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  1. +1 Blaid is a confident, clear speaker and is very dedicated. He would be very good if accepted.
  2. -1 Your application looks rushed and overall doesn't show a good understanding for why you would be a better choice over other applicants Possibly contact another staff member next time for some help with your application. Good Luck!
  3. Steve i'm unsure how you are in Al-Shabaab Pilot. The Class wasn't made available yet so I believe? Who placed you into the class originally? Neutral for the suggestion because even though it would make sense for a 'pilot' to have a parachute, it's annoying when it just becomes a silly thing where everyone jumps out and ditches their helicopter.
  4. I believe the server had leaning a long time ago and was removed for the same reason prone was (i think) While it would be fun and add some realism, I doubt players will use it much and it could cause major glitch upon events and home map
  5. -1 can't trust someone who makes threat to MRDM
  6. -1 While you have put thought into the application, I feel that your time back on the server hasn't been enough to regain the knowledge of new rules and such, your mature but I've heard you state that your back for good too many times. reapply within about a month of activity and I'd personally give you a chance. Good Luck!
  7. -1 This Application feels rushed and has no detail. I have never seen you partake in any leadership activities or show teamwork and you consistently minge. Next time try and refer to other applications or even ask an Event Master for some help with your application Good Luck!
  8. Okay well. from my perspective this wasn't a typical debrief shooting so I can see where your coming from. I completely got caught in time due to the event and being the only EM on so I dealt with the situation quickly, I understand why you would think this is acceptable. @Canoon I believe he should be unbanned as his ban is justifiable to just a misunderstanding.
  9. It was good fun listening to your debriefs, playing GMOD and talking about some stuff, have fun with ArmA - retarded duck
  10. Honestly, this is quite true, Even myself have gone through thoughts of leaving for US but am only staying due to Low Taliban numbers, I don't know how we can change this but maybe more active CO's etc. would help
  11. Personally, from experience, Most EM's write small Taliban scripts because they don't want to deal with getting shot in the face, mic spams or autistic taliban etc. Hopefully as a Senior Elder, you can attempt to quiet them down and the EM's would be glad to make much more descriptive Taliban Scripts. but with the low quality events... then idk
  12. +1 More HP Feels like everyone is a mini jugg and now like you said every weapon is as practical and good as a prestige 10. maybe just buff the prestige 10 guns so they are actually worth grinding for?
  13. Hey, I found your reason!
  14. +1 Application is clean and shows maturity. Your in-game knowledge with rules is quite good and you show commitment to the server, I believe you would make a great EM if given the chance. Good Luck!
  15. The Littlebird is what makes Al-Shabaab interesting. Imagine how SAS would feel if Taliban could spawn Venoms and Chinooks. It's what makes it worth joining SAS. Just like the MH-6, It makes Al-Shabaab worth joining for that small but tactile helicopter.