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  1. Yes, because this is what I stammer/stutter sounds like. Continue this forum toxicity and your ban will be reissued. Post locked.
  2. When upgrading donator packages, you only need to pay the difference. So say if you owned Gold package (200 credits), you only need to purchase Diamond package (300 credits) to get Ultimate package (500 credits). So yes, you may upgrade packages. Locked and Moved.
  3. Locked and Moved. Like mentioned in your previous appeal, you must sit out this ban. So please discontinue from posting ban appeals as they will be denied.
  4. rip 1 Dictionary result for rip /rɪp/Submit verb 1. tear or pull (something) quickly or forcibly away from something or someone. noun 2. INFORMAL•NORTH AMERICAN a fraud or swindle; a rip-off.
  5. Seems like a rip from Ezygle 😕
  6. From my belief, this has been in the wait process for a while and currently awaiting some development decisions.
  7. This GIF shows a player by the name of "Vanatru" crossing Taliban spawn barricades which is in itself violating a rule which basically eliminates the ability to be allowed to cross over the opposite factions barricade during event time and then following up you being shot after killing Vanatru. Both users will be spoken to about this incident and will be dealt with accordingly. Locked and Moved.
  8. Minus One From reading this application it seems that you have little to no knowledge of Teamspeak and unfortunately the experiences I have had with you are always ending up with you getting hot headed which in certain situations that require patience, this may affect your ability to do so. I'd highly suggest in attempting to get to know more people on the Teamspeak actively getting to know the users that are continuously using the Teamspeak and learn a little more about some of the commands/privileges you receive as a TS Administrator. Anyways, good luck.
  9. Neutral This application seems extremely rushed leaving questions without proper detail and vague. I'd suggest spending a bit more time to add detail to each answer especially when it comes to the scenarios. Anyways, good luck.
  10. Please update this thread using the correct template, otherwise it'll be closed.
  11. Moved to the correct sub-forum. My suggestion if you are wanting to be unbanned, give us more of a reason rather then just wanting to play and be apologetic.
  12. Locked and Moved. Since the question directly has been resolved, please contact @TacoSon via DM's if you'd like to help him donate to the server.
  13. Moved to the correct sub-forum.