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  1. -1 i feel like you need to be spend more time on the sever to learn the rules and get more known by people also your answers are are a bit short
  2. Merlin

    The Dayz

    F Back when spetsnaz was still part of the US
  3. +1 would help the sup-class a lot
  4. What the hell is this? and why?
  5. +1 Has gotten way better then he was in the past and would be a great EM
  6. -1 The answers are too short, can be immature at times and needs to spend some more time on sever to learn the rules and get more known by people,because hes not 8/10
  7. i will follow if you give me your aimbot
  8. -1 Is way too immature to be moderator.and everyone forgets that he shot up DB with Ghett,Entra,Jake and forza no just me
  9. +1 I hop you get your rank back
  10. +/- this is the kinda thing you would should be getting warned for not banned
  11. That is still no excuse for him to abuse the powers given to him for him to do events
  12. Staff Members In-Game Name/Alias:Rex Staff Members SteamID:STEAM_0:1:174399317 Where did this occur? (Teamspeak | Forums | MilitaryRP):MilitaryRP Type of Report:Admin abuse Reason for Report: Ever since the update holding points is the easiest way of getting exp and what Rex was doing stop any tali from caping the point during a raid which creates a unfair scenario Evidence: Extra Comments: Im 100% sure that this was rex as he was the only admin on that would a delta force pvt skin(as shown by second the screenshot)
  13. +1 Has a greatly detailed app with a lot of fun sounding event ideas and love to see him get event master
  14. +1 Bunny is lad and knows the rule really well would be a great Mod