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  1. -1 i think people will really have to earn something like slams
  2. +1 been in al qeada / ansar for a long time and has always been a nice person to everyone he meets
  3. Suggestion Name: al qeada chief not getting frag grenades Suggestion Type: weapons Reason (Why would you like this added/removed): I think the al qeada chief should get frag grenades cause every other taliban regiment gets them but al qeada and thats not really that fair
  4. I think its fine if they have a valid reason to execute us but half the time it isnt thats why i made this
  5. Suggestion Name: Being executed for petty reasons Suggestion Type regiment Reason (Why would you like this added/removed): I dont like it that you can be executed for such small reasons while your in US jail. Im usually executed for reasons for trespassing and staying when its cleared and it should just be a jail sentence because execution is so extreme. Its not really RP that you can be killed for such small crimes and its low ranks doing the firing squad
  6. +1 had him in my regiment for a while and was a really nice guy
  7. +1 He is a really nice guy and has became very active recently
  8. I think for a perm ban they need more evidence than him only doing it one time so +1
  9. +1 He can be a minge but if he needs to be serious about something he will be
  10. +1 A very serious player all the time and always follows rules the best he can