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  1. +1 In recent events immaturity has shown in response to some incidences, but this is understandable and personally it won't be something I use to base your character off. I believe in the role of Trial Moderator alongside basic mentor-ship/guidance you will prove to be a valuable member. There is nothing wrong with messing around with mates as long as you understand when it's the appropriate time to act serious/mature, which in my opinion, you have basic understanding of doing so. It's always been a personal belief that people prove themselves best whilst under guidance. I will rarely leave my thoughts on applications, but with recent events I feel as if my opinion will open others to better consideration. With all said, good luck with your application.
  2. Ian

    Favourite TikTok?

    who are you?
  3. Ian

    Favourite TikTok?

    Feral and myself indulge in daily TikToking, looking for the funniest content and I feel like he's one up'ing me everytime he sends me a video. Surely shout me some quality content. video0.mp4
  4. Ian

    Go to Oporto Order?

    Spicy Bondi Meal
  5. -1 Our MilitaryRP is classified as SeriousRP. This addon stems far away from that aspect being far too futuristic and unrealistic to fit that classification. As much as you may be right with Riot Control not having much uniqueness past certain ranks, there are plenty of other things you could suggest for addition that could appropriately meet the 'serious' aspect of roleplay.
  6. Large BigMac meal deal with Coffee Frappé.
  7. This post contains the rules for Faction Officers/Chiefs, these rules are set for said people. People who are in Enlisted ranks are not required to know these rules. You MUST always be open to negotiations with other factions, the major point of this update was to increase roleplay and the most important people for this to work is the faction leaders. Whenever considering becoming friendly/neutral with another faction you MUST meet up in person to negotiate with the other faction leader that is online. Both factions need to agree on the reputation change. When changing to hostile it is encouraged to negotiate first but isn’t required. You can only be hostile with a specific faction for a MAXIMUM of 20 minutes at a time. After the 20 minutes is up you MUST change the reputation back to neutral with that faction and wait a MINIMUM of 30 minutes before being able to become hostile with that specific faction again. This is to stop constant pvp between certain factions. The only exception to the rule is the Taliban where factions can be hostile with the Taliban for as long as they want. If Taliban is making a faction hostile it can only be for 20 minutes YOU MUST ANNOUNCE IN GLOBAL CHAT IF YOU CHANGE A FACTION REPUTATION US and Taliban must always be hostile to each other. Do not change this. You are allowed to raid neutral/hostile factions. You can’t raid friendly factions. Do not just consider Roleplay when deciding to change reputations with a faction, also consider if certain factions are struggling and need help. It is up to the faction leaders to try and keep balance on the server. During events do not touch reputations. The event masters decide reputations during events. You cannot become hostile with the UN, the UN can only decide to be hostile with you. If the UN isn’t hostile with you then under no circumstance are you allowed to KoS a UN member. You can be hostile to the UN under extreme circumstances where the UN is greatly assisting an enemy faction. Factions can try to force negotiations through having hostages. This will usually be successful. Everytime the map changes back to home map the reputations will reset back to default. This means that you will need to negotiate again to change reputations. You will be demoted if you change a reputation to friendly/neutral without negotiating first. Unless changing a reputation from hostile to neutral after timer is up for the maximum amount of time you can be hostile. The MAXIMUM amount of people that can be in a sub faction is 12. Officer/Chief+ can change reputations, the highest rank active in the faction is able to be negotiated with to change reputations although they won’t be able to change it themselves Factions should not ally with the US and Taliban as they will always be enemies. Factions should try to avoid having allies that are enemies with each other. To raid you gotta type !raid “faction name”. When you have done debrief/have 4 people, type !raidstart After you type !raid “faction name”, YOU MUST COMMIT TO THE RAID. Once you have typed that command and the raid works then you must prepare to raid. !raidstart after a maximum of 5ish minutes (time to do briefing/get everyone together)
  8. When it comes to ban appeals, ban reductions/removal are given when either; ban was unnecessary or fault was admitted. You're purely using excuses in this application, and the ban was necessary. All Mass RDMs/TKs are followed with a minimum ban of 1 week. Not to mention, you've previously been issued a MassTK. Be patient and sit out your ban.
  9. Plus One You've realistically served your sentence, and paid your debts. Nah, but on a serious note, you were a decent bloke but just had a moment of immaturity. Good luck.
  10. I don't know the direct situation behind said scenario, but it really comes to common sense. Using a server's playerbase to find a way to advertise a link, how doesn't this cross your mind as a bit dodgy?
  11. -1 The reason they weren't initially added to the Combat Pilots is as Deku mentioned above, the pilot is more eager to fly better and pull off those lucky saves. Adding a parachute to Combat Pilots will just add more of an incentive to ditch ship. The sacrifice of earning greater weaponry must follow with a downside.
  12. Ian


    Like mentioned above, activity can be one thing, but you should always put yourself out there. Things such as; - more involvement with RP with other factions - Discord usage, either text chats or voice, and - general involvement in OOC Everyone can be active on a server, but it's best to get to know people and for people to get to know you, this then making it easier for them to communicate with you later on, vice versa. This will also help the community to have a better understanding of who you are, there are plenty of active people on this server, but most wouldn't know who they are because they don't have that much involvement. Anyways, good luck!
  13. Neutral - Crysis is a decent bloke, he's shown leadership and formation, but some leakage of immaturity. But, who doesn't? Smiddy, you have large kneecaps.
  14. -1 Immature, childish and mingey. You violated a rule then received a demotion, then leading you to constantly ask to be banned. Instead staff kicked you from the server and said to go to bed (to cool you off), but you returned to only repeat the same actions. Grow up, then think about applying for staff.
  15. Ian

    adios bb gril

    ellion, speak to my financial manager please
  16. Ian

    adios bb gril

    Ok, well. This is sad epib gamer times. I am deciding to resign from all positions, obviously in the past month or two my activity has been wack due to lack of interest in Garry's Mod and taking other ventures including streaming. I have appreciated the time I was allowed to work as staff for all positions allocated and I have enjoyed the cutie π's I have met on Colossal and I will always have a soft spot for those gamers. Anyways, I ain't going to list a bunch of cuties to who I love, as I love all of you I am going to miss being called a retard from those trainees. Big sad.
  17. Ian


    To respond to this, your application has been denied and same with all future ones. When you originally were unbanned, it was very simple and you violated those terms not only once but three times then being found out by Senior Staff at a previous date.
  18. Application Closed At this current moment, Communication Administrators are not needed. We seem to be completing and assisting majority of issues when they arise. We appreciate your application
  19. Application Closed At this current moment, Communication Administrators are not needed. We seem to be completing and assisting majority of issues when they arise. We appreciate your application
  20. Thread Locked. New Chiefs are; Taliban Army: Commander - Trough (Trough ain't new, but fuck you ) Prophet - Dean Malakand Taliban: Prophet - Fosbury Al-Qaeda: Commander - Dom Prophet - Bob Jane.
  21. Four people will most likely be introduced to Chiefs today, two for Al-Qaeda, one for Malakand and one for Taliban Army.
  22. Applications will be decided on the 9th and you will be contacted then.
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