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  1. Want all my topfrag screenies
  2. I think its only allowed to be used once 2100 kills in PLA not just the rank which makes it harder. Even if you used it, you only used it. There is no reason to use it at the moment, a damage buff will also help with anti vehicles I also think. No situations besides meme potential to use it over a normal gun. - Ashley
  3. +1 Doubt it will be changed to a one shot again because I think it was changed for all explosives universally, feral doesn't want one shots. (What I think at least) Would love to one shot kids with an RPG Edit: It wouldn't be that op because there is already such a high requirement to actually get explosives, as midday said 2100 kills in PLA, Officer or $35 in US or get into ISIS which is hard enough and then pay $35 or get officer. - Ashley
  4. +1 I reckon 75th should get a massive tank as they are the armoured car guys already, Maybe ISIS as their tali opposite get tanks aswell? -Ashley
  5. Just want to add you reacting the crying laughing emoji to a piece of feedback further proves your immaturity. Edit: Mostly all of the -1s given you act with said emoji. Come on man. - Ashley
  6. -1 l Don't need to read it Fix your attitude in game, very toxic, very egotistical and unfit for a staff position. Work on your attitude and then ill consider changing/reading it. - Ashley
  7. +1 A little toxig sometimes but other than that seems good. 2nd Ashley to become EM maybe??? P.S Coming from an Ex-EM who was very uncomfortable with using a mic, it is still extremely helpful as for any staff position. - Ashley
  8. Alright, a bit to say here. Firstly I dont think removing sprint swep is a good idea. Removing something that has consistent use for something that has situational use I dont think is really a good idea, especially as this is a suggestion for 1 drone not multiple. As sprint is already an icon and the only drawing factor rn for AUS it needs to stay as well as it being designed for our base (tunnels ect). Second, I agree that the drone should be restricted but that would be up to Views. Limit controller range I think is a good idea in concept but is very flawed, the point of a drone is to be operated from a safe location far away from the actual battle. Forcing people to get close draws away from the purpose of having a sniper drone. Im not sure about the drone repair tool, you dont want to be too reliant on your commanding officers because if they aren't on you are kind of fucked. Having the drone HP that low will make it die in seconds without any chance to even position the drone remotely. Finally the scout drone HP buff. This is more of a replacement for the old drone as this will have more usage in my opinion and will be worth changing factions or as a new play be a good incentive to join AUS. Good ideas but impractical and overtuned. PS: I dont think you will be able to massie with a drone that doesn't pierce targets, requires 1lt+/staff to spawn and with low hp and low fire rate. - Ashley
  9. Yeah Ill be completely happy with that, im not too stressed but I just feel like we should get something usable. I wasn't there for the scout drone/previous drone so IDK if it was any good or has any actual usability. -Ashley
  10. Suggestion Name: Sniper Drone! Suggestion Type (Rank, Vehicle, Menus, Regiment): Vehicle (I guess) Addon Pack (Optional): https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=669642096 Addon Pack File Size: 89.108 MB (I know this is a big ass file compared to other suggestions but like WAC addons the actual addon should be condensed into what we need i.e just the drones we are using excluding all the other ~43 drones that wont be used as well as the NPC/AI features, this will cut down addon size) Reason (Why would you like this added/removed): It has been said so many times, AUS is supremely underwhelming in the equipment departing when compared to all the other sub factions. Right now, think of what AUS have over all other factions. Sprint Swep. Thats it, don't get me wrong sprint is amazing on home map and navigating maps but that is really it, there is no pull factor or real big incentive to join compared to the other sub factions. Right now as anyone active may be able to tell AUS is kinda running low on players and I think this addition will help bring in people. The sniper drone, specifically the Drone rewrite sniper drone has actual use compared to trivial drones like spy drones. The sniper drone (Unchanged) is a one shot kill to any player with low hp, so basically any non Jugg on CG. Due to the absolute power of the sniper it has a low hp, way too low in my opinion and should be buffed to be a little higher (maybe around 3/4s of a little bird AH6's HP). The drone also is decently slow which means its more about positioning for sniping rather than running and gunning and abusing the large dmg. The large body of the drone also makes it much easier to hit and spot making it even less OP than it seems. The drone is able to deploy a small spy drone that has the ability to stealth which isn't very practical but I can see it being used. Overall I think the addition of a drone like the sniper drone will help bring in players to AUS as well as differentiating them from other factions. P.S Drones can also be used in events a balancing but I hope that AUS will get to use them with a 2-3 min CD on home map and events depending on lag. Screenshots (Optional): -Ashley
  11. +1 Absolute monster of a man, sex lord and bhop god. No scripts no worries. Unban this bloke what he did is in the pass, he has appealed like 20000 times jesus - Ashley
  12. -1 Coming from an ex-super minge, this Molotov and flash-bang will be heavily abused and will just cause issues. Having SWAT also doesn't really make sense, this is the military not police force. MPs are meant to really just be RP focused police that keep the base all goods while the soldiers focus on PVP. If you want to focus on PVP go to a combat regiment rather than sec ops. - Ashley
  13. +1 l I Haven't known hxtp for a long time but he is a very chill and fun guy to be around. We used to hang out loads and he didnt really seem like they guy to doxx someone atleast. I think he like everyone else deserves a second chance. ily - Ashley
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