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  1. Would be ok... But for us army, no thanks.
  2. how could hunter do this, he should be banned.
  3. This is going to be a fat +1. Great guy, always want to uphold the sever rules to the best of his abilitys. He is always there to help and wants to be able to get to know you. He can sometimes be quick to the trigger and might not like you, but when you get to know him matrix is a fun, enjoyable and a great guy to be around. Would make the perfect mod like I said again its a +1 from me. Good luck Matrix!
  4. @Ian like what said. no point to biker between everyone. I would go over this in the ts then here, but that's just my humble opinion.
  5. this is just a dumb report, grow up a little and learn how to act like a proper human and don't just bicker with each other. that's all it is just fighting. a stupid report should just get taken down.
  6. first off, who are you? second off your event crafting inst even an event script, did you even read the examples of a script? your game time is supposed to be from Game Tracker, not steam(going off the server)then after looking for your game time on the server, I couldn't find your name. and your steam link wasn't working for me either. https://www.gametracker.com/server_info/ then your general application is so poorly done. this is just unfinished, badly done, rushed and no effort put it, I am not even sad, this is just disappointing. I don't know why you would even post this, this is so below standard it's just astounding and there is more, ALL your answers are short and no detail is put into any of them, still just disapointed. then your grammar and spelling is horrible, I know that mine isn't really that good either but use Grammarly man it really does help and read all over your application before posting it and try to get one of your friends to proofread it, it really dose help. also, I don't think you even know what exactly an em dose by some of your answers. so my final response is going to be a huge -1
  7. I am more then willing to change it tonight if you are on we can talk about what you can improve on. then I would be more than happy to change my response.
  8. I think that instead of 2 on Monday-Thursday it should be 1 but on Friday- Sunday it should be 2-3. it would make events better and more enjoyable.
  9. first off I would like to say that I don't really know you too well. but when I have gone throw your application, and I don't even know you I don't really see you on the Team speak (I may be wrong), you only really just got on the forums. I still don't think that you need to make more of an impact onto the server and I would change your 7-8 to a 6. but other then that your application has had a lot of effort put into it so I would say it will be a +/- from me.
  10. -/+ I think that you need to add more to your application but other than that it's pretty good. Good luck!
  11. +1 a good guy. responsible, trustworthy and a good role model. Good luck with your application!
  12. +1 good lad, nice and has good events. what more could you want?
  13. +/- I have had a read of your application. if I was you I would try to put more detail into your short answer questions. also, your event is ok... nothing really new or original but I know you have a mindset which you can improve, so I will keep it a -/+
  14. Lindy

    My Apology

    will miss you good luck in the future man. good luck! hope someday you might be able to come back the apology means a lot.