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  1. +1 Good Application, and good reputation, good luck
  2. +1 Mad Lad, Follows rules, good guy, good event crafting and application
  3. Mark (Mundy)

    Stepping Down

    take care dom ❤️
  4. Hey there, a lot of you probably do know me from my shitty events that I run, the amount of times I was an asshole, and the many times I either was or did mass promote. But at 9:42pm, Today, on the 5th of March 2019, I resigned from both my staff rank of Senior Event Master, and my ingame officer rank of First Lieutenant of the US Army. i had a lot of thought into this move, as I have decided to move on with stuff that may actually help me in the future, I will be continue to work on NTF Mod as I did prior to joining Colossal. its been a wild ride, ever since I joined Spetsnaz with Views when we were just small Privates, fresh to role play. Up until today, where my final active steps are being taken. Special Thanksies; First, I want to thank Views, for not only being my coach and my Head EM, but for guiding me after my return to colossal. Next, I want to thank Fulnax, as much as sometimes you are an asshole, you were one of my first friends back in 2017, we even had our own special moments together. To ShuaDaddy I also say Thank you, for being my first commander, and sticking by me for 1 And a half years. To Pingas, for training me to become an event master 6 Months ago, and scaring the shit out of me in the process. To Badger, for the 3 times you ever asked me to help you test something, which always turned into a prop kill battle. To all of management, for maintaining the server at its best. To Funky Hendrix and Aleks, for also helping me in my process to becoming a a great Event Master. To Canoon, for the several hundreds of memes related to Russia or the Police you send me, and for being the first person to ever promote me. To the rest of the staff team, thank you for keeping the server safe. To the Past, present and future Event Masters, thank you for the entertainment that has been, or is to come. To Feral, for everything. and the server. To the rest of the Community, I had it hard growing up and making friends, and I considered Colossal as a great place to make friends, so thank to you guys. My final farewell has got to be me saying, I never wanted to leave. But I have to. Farewell to all, Mark Ride, Mundy, Skarperttare
  5. +1 You would have to be insane to -1 this. pls bring back 3v3
  6. -1 Immature, previously demoted for abusing, don't think you would be mature enough for moderator
  7. Mark (Mundy)


  8. -1 You can wait out your ban. You were banned for a good reason.
  9. +1 Event tho you dont have the greatest history, you seem like you could become a great event master
  10. Changed to +1, You have improved in my eyes already. Good Luck!