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  1. Yea, back then they were pretty scuffed the time to kill was insane, the feline had a DPS of like 600 with a mag size of 60.
  2. Pffff, RPG isn’t even worth using bring back HL2RP with a huge radius
  3. Guass rifle and feline 2017 days I think yes oh and the m95 when it did 170 damage #bringbackoneshotsnipers
  4. One day cutie Good old days who are you?
  5. Forum manger's doesn't get sparkles, only GAMERS DO GAMERS RISE UP Won't be the same with you duck don't leave
  6. ISIS peaked in 2017
  7. Not if I do it first
  8. I've been staff for almost years, however It's time for Deston the GREAT to step down from his position, It's been a pretty good run It's had it's ups and down however man's almost 20 now and In all honesty I don't have time to dedicate to the server, I'd much rather dedicate my time to something more worth while. I'd like to start of by saying Thank's to a few people who helped migrate up to the rank of super, without you's I'd probably wouldn't of been able to make it to the top. First and foremost I'd like to say thank's to @crudes and @BigDaddy, Bigdaddy accepted me and gave me the opportunity of being a staff member when I had only been playing the server for a short amount of time, he taught me the ropes and basically told me not to take anyone's bullshit and overall you made my time on the server more enjoyable. Crude's we go way back 2015 Poseidon days before my balls dropped, you've always been a lad and you gave me the opportunity to become an administrator lets not talk about the amount of times I nagged you for the rank tho. I would also like to say thank's to my PUBG Duo buddy back in 2017 @Badger for pushing for me to receive the rank of Head Admin and some how convincing @Feralswan to agree to it we all know how hard that would of been. after a short amount of time the man himself Fuqboi Feral Charleston alongside Badgie gave me the opportunity to become a super and that was fun while it lasted. I'd also like to say thank's to all the OG's who made 2017 - 2019 enjoyable before I was staff and while I was. @dex My true cousin and overall a good C*** and running the staff team alongside yourself and bobby, when things were a little bit more laid back. Won't forget the numerous time's we took a dead regiment and turned it into something elite, don't get yourself shot in the army. @Wiemers One of the first people I meet on the server, only reason is probably because I RDM'd you Mr ISIS Commander, however glad to see you some what stuck around and still to this day one of the better admin's the server has come across. @Bobby You may of unintentionally power played me but hey your still a good man, It was a pleasure working alongside you when you were Head Admin and on the forums. I remember the day me and Badger held the rank of moderator in front of your face, only to give you the rank if you spoke. @Ghost Good man, got cucked one to many times @Dazza CHEESE PUFF I MISS YOU, The good ol days and you being head admin for a week before resigning @Hamad I am so glad you came out of the closet and expressed you becoming a swan, It was quite remarkable I never expected it to happen but I still respect you even tho you are a swan, the day you get unbanned I will return. @Seiran @LUCAS H @Papa The kiwi trio, all of yous are lads and I'll drink you under the table. "Luca's H Wall FUCK ABDUL" @eleventeen This man is a ricer and probably the biggest minge on the server, however you will always have a place in my heart buy me a wheel and we will tandem in OUR RICED TOYOTA PRIUS MKII. @Ricked You'll probably never and I mean never read this but I will always remember the late nights and countless hours playing on the server as we climbed the ranks. @Chris Kyle The plumber himself, If you got any fit mates who need a plumber hit up this man. It was good fun working beside you when you were Head EM, till you got cucked for going on holiday for two weeks oop. @ShuaDaddy My oh my, we go back a while too the good old days of the fallout shelter when I was 13 and sounded 7, You were a great member of staff and a wonderful head admin, You, myself and CHRIS KYLE ran a good team back in the day, we'll do it again in 2028. @Razi ♛ THE RFB KING, THE MINGE, mark my word you may be some what retarded however you were a some what decent admin till you went and got yourself demoted, I honestly don't know how you are not banned. @Bob Jane 24th was never good, until me and dex took it over you 2017 peasent. In all honesty I didn't really know you well till I returned this year but you're a good lad but now I will join you on the bandwagon and step down from staff, you are a good man sir. @Runner LEGEND YOU ARE @Frankie FRANKIE FRANKIE FRANKIE I MISS YOU, MY FELLOW GAMER WE WILL RISE UP ONCE AGAIN @Clarence @Tander My oh my you two were toxic together, but it was always a laugh and a good time no matter what. @Thrash HAS A HOT SISTER @joni Some how stuck round through all the bullshit and stayed some what active, gotta commend you for that and the good old days. @Dragoul TOO GOOD GOT BANNED @Sloppy I will never forget you mass promoting me in WO so I could tryout for Malakand commander then failing the tryouts because I didn't know what an Incline or a decline was. @dInGo I honestly have not a single fucking clue how he got event master, this man pulled off the biggest massie I've ever seen he managed to kill 50+ players at GOA tryouts which is remarkable, good man and absolute lad @Habibi Absolute lad was enjoyable running ISIS with you. @Tropica back in the day, you were probably the most annoying person I ever meet and I laughed when I found out you got staff, but once I got to know you especially after returning you turned out to be alright and a decent lad. @Ian dumb GGS kid, who made friends and climbed the ranks @Skillz Absolute king, my kiwi brother YOZA. I will always remember the day you passed I remember it like yesterday that cold cold water spilling all over your laptop and ending you future at CG A few more OG's I'd like to thank but this post is getting rather large so I'll keep it short. @BryanOnALion @Mundy @CreamySnacky MrDawn @Joey @FluxTheGod aes (shia) @arcbash egG, pez @Smeshd, Gambon There's probably 50 odd OG's I've forgotten but oh well my bad. A few honorable mentions, who made my time since I returned enjoyable @mzry @XxX_CGXCOMPLEXLINK_XxX Lad's but got them self banned @Kane Absolute midget and sick C*** @Jing @Gaz @Cav @Xhenoa @Dean @Bakka @BlueTongue @Deeth and all the ISIS lad's There's many more of you but I have lost the effort to continue typing so... Chow for now
  9. Deston


    CLICK BAITING, wdym midday just isn’t original
  10. Deston


    Just an update lads, It's quite upsetting but the King has fallen he was scammed by the man himself @Bobby
  11. Deston


    I'd like to thank you all, your support is overwhelming YOU ALL TRULY ARE KINGS NOW @Bobby where's my king role
  12. Deston


    Fellow KINGS 10 more KING REACTS
  13. Deston


    The King doesn’t accept bribes
  14. HELLO FELLOW KING I wish you the best of luck, as you have challenged me too a duel to the death. I ACCEPT Kind regards The man the myth the KING DESTON
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