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  1. Please Die In A Fire Cause God Cant Do All The Work
  2. Im just going to say now you will be disapointed in the marines on the server
  3. -1 you get a gun which is better than most other regiment officers / chiefs as there are chiefs getting level 12 guns as their standard
  4. +1 everyone just checks the console menu anyway so you may aswell bring it back as it looks way better
  5. +1 cause al qeada assassin also gets the worst gun on the server as its regiment weapon
  6. Jarrad

    ive fallen

    This is a joke right??? Plz be
  7. During highlands the ratio was around Tali 20/80 US during the first school holidays
  8. My other is there way too little taliban as I remember getting on and there only being 2-4 tali and 40 US during mid day making it impossible to actually do anything as taliban without 15 US go to a point you started capping. If new players joined taliban they would just get bored as there were barely any other taliban and way too many US so they just went back to US so we didn’t get anymore members to fix the problem. Another thing was getting the US intel was also pretty impossible due to the numbers problem and it was in a close building with 2 exits only which could easily be camped or blocked entirely with riot shields. For most of the map only US got helicopters and tali had to “hijack” them which was impossible as they only spawned them when they had 10 other soldiers at the FOB so US always raiding with chinooks and attack helicopters and we had to run in on foot
  9. +1 Stopping someone from using certain guns is retarded imagine if on Servers on CSGO or Battlefield banned you for being " too good "
  10. They should at least have to warn you before searching you instead of silently coming from behind and checking you
  11. +1 blowing yourself up on purpose is retarded and no one would do it in real life ( unless your a suicide bomber )
  12. SteamID: STEAM_0:1:104836805 In-Game Alias/rank Sod Jarrad sniff Who warned you? Canoon Exact Warn: Flashbanged US DB while DB was ongoing. ( WARN ) Tue Aug 21 2018 ( couldnt be bothered taking a screen shot of it but its exactly whats there ) Why should this warn be removed? It was a pretty long time ago and at that time i was reasonably new and didn't understand the rules very well and i would like to have 0 warns
  13. Jarrad

    adios bb gril

    who are you again?
  14. just the statement in general on any ban reason
  15. If you put it like that canoon why unban anyone?
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