day has been great, I have been able to meet some great people and have made some great friends. I have been able to form a bond with a lot of people that I don't think I will be able to do again on any other community, so I would like to say thanks to all of you. now I have some names I want to mention, @Walter- thanks for all of the laughs and the amount of fun we have had together @Matrix- thanks for always being there for me thanks a lot. @Etho. -thanks for being a sick cunt @75th - you sick lads have been the best bunch of lads I have had the pleasure to command @Cap and @Ethan Shirely - you guys have been great officers keep going on @Asatru- thanks for being a great mentor and a good guy to talk to @Ellion- thanks for being the best major of scouts @Ezygle- thanks for being a great guy and @all of the sick lads that I have been friends with thanks to you but the main person @Canoon thanks for being one of my best friends on the server and has helped me grow and develop as a person, I can't thank you enough. now, this is my final goodbye, peace out. now I will just name some sick lads wikka kenny steve o wild spicy graham dave and korona apteryx chicken Tendis rick and Erick fox
  10. -/+ I have seen pubble change and develop on the server and being able to show leadership, maturity and teamwork, there are some negatives with pubble but the positives outdo the negatives by a landslide, if you keep going on the way you are going i will change my answer but for now+/-
  11. Lindy


    whats irony? i don't get it @Dom
  12. there is only 2 so not much of a competition
  13. Lindy


    @Rex wana buy me a new computer?
  14. Lindy


    yeah na fuckin badgers anti cheat dude, my sPIn bot wasnt workin alwasy NexT tImE
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