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  1. Unfortunately bans below 24 hours are unappealable, its a 6 hour ban and obviously you've admitted to breaking said rule. Please wait out your ban.
  2. Wouldn't be too hard to add an automatic AFK detector, and just make it automatically assign (AFK) next to said users name and automatically remove itself when they move.
  3. Application Denied The staff team deemed you as currently unfit for said role. Your application was appreciated, you may reapply in two weeks.
  4. Application Denied The staff team deemed you as currently unfit for said role with stems of your behaviour shown in situations. Your application was appreciated, you may reapply in two weeks.
  5. Application Denied This application is a copy of "T-Mod Application by Jesse". Reapply in 2 weeks when you can actually be bothered to create your own application.
  6. You can't search bans by SteamID on ULX, has to be by name or ban reason. Ban date was 20th of June, 2018, 09:42pm and said ban was issued by Amin Yashed.
  7. One issue with this is, if you were to be unbanned would you maintain the high amounts of toxicity that you do on GGS?
  8. Ian

    Rex Ban Appeal

    From what I was aware, he came on the alternative accounts in the attempt to be permanently banned.
  9. Response; turns out Google is having an issue with DNS redirection so nothing can be done on our part, hopefully this is fixed sooner or later.
  10. @Deston ^ Despite Bobby's reply, this issue is still ongoing, only reason it works for you Bobby is because of an automatic redirect due to data of previous searches.
  11. It's been like this ever since the new forums were released, the link is https://colossalgamingau.com/forums/
  12. Closed at request of the author. Can be reopened at request of author.
  13. Having the /roll chance to have RP go in your favour just remakes Ice’s cancer RP aspects.
  14. +1 Personally I am confused why this isn't already a rule. Literally can incriminate a player who is roleplaying as a civilian with /me finds gun. Today eleventeen and I were roleplaying as clueless tourists from Ethiopia Highlands which we RP'd being exploited under gunpoint then being forced to enter the base then surrendering ourselves to Security Operations, a simple arrest was guaranteed but then it just extended to someone /me finding suicide vest which nearly led to our execution until a higher ranking stood in, on many occasions will this occur which ultimately stops the possibility of Taliban RP to even occur at this rate. Simply implementation of this wouldn't harm RP in anyway, it just stop the ability to randomly force an aspect of RP onto another players as this can clearly be exploited.