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  1. bye. cant be asked thanking people, if you know you know.
  2. Woah people just copying @Eclipse, must be a trend starter Hi Muhammad
  3. where is my goodbye kiss?
  4. -1 after seeing your time in Taliban, and apparently telling people to "Kill themselves "
  5. Linus, you where a good mate, will miss you man. I will always be your 82nd Retard
  6. Just join Delta force
  7. bye bye big dog, will be missed.
  8. its a mil rp sever not dark rp like what snake said, this dosnt really fit the sever.
  9. -1 I think your a great dude, but you only just came back, I think play intel you have a total of a month again, then reapply you would be a great Mod, but wait a bit
  10. +1 knows the rules extremely well, dose have a bit of a temper but nothing that is to crazy, or unmanageable
  11. +1 decent guy, follows the rules and would help out alot
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