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  1. +1 would be a good balance between US and tali and in WAC there are helis that can suit the taliban more like mi8s or the mi 24s
  2. @Joel He has more time on the server than you though so you cant really talk
  3. Stop power gaming by not using facial id and instantly knowing if ids are fake
  4. As a part of that RP it was always 1 sided and everytime we went to say something it was "fake" or we just got gagged and spetnaz should get a translator when they get a id in a different language as it seems ingame they know every language to exist
  5. +1 biggest minge since 2018
  6. I don’t get why people think this is such a big change or is a new idea tali had helicopters before desert fury and it worked fine and helis were actually used a lot when both factions had them unlike when Us just has them.
  7. +1 very nice and serious topic and i think he could fit this role pretty good
  8. @Canoon I think tali only having one helicopter would be fine as when ever a chief goes to spawn one at fob they can ask in gc if any other helicopters up in the air and if there was 1 us heli they would spawn it and if there was a tali heli up they wouldn’t and would just wait for it to crashed or be destroyed. I think this would be pretty easy to enforce as most* chiefs are responsible enough to ask or find out if another tali helicopter is in the air before spawning one in each time ( I’m guessing it would be a chief thing to spawn it in)
  9. Or maybe just 1 parachute sub regiment in a regiment for a whole faction that acts as pilots/paratroopers.
  10. I think the original reason of Us getting helis doesn’t even apply as there are so many US leaving the base as there arnt many tali on to ambush them and if the Us leave to spawn a heli it would usually just be a officer spawning in a heli and taking it back to base.