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  1. Ban Appeal Template: Discord ID (name#2003):daddyxo#7628 Discord alias/rank: Ashley Ex Staff What happened in your perspective?: I was typing 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 as fast as I could in general chat after being warned not to do it like 2 months prio to my ban Why should we unban you?:ive been banned for like 3 months for typing numbers really really fast and ive learnt my lesson and wont do it. I am also a valueable menmber of the colasal gaming discord server communaity Evidence in your favor (Optional): no evidance
  2. +1 little trobiga boy weekend warrior man idk why he still wants to be staff but give it to him
  3. traps joining cg? I wonder who they could be
  4. yo we were trial ems together i think
  5. -1 We need to focus on RU rather than replacing it. We should replace RU leadership with someone competent who can interact with staff and shit for the better of their regiment and not be super inactive. I personally know someone for the job heh - Ashley
  6. It was more about special weapons like the dart gun, rpgs, gl, flamethrower not the HK XM8 as that would be a lot more unfair.
  7. Hey all, this is just a post discussing how special weapons can be reworked so they are more viable. I've heard from many people that special classes really aren't worth it. All besides combat pilots atleast. The dart gun, GL and RPG while all fun and used in very niche ways aren't viable rn as a weapon option. All of these weapons take up a loadout slot to be used which really is not worth it in their current state, sacrificing either a sniper or an AR for a niche weapon is definitely 1. Not fun 2. Not a good idea. I propose that all of these weapons are part of the class loadout rather than having to be equip, this will incentivise the usage more as well as incentivise people actually getting these classes. Also, people in chat keep going on about realism, idk if the server wants to be realistic but in the current state the RPG needs a buff, whether that be a damage increase so it can one shot (GL also included with this) or even small things like having more rounds or a much reduced deploy time to allow quick swaps between your main gun and RPG. Currently, HVAT rockets tickle helicopters, even the venom which is significantly weaker than transport helis. The damage against vehicles really needs to be upped because it is ridiculous that I have to shoot 4 RPG rounds into 1 venom to get it to smoke I don't have much experience with the GL or Dart gun so if there are issues and changes needed feel free to put em here. TL;DR: Make special weapons part of class loadouts (AUTOEQUIPPED) so that more people have a reason to use them without sacrificing combat capability (will make people want to have the class and want to use the items more) Maybe buff explosives so that they don't tickle players as well as helicopters. - Ashley
  8. im fucking outa here cyas idk if ill be back not making a long list of good cunts but you will prolly know who you are hopefully wont be back bye - Ashley
  9. I think its only allowed to be used once 2100 kills in PLA not just the rank which makes it harder. Even if you used it, you only used it. There is no reason to use it at the moment, a damage buff will also help with anti vehicles I also think. No situations besides meme potential to use it over a normal gun. - Ashley
  10. +1 Doubt it will be changed to a one shot again because I think it was changed for all explosives universally, feral doesn't want one shots. (What I think at least) Would love to one shot kids with an RPG Edit: It wouldn't be that op because there is already such a high requirement to actually get explosives, as midday said 2100 kills in PLA, Officer or $35 in US or get into ISIS which is hard enough and then pay $35 or get officer. - Ashley
  11. +1 I reckon 75th should get a massive tank as they are the armoured car guys already, Maybe ISIS as their tali opposite get tanks aswell? -Ashley
  12. Just want to add you reacting the crying laughing emoji to a piece of feedback further proves your immaturity. Edit: Mostly all of the -1s given you act with said emoji. Come on man. - Ashley
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