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  1. I feel as having this idea of cheating then 1 month later feel as if you are ready to return is ridiculous. -1 You should reappeal when you're ready to return with respect for players, staff and the community in general. Like Asatru said, your time on the server only caused trouble and toxicity.
  2. Reason this system was added was for more incentive for US to go "bounty hunting" and to avoid having someone who is committing mass homicides to simply just slip back into civilian roleplay.
  3. Application Denied This application is a direct copy of a previous ban appeal that was accepted, enjoy your 1 month suspension from the forums due to spam and other extensive disrespect. https://colossalgamingau.com/forums/index.php?/topic/1149-victrolits-ban-appeal/&tab=comments#comment-10638
  4. You literally posted Child Pornography on a server related discord, good luck getting any rank.
  5. It's minutes. Minutes Played: 21925
  6. Ok, I guess it's time for my response. When I was placed in Leadership of Taliban, numbers were low. If you've played for a bit you'd realise this tends to be a regular occurrence for Taliban. One thing I first tackled when entering leadership was a promotion logs alongside new activity enforced, hence watching some old faces such as Jarrad, Goosebumps ect to disappear. When Taliban goes into these little spurts of activity crisis there is only so much one can do especially when no one tries to maintain the activity to get promoted. Now I'll move onto point a few things out, shall I; As much as you may think nothing has been done or attempted, I'll gather some announcements that have been made solely from myself with attempt to boost activity and try set stands for my Chiefs. Now stepping to the point of solely placing people in charge of regiments to fix them, I've tried this. I gave quite a few people rank to attempt to revive a faction but to no surprise they left due to "too much effort" needed to fix it when constant possibility for asking for help was clearly available. So unless you know more, please don't jump in saying I do fuck all. I try get whats best for my chiefs done and it is work. 󠇰󠇰Ian05/06/2019 I wanted to make this clear, the positions people hold in Taliban, especially Chiefs need to be accompanied by competence. If you are directly in a case of doubt, conflict of general misunderstanding. Don't hesitate, contact me. I don't want Chiefs to lose motivation due to little occurances that will test your patiences. Obviously there will be things you may not be able to handle, but I am hear to help and attempt to assist in these cases. Leaving things and showing incompetence will eventually just result in removal of ranks. @everyone 󠇰󠇰Ian05/10/2019 Due to the major drop of Taliban players, it is now requested for all Chiefs to partake with advertisement. Meaning, everyone now and again a simple /gc alongside an advertisement like so; "You've survived this long huh? Join Taliban today to continue to stay alive alongside Elite regiments, freedom and chill Chiefs. Contact us via global communications." @everyone 󠇰󠇰Ian05/13/2019 I am going to suggest the start of training directly targetting shooting (trigger discipline, muzzle discipline, recoil control ect), I don't mind the manor of which it is conducted/scheduled but please ensure no balloons are used. If you have any questions/enquiries, please contact me. @everyone 󠇰󠇰Ian05/13/2019 If some of you are wondering ways you'll be recognised for promotions, here are some ways. - Leadership. This is a big one I will generally look for, the ability to maintain leadership within your regiment and ensure they're performing to the best of their ability. - Activity. To some this will seem obvious, a key to a good regiment is an active leader. An active leader encourages your peers to attempt to match activity and attempt to perform to the best of their abilities at all times. - Competence. Another big skill I look at, the ability to remain competent in times of player drout, loss of chiefs ect. - Passion. Not all will hold this, but seeing this is HUGE. Seeing a leader with passion just ensures you that they're always attempting to perform and achieve things to the best of their ability. - Communication. Maintain communication is also a key point, this isn't only with your higher ranking this is also with your regiment. Maintaining communication with your regiment ensures me and surely them that their leader is constantly their in the case of need and always listening. I'm sure I could go on and on, but these are just a few things that I look for when I consider promotions for any Chief, if you have any questions or enquiries be sure to contact me. @everyone 󠇰󠇰Ian05/14/2019 In the near future Taliban will be receiving trainees, alongside this a commanding officer like regiment will accompany it. The ranking system regarding is yet to be decided, hopefully with the implemention of this, it will introduce more knowledge in newer ranking Taliban instead of leaving them clueless most of the time on swap. Training rooms on each faction will only contain information about that said faction, so extensive knowledge of your faction will come in clutch. @everyone 󠇰󠇰Ian05/17/2019 All Chiefs are now allowed usages of Helicopters (littlebird), but like the US, the Helicopter must be spawned at the F.O.B helipad (Al-Shabaab still spawn theirs at Taliban base). Al-Shabaab will soon be receving the Littlebird (attack) as their fighter helicopter. ps. ty foril @everyone(edited) 󠇰󠇰Ian05/20/2019 I would just like to announce something that is already apparent, obviously recently. The server is undergoing a period of drout, drout in players. This often occurs to majority servers during this time of the year due to exams ect, all I can say is I appreciate the chiefs who are still with us and who are still maintaining faith. Obviously this period is an annoyance in factors of recruitment ect, but containing faith in these periods show your true colors. Cheers. @everyone(edited) 󠇰󠇰IanYesterday at 7:10 PM Speaking to quite a few ex Taliban, majority are choosing to leave due to inability to receive promotions. We are trying to pick up our numbers yet we our chiefs are dropping activity, I can't continue to allow youse to maintain your rank unless you're activity attempting to get on and do shit for your regiment. I might seem like a hard ass, but it's needed and I'm not going to condone inactivity. @everyone Don't be surprised if you start seeing Chief's lose their ranks.
  7. Overly I feel like this "issue" could be fixed by reverting the HP to 100 and giving a certain percentage of armour. The main reason HP was put to 130HP to compensate that the weapons were built around armour usage. Ultimately, I feel it'd be better to give armour rather than modifying the HP, therefore it will hinder most people rushing and playing aggressive due to attempting to keep their armour and simply once it's gone, it's gone.
  8. Class suggestions should be directly posted here;
  9. Please update the post using the correct template.
  10. No matter the reason, no matter what made you do it, no matter the fact you gave yourself up. You told me, you were trying to intentionally be banned so you came on with cheats, not this entire separate story. The fact you still logged onto CG services with a cheat client, you should be held accountable with some course of action. I don't believe you should be unbanned, but a decrease in ban length should be fine.
  11. I don't think you quite understand my response. Firstly, We are playing on a sandbox game, there is no special advantage to a faction it's simply withholding the skill. Secondly, Civilian vehicles have a large difference in HP compared to the vehicles US have, so I don't know why that's an arguing factor. Thirdly, Taliban without brandishing a firearm are considered a civilian, so therefore we can be RDM'd. Finally, Just because you're the smallest faction doesn't mean you should be able to take our equipment that only barely makes us a tad more unique, and exactly. You're the smallest factions (more of a US regiment), you shouldn't have your own helicopter. You were brought in for assistance to US, so use THEIR equipment.
  12. The Littlebird is one of the small things that make us unique, so from the point of Leader of Faithfuls. I don't think our equipment is to be used by anyone but ourselves, I have an easy fix for your issue. Stick to the ground, that's where IRL Spetsnaz suffice best.
  13. No, the littlebird is for Taliban. Try reasoning with your allies instead of attempting to take our only unique piece equipment. And from searching wikipedia and other sources, I couldn't find the usage of AH-6's from Spetsnaz. Transport Vehicles[edit] Ground vehicles[edit] «Yamaha Grizzly» 700 ATV Iveco LMV «Rys» GAZ-2330 «Tigr» Aircraft[edit] Mi-8MTV-5 transport helicopter Mi-8AMTSh armed assault helicopter An-26 transport aircraft Watercrafts[edit] BRP SEA-DOO GTX LTD PWC BRP SEA-DOO RTX-215 PWC BK-16 and BK-10[37] RBS BlackShadow DPVs (Diver Propulsion Vehicles)[38]
  14. You just need to purchase a pack equalling to the total price of the now wanting package, so yes. If you have anymore questions, feel sure to speak to @Bobby.