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  1. +1 chances have been given to way worse people so everyone deserves a second chance
  2. +1 Things like this happen and shouldnt be punished so severely
  3. Jarrad

    meme app

    -1 watched u get beat up by paul blart mall cop
  4. When will the merch come out
  5. +1 so we dont have to deal with the US anymore
  6. I 100% agree with that most people in tali are in one or two regiments and it would be good to fix but Us has always had much more players than tali has. (Sorry for killing al qeada)
  7. +1 Armour would be a great thing to add back in
  8. +1 wouldnt be a shadow governor of al qeada without wikka
  9. Staff members should all ways listen to what everyone has to say no matter if it is right or wrong
  10. +1 Very serious person who always tries their best to help the community
  11. +1 would be a good balance between US and tali and in WAC there are helis that can suit the taliban more like mi8s or the mi 24s
  12. @Joel He has more time on the server than you though so you cant really talk