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  1. My previous actions has lead to the permanent ban of my account from Colossal Gaming Military RP with no chance of appeal. I'll miss all my homies that I made along the journey and I'm sad to have to give up my fight. But it is what it is. My shout outs go to @dInGo Solid lad always down to have a good laugh 10/10 top tier bloke @Quickhell Fun to play GTA with back in the day also a solid osu! gamer defs the best person of all time on CG @Asatru Friendship got kinda rough towards the end but at the start of my CG journey you were always there thanks for that @Habibi 10/10 ISIS chief and solid pvper wish I had known you for longer solid mate @Deston one of the real ones a true OG $$$ @Kane Kinda trash tbh (nah jk lad train hard my brother and stay staunch) @BlueTongue we were both there when ISIS was in the shitter we helped each other through a lot during that time thanks for being around @Zynix DO NOT BELIEVE WHAT THIS GIRL SAYS SHES NOT A 14 YR OLD WOMEN SHE IS A 32 WOMEN LOOKING FOR 14 YR OLD BOYS (also a cool guy study hard) @Tropica Silenced by the people! RISE UP! (Also a really gay lord) @Dragoul Community Banned but never forgotten @Wiemers Best graphics designer out there paid him to draw hentai man never lets me down (Also super organized guy and top tier pvper) @''Bakka'' Richest man alive on CG$$$ good pvper even though ping through the roof decent among us player top tier friend @Bob Jane https://imgur.com/a/CaSVr4E fun times @deən Another real one best trial event master to date @Erik Fox Yo is that Erik Fox? @Ezygle Movie star and GOA of the year award winner @Matrix Ran the US Army a while ago one of my favourite commanders @Mundy Got me into speedrunning also gave me chief ty @NPC AKA Jakob trained me in the start really nice lad to talk to @Razi ♛ ALL TIME BEST MINGE CODER OF OTC AND BEST CHIEF @Sloppy Legend truly ahead of his time @Smiddy Giga brained mastermind @SuperObi1 beste @Xhenoa Been here for a while fucking mad cunt @Yapopey Best EM duo to date @Midday Song player at my funeral @Nikolai Play's osu! cool guy Goodbye Moonmen You're all real ones. Thanks for making my time on the server a little bit more enjoyable. This is my final goodbye. One last salutes to all my brothers that I mentioned and the ones I forgot I got love for all of you. Respect to everyone at the funeral. /me salutes. King reacts only. Rest Easy. Gone But Not Forgotten.
  2. current state of the game wont fit in fs2 sad to see you go live your life
  3. Literally everything he just said is correct and all attempts at fixing the bugs just caused more bugs
  4. Much love king id say you've made your mark on the CG community and you'll never be forgotten by us. study hard!
  5. tbh +1 I never made ladder events it was always super aids just which ever side has the most ppl wins which is super un-fun I don't blame the ems for making the events though. A good way to balance this on bigger maps is to just give helis but whatever works i guess
  6. Sir this is a random gun check you're under fearRP please comply
  7. The argument is correct this would most certainly not be possible in real life. However this is honestly a pretty fun gameplay feature similar to Jet swapping in Battlefield 3 etc. For the time being I remain neutral, It's not realistic but its fun.
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