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  1. I am finally back fellas, I look foward to playing with you guys again, missed you all xx, (no homo)
  2. is that the combat medic?
  3. -1 You currently hold a staff positon on another server. I don't trust that you will spend most of your time to this server and not the other server in question
  4. +1 One of the main issues with doing this is having to draft up new rules for spetsnaz, And having to make more subclasses for Spets. I would personaly keep them as a small detachment that works separately from the US, and sometimes finds them selves in firefights with the US.
  5. -1At least make it look like you tried and arent having a luagh.
  6. +1 I trust him greatly and feel like he would make great events with good scripts.
  7. +/- After getting more info I belive he should be given a week or so to prove he wants it.
  8. This forum thread it not based on other times its based on this incident if you want to discuss something else make a different post.
  9. at no point did he power game or failRP, he handed in a id saying he is a snail gallsel, But he entered the base saying he was a news reporter, its not that hard to put the peices together and find out you are being lied to.
  10. I told him in discord to let them out and he said to let him finish getting IDs. eventually I got him to release them.
  11. -1 Use to shoot at spetsnaz and when he would get shot back he would say "I was only joking if I wanted to kill you, you would already be dead" in OOC. Unless you can show clear improvement I will keep my -1.
  12. +1 I have only recently started speaking to him but he seems like good staff team material.
  13. +1 I trust him to rejoin the server and play normally. he should 100% be given a second chance.
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