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  1. Lindy


    whats irony? i don't get it @Dom
  2. there is only 2 so not much of a competition
  3. Lindy


    @Rex wana buy me a new computer?
  4. Lindy


    yeah na fuckin badgers anti cheat dude, my sPIn bot wasnt workin alwasy NexT tImE
  5. Lindy


    @Rex well you don't look at the leader board ever. ever. wait I know why your citizen hacks break the leader board
  6. Lindy


    @Rexyou wish buddy
  7. Lindy


    @Rextoxic much
  8. Lindy


    @Matrixmy computer is broken so no
  9. Lindy


    @Asatru that's amazing
  10. if you enter the Spetznaz base you aren't breaking any rules, we can't raid you because there is nothing to raid, and we fear RP you because you have done something wrong or have entered our base.
  11. not if its 10 m away @RussianBias and you all have been caught trying to do it, and have been told off by 3 different admins +, so no you cant
  12. -1 from what I have seen from you in game, you get angry very easily, openly insult people not only on the forums but in discord, and I don't think you are even close to being mature enough to take on such a role. and your application is below average, and is very short, so it's a -1 from me
  13. to be honest, I don't think forums is never a good place to bring up staff report, I think if you were to report a staff member take it to a Senior admin +, I think if this was dealt with out of the forums you would get better results.