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  1. Application AcceptedCongratulations on your acceptance.Contact me for your relevant training.
  2. Denied Feel Free to Reapply In 2 Weeks
  3. Militarised Oilrig was once a standard oilrig off the coast of Israel. The BLM movement organization known as Fur gang lead by the osama been dripin has been planning to use the Oilrig to house nuclear warheads that can reach Canada. Your mission to breach the three levels, whip out enemy forces and secure the Oilrig for your faction before night falls, and invade Israel.The Oilrig has four distinct sections:Wooden docks for the spawn area where your men landed the RIBs. Unfortunately trump died on the journey crashing the helicopter into the sea.Level one which houses the Oilrigs supplies in a network of shipping containers. It is rumoured KFC and lolicon Inc. supply the Oilrig. Level two has the remnants of oil processing too large to be removed. KFC plans to install the required computers and machines in the center of the room.Level three is the top floor of the Oilrig where the nuclear missiles will be launched from. The level also includes the necessary features for the continued development of the Oilrig such as cranes, power facilities and helipads.This map is particularly favoured by sweaty isis nerds but also offers area for snipers to establish a cringe play style.
  4. Accepted.Speak with me for your training and rank.
  5. Accepted.Speak with me for your training and rank.
  6. midbridge last night was lagging due a host issue, the map itself isn't that bad, and blacklisting more event maps is just forcing people to play on the small maps even more.
  7. Accepted. Speak with me for your training and rank.
  8. Accepted. Speak with me for your training and rank.
  9. Post your best EM Floaties and Feckups here are some of my all time favourites. F for FOB none of these are mine as im 100% the best.
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