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  1. -1 I think your a great dude, but you only just came back, I think play intel you have a total of a month again, then reapply you would be a great Mod, but wait a bit
  2. +1 knows the rules extremely well, dose have a bit of a temper but nothing that is to crazy, or unmanageable
  3. +1 decent guy, follows the rules and would help out alot
  4. Lindy

    peace not hate

    peace and love to all, no hate
  5. -1 I might be willing to change, but from all counts I have seen a minge. The amount of run ins I have had with you is ridicules, I could go into detail, but I think it is unneeded, for further detail dm me at Monkey#3952 . +1 after talking to him, he explained the ways he is improving and ect. he was clear and understandable when explaining himself and I have no reason not to believe him.
  6. lmao i made it into the 2019 rewind, at 10:33 you see me playing call of war
  7. +1 I dont really need to add anything, good officer, cares about the sever rules and is a good example of what a player should be
  8. a perm ban for rdm? even with a few warnings, a 7-14 days would be more appropriate not a permanent ban
  9. +1 Good admin, upholds the rules of the sever, and dose a good job at helping out new players, good luck views. Regards, Lindy
  10. I went on and checked the fps, and its really good I was getting an average of 200 fps, my low was 155 and my highest was 270. its very optimised, I would say its far to similar to the current home map, but if it was edited it would be a good event map
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