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  1. Along-side this ban extension, you will be receiving a week timeout from the forums due to the toxicity/staff disrespect.
  2. Ian


    If you're referring to this comment; I believe there might of been a bit of confusion, I believe Canoon may of believed you said you have one week and 6 days remain, when in reality you meant the original ban was a week and it is now sitting at 6 days left.
  3. Ian


    Locked and Moved. Reopen an appeal when you feel that you're mature enough to post one without being racist and actually involving information about your ban.
  4. Minus One As your time as an Event Master, you showed that you can be extremely immature. This was during events, admin sits ect, you always managed to show your side of immaturity and not the mention the constant earrape/micspam on Teamspeak during events and out. You get extremely hot headed in situations that require patience and when you are questioned, not to mention the bias behaviour that you always manage to emit. Before applying for this role, I'd first encourage that you attempt to control your anger and learn to be a bit more mature, anyways good luck.
  5. All comments regarding conversations and the response asking for facts to be stated have been hidden. Applications are left for the community to leave their opinions on the applicant, as long as an appropriate opinion/rebuttal is left this is completely fine. Please do not argue about someones opinion asking for facts to be stated.
  6. @eleventeen, your input is appreciated and you have clearly left your opinion. Now please run along and allow others to leave their opinions.
  7. Application Accepted. Please contact Lolly for your staff training.
  8. Locked and Moved. You currently don't meet the time requirement for placing this application and you have missed half of the template. After reaching the minimum hours please resubmit this application if you would still like to go for this role.
  9. Please update this application filling out the complete application which includes: General, Teamspeak Agreement, Questions and Scenarios. And regarding this question, the pre-requisites states you need minimum of 60 active hours which by Gametracker it shows you currently have 34.63 hours.
  10. The messages about there being too many Teamspeak Administrator may somewhat be true, this doesn't supply a reason to deny the application. Applications are viewed when more of the mentioned rank is required, so I'd suggest just leaving your feedback on the player instead of starting these conversations. All comments regarding this situation have been hidden.
  11. Red, it was intended to make it so team chat organised through class not regiment, this allows spam of /comms in certain operations/situations to not be there and only allow possible strategic communication.
  12. Neutral I haven't seen you around alot, which is usually when you're keeping to yourself. I'd definitely encourage trying to put yourself more out there in RP, and try use the Teamspeak and Forums trying to get to know more people. Anyways, goodluck.
  13. Neutral I see you around the server sometimes, but I would defiantly encourage you to try get a bit more known throughout the community by using the forums and Teamspeak. Get to know a bit more people and let people get to know you a bit more. Anyways, goodluck.
  14. @GEEMAN Like what Bobby said, please update this thread by using the correct template found here;