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  1. +1. Dingo is very reputable. Having extensive previous experiences with events and communication between staff and players, Dingo shows exceptional responsibility with distinguishable attitude to the server. Love ya dingo brutha, gl.
  2. +1. Trusted creative good boy. Event Staff would benefit from someone like this in the team.
  3. +1. Considering Papa's involvement and immaculate professionalism he's shown as a staff member in previous times. He suits the role and has an impeccable relationship between players. Best of luck Shadow Guard Chronos!
  4. @Midday Can't run with a weapon out for a given reason. Sprint SWEP is hella good as is, I don't see it necessary to having something that'll overpower it; like the Weaponised Drone. It's a great concept and all, I honestly just think something less dominating should be implemented instead of an overpowering weapon thatll change the 'purpose' of the regi.
  5. -1. For the benefit of the server, and all factions considered, AUS is pretty well looked after as it is. It's obviously handy to have equipment as stated, but it's not necessary considering how well the faction is going as of now. Whether its events or home maps, Drone Weaponry isn't something we need, especially with the sprint SWEP already coming in handy dandy.
  6. +1 Reputable good boy. Well developed application, not retarded. xoxoxoxo gl
  7. +1. Considering Hxtp's recent adjustment to chief, he's shown hes able to appropriately communicated between players and execute relevant RP standards to the community. Additionally, he's been able to exhibit an event that prioritizes the communities engagement on the server etc.
  8. who r u again? hehe xd
  9. HAHAAHA WHAT THE FUCK. this shit is fucking incredible. Amin = god. Keep it that way +1 xoxoxoxoxo
  10. +1. Great amount of detail in the application. Joey is mature with the drive to become a quality staff member overall and an amazing person to be around and very mature. He would be an amazing addition to our staff team. Best of Luck, Wiemers
  11. +1. Reliable, couldn't pick a better man for the job. NI Papa is an outstanding member of the community and has been a member for a stupidly long time. I would trust Papa with many things; he is a mature and respectable person of the community and will not let down the Event Masters if he is to be accepted. ~ Best of Luck, Wiemers
  12. +1. Eleventeen has very imaginative head! Thorough EM application and clear sign of dedication to the server. ~ Wiemers
  13. +1. Razi's effort as an admin was reputable that despite certain elements or events he did his job effectively to the point. He did exactly what was expected and asked of an admin and was certainly able to maintain appropriate management of situations and sits. His responsibilities as staff can also be noted that from evident encounters of Razi's abilities, he displayed substantial development from his maturity behaviours of previous actions.
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