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  1. HAHAAHA WHAT THE FUCK. this shit is fucking incredible. Amin = god. Keep it that way +1 xoxoxoxoxo
  2. +1. Great amount of detail in the application. Joey is mature with the drive to become a quality staff member overall and an amazing person to be around and very mature. He would be an amazing addition to our staff team. Best of Luck, Wiemers
  3. +1. Reliable, couldn't pick a better man for the job. NI Papa is an outstanding member of the community and has been a member for a stupidly long time. I would trust Papa with many things; he is a mature and respectable person of the community and will not let down the Event Masters if he is to be accepted. ~ Best of Luck, Wiemers
  4. +1. Eleventeen has very imaginative head! Thorough EM application and clear sign of dedication to the server. ~ Wiemers
  5. +1. Razi's effort as an admin was reputable that despite certain elements or events he did his job effectively to the point. He did exactly what was expected and asked of an admin and was certainly able to maintain appropriate management of situations and sits. His responsibilities as staff can also be noted that from evident encounters of Razi's abilities, he displayed substantial development from his maturity behaviours of previous actions.
  6. n o o n e c a r e s . t h e r e i s o n l y o n e m e s s i a h a n d h i s n a m e i s a b l e x o
  7. Tough luck, cop it on the chin champ and move on. What Halstead thinks is most appropriate for this punishment is final. No if's or but's, it's up to him to decide your punishment. You are in the wrong.
  8. You are a monkeeyyyyyy... The server is specifically oriented towards "Serious RP" and it will stay that way regardless of jokes or mishaps. Nevertheless, It isn't essential to have a sit if you have been recognized as purposely disrupting the player base through unreasonable, non-RP standards. YOU ARE A BLOODY CWO... You're lucky to be getting off with a warn with that attitude as a high rank. MONKEEYYYYYYY
  9. -1. Only monkeys have the audacity to challenge the social normalities of Kamikaze Muslims.
  10. Frig off... Twas not me, I blame Socrates.
  11. I agree with Halstead. 5 seconds seems more reasonable.
  12. GRAMMAR MEGA GAY Frankie likes boys.
  13. -1. Although I don't doubt your ability to effectively run the regiment, I do feel that by granting you with the position of Field Captain so early on, your lust for power and ego would burst through the roof. Evidently, an important concept to understand in upholding this role is the responsibility to earn this position regardless of prior incidents or situations. My concern is that the power megalomania that could overthrow you would completely eliminate your ability to perform commendably when maintaining the regiment in an appropriate fashion. Not to mention, introducing a new Field Captain into a newer, more contemporary community, one of which you are not so familiar with compared to when you were previously active, could throw off many of the people wanting, desiring or aspiring to uphold the rank of Field Captain.
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