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  1. When I had my first real interaction with tropica, after my leave of absence back in 2019 I was curious to how this absolute drop kick had worked his way up to administrator. I'd honestly lost all hope in the staff team, however after interacting with Tropica I had found he had matured since his early days. @dex,@Wiemers and myself observed this young minge and decided to take him under our wing and whip him into shape. My oh my it was a lot of work but eventually we shaped him into the young man you see before you today. He is now a mature member of the community who is extremely devoted and efficient when it comes resolving situations. With his past experience as an administrator I strongly believe he would make an exceptional trial moderator and I'm sure @Wiemers can vouch for this as well. Big +1 for my young prodigy Best of luck
  2. lol who even are you? weren't you the kid who massied like 14 times
  3. Deston

    Regiment Artwork

    @Wiemers can you remake a family photo of ISIS Veterans - the fake ones ty xx
  4. That is false information sir... @eleventeen drives a riced toyota prius
  5. Another one bites the dust In all seriousness it was good few years but my oh my how things have changed, If only it was as simple as the old days but hey enough is enough Good bye friend
  6. Syn use to be a full blown retard, however my interactions with him over the pass couple months have been nothing but pleasant. It has come to my attention that Syn has made a change to his personality and finally matured. It's been a good two years and I don't see why he shouldn't be given another chance. +1
  7. Deston

    Furdy 2

  8. Deston


    I don't see the option none of the above? The greatest furry Colossal Gaming ever saw was @Hamad anyone who says otherwise their opinion is irrelevant.
  9. Let’s be honest the only reacts we need and use is king, dumb and clown screw winner it isn’t need as we are kings or informative screw that too
  10. I 3rd this message we need @Bobby Thank me later boys
  11. Hello kind sir, keen to share a bag?
  12. I would but blew the box on the s14, come scoop us from Auckland g
  13. 100% accuracy and like 300 damage, only con was no crosshair but nothing some blu tact in the middle of screen couldn’t fix. only the ogs like @Wiemers @Papa @Bob Jane @Bobby would remember
  14. Pocket watch most busted weapon ever bring it back
  15. Another one bites the dust
  16. Yea, back then they were pretty scuffed the time to kill was insane, the feline had a DPS of like 600 with a mag size of 60.
  17. Pffff, RPG isn’t even worth using bring back HL2RP with a huge radius
  18. Guass rifle and feline 2017 days I think yes oh and the m95 when it did 170 damage #bringbackoneshotsnipers
  19. One day cutie Good old days who are you?
  20. Forum manger's doesn't get sparkles, only GAMERS DO GAMERS RISE UP Won't be the same with you duck don't leave
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