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  1. -1. At current state, having the equipment dealer in the city encourages members from each faction to venture out of their base. Its purpose serves to give each faction a reason to use other facilities of the map, not just the FOB, and other bases. It also fills up the negative space of the map, without it, there wouldn't necessarily be a reason to go to city. Also I don't wanna keep dealing with fucking US camping on their walls all the bloody time. Having multiple dealers would just steer people away from combat even more and would permit US to camp their base more.
  2. The only possible way to access an RPG is either climbing the Ranks of ISIS to Prophet, or to donate for Enforcer so I personally think we should be able to shoot pilots out of their heli's. But realistically it doesn't make too much sense to be able to defuse from a helicopter now does it? I don't believe helicopters should be prohibited from certain event's; it would cause too much confusion and make a whole fuss out of everything. But rather to allow for pilots to be shot out of heli's would solve a lot of current issues; it would create a more realistic environment and make pilots more cautious of their actions and positioning of landing / evac locations etc.
  3. Papa, throughout the years, has always been and still is one of the most level-headed and competent people in this community, and is extremely knowledgeable about past precedents and mistakes the staff team has made. My mans knows his shit, and has time and time again proven to be a valued member of the community in terms of both personal contribution and leadership. Losing respected don't mean shit to me, especially in the way of which it was removed, and it shouldn't to anybody else. Papa's a top bloke, biggest schlong I've ever seen and is willing and able to go out of the way to enforce the rules and govern the community appropriately. +1 my mans. Gl.
  4. +1. Bring it back to how it was. Considering all the recent changes it's had a negative response from the community, whether thats ISIS or PLA, all of us have a reason to whine over this unrealistic approach to the RPG.
  5. ISIS SUBMISSION.4 Posted on behalf of Dragoul xx @eleventeenu so cute bbg
  6. +1. Poor bugger deserves a second chance. Although it was a huge incursion of the rules, he's continuously been trying to find ways in which he can come back and communicate within the community. I understand it may be moreso disgusting for some people to consider his unban, but you can't say you haven't ever been given a second chance xx. Good luck broski. ~ Wiemers
  7. +1 RP God xoxo - Dedicated to the role and able to adapt to any range or aspect of RP.
  8. +1. Dingo is very reputable. Having extensive previous experiences with events and communication between staff and players, Dingo shows exceptional responsibility with distinguishable attitude to the server. Love ya dingo brutha, gl.
  9. +1. Trusted creative good boy. Event Staff would benefit from someone like this in the team.
  10. +1. Considering Papa's involvement and immaculate professionalism he's shown as a staff member in previous times. He suits the role and has an impeccable relationship between players. Best of luck Shadow Guard Chronos!
  11. @Midday Can't run with a weapon out for a given reason. Sprint SWEP is hella good as is, I don't see it necessary to having something that'll overpower it; like the Weaponised Drone. It's a great concept and all, I honestly just think something less dominating should be implemented instead of an overpowering weapon thatll change the 'purpose' of the regi.
  12. -1. For the benefit of the server, and all factions considered, AUS is pretty well looked after as it is. It's obviously handy to have equipment as stated, but it's not necessary considering how well the faction is going as of now. Whether its events or home maps, Drone Weaponry isn't something we need, especially with the sprint SWEP already coming in handy dandy.
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