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  1. +1 Great guy in the community, has great potential for the server too! Would like to see you as a Moderator
  2. +1 Event Crafting is Very on point, Questions have good answers, and we are looking for some new people, would be a great addition to the Event Master team.
  3. https://youtu.be/DbzlYFabBxg
  4. As much as Hunter did say something that was maybe a joke, maybe not, this report is way too mellow, i don't think that you should have shot him in return, injuring your teammates is against Rules of Engagement (Basically Common sense). I honestly don't care about your age, maybe you are 8, maybe you are 14, no-one should care about it, but what you did in the situation could've been handled better by yourself, next time make a ticket if you think its wrong, in my opinion, a staff report is a bit too much. please remember this is my opinion, not the absolute truth
  5. +/- If you pick up your activity just a LITTLE bit more, I will definitely change to a +1, also As Above, please use the correct format.
  6. +/- As Much as the Application is very good, i suggest removing the cancer black text, also as long as you keep the script into good order, (i suggest moving it to a google document) i might change to a +1 +1 As Above, Good App and Greta reputation
  7. +1 Event Crafting is Fucking Beautiful, and general application looks nice.
  8. +1 Sick Lad, Knows Rules and good at enforcing them
  9. -1 BIG MINGE, Lost your previous staff role for reasons you know weren't ok, starting to not care about server rules.
  10. +1 Lindy is very active and has great ideas, would make very nice Event Master
  11. -1 I made the -1 big so you understand, that your application is rushed and undetailed, and your responses are childish and not serious/professional.
  12. That is an SCP Task Force Vehicle like wot SCP Faction Confirmed?
  13. -1 As we learned last time, I don't think you are fit for the role.