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  1. Paulee, I don't see how I am being a "smartass". This is a simple suggestions, and I am giving my feedback. Secondly, its Garry's Mod. Driving the boats is just like driving a car but on water. Stop trying to insult people when they give feedback.
  2. Both the Navy Seals and US Marines exist in the US Military, and Taliban don't require the need to have a regiment just for water. They're terrorists, they'll just steal a boat.
  3. Neutral Your event crafting is very vague and could do with some more effort.
  4. Drive the boat right off of the waterfall.
  5. Dunno what made you think that is your SteamID. Steam ID STEAM_0:0:100926544 Steam ID3 U:1:201853088 Steam32 ID 201853088 Steam64 ID 76561198162118816
  6. Neutral This application is well formatted and descriptive. But the one thing that makes me leave this as a neutral is due to your recent activity, I haven't been around for that long but for the whole time I have been playing I haven't seen you once. I'd say wait a bit longer and pick up your activity, you have potential but really its just your activity. Anyways, best of luck.
  7. I wouldn't say they need an actually nerf, just a less amount of rockets.
  8. When I worked for another server you were banned 3 times for cheating, each times we gave you chances. But you constantly came back and decided to use aimbot, I doubt the Bhops scripts were the only thing you used.
  9. Honestly, myself. I do not care about him saying it, but still others might have taken it seriously. All I can say is, make sure you know what you are saying.
  10. +0 is a good chap. I've been framed.
  11. To be fair, Garry's Mod has a limited response time. It's not like they press it and they are instantly out. I can break out of cuffs pretty fast. I am not saying he isn't in the wrong, but it doesn't deserve a ban. At the most just a speaking to.