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  1. Hi I'm Wiemers. @Deston is my bitch.
  2. Well said @Deston! Funnily enough, I too had a similar impression with Tropica. Having met at the youthful age of 16, @Deston, @dex and I swiftly established a great mateship that has continued to this day! It was 2 years after this freshly formed friendship that Tropica's presence soon became apparent as a new friend to join the club. Tropica joined the troop as a lil dipship where he quickly learnt from us seniors (Myself, @Deston and @dex) what a true man should be, considering Tropica's missing father figure as he grew up. Years passed and I can safety say that Tropica, without a doubt, has improved in all aspects of maturity, professionalism and devotion to the role. Tropica my friend, my dearest bitch boy, I love you and wish you all the best of luck with your future endeavors in the Colossal Gaming staff team! ~ Wiemers
  3. +1. Great addition to the team, knows what to do, prolly more then the current EM's ;/
  4. Much love my mans. See you round xoxo
  5. thanks fuckhead @Deston Ur kinda cute ngl Come goldy
  6. @Deston drinks guava cruisers xx one of these and he turns into an animal.
  7. +1 My mans has appealed time and time again. One last shot, surely he gets unbanned this time xx
  8. +1 Pretty dope bloke. Good to hang about with and chill vibes. He's been around the community for ages g and knows his shit in and out. Gl bruz
  9. Yoza +1 but buff RPG dmg while ur at it thanks g Its fked tryna kill anyone with either RPG or GL xx.
  10. .001 .002 .003 .004 .005 .006
  11. -1. At current state, having the equipment dealer in the city encourages members from each faction to venture out of their base. Its purpose serves to give each faction a reason to use other facilities of the map, not just the FOB, and other bases. It also fills up the negative space of the map, without it, there wouldn't necessarily be a reason to go to city. Also I don't wanna keep dealing with fucking US camping on their walls all the bloody time. Having multiple dealers would just steer people away from combat even more and would permit US to camp their base more.
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