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  1. I've seen improvements, happy to have someone like you on the staff team. +1
  2. +/- Your application looks good. You are well known in the community I've had some recent issues and a couple of tickets about you I suggest improving overall friendliness on the server, and really try to get to know everyone and the staff team. If i see improvements, i will change to +1
  3. +1 Ive known uppercut for a while, hes a great person and knows his shit. Give this man tmod okok bye
  4. +1 leaning is for real gamers
  5. Fosbury

    adios bb gril

    We will miss you
  6. its called a perm for a reason
  7. +1 Even though I was the person who banned Kane, I still think that the ban was BS. This ban should 100% be lifted completely off, since jihading is a part of the Taliban's way, and they would sacrifice civilians in order to do their goal.
  8. +/- You are a really well known player in the community, and a good friend to all. But somtimes i just think you get really agitated at small things and complain about random things that dont go your way, this doesnt mean you are all the sudden a bad person, if you change within the next week or two then i will MOST DEFINETELY change to a +1 Behaviour has improved +1
  9. -1 Constantly have to talk to you about mic spam, and you have been demoted several times in the last week. If behaviour improves i might change to neutral or a positive.
  10. Is that halstead?
  11. I mainly like how this thread was never closed, so @Ian if you're around, it would be nice to close it.
  12. Firstly, when I pulled the person making the ticket and you into a sit, you instantly started defending yourself, as such, I needed another witness to back up the ticket-makers claims, which they successfully managed to provide, besides that, there is a log which stated that you shot the ticket-maker using a t5k. Combining that log with the witness's recount, I could confirm that you shot someone in the base. Despite you continuously asking for "evidence", you went on to ask for another staff member, which I provided for you, and for some reason, you decided to disrespect me form that point after I provided evidence of you breaking the rules. I do not see where this came from: biased to a more known player I did not know the player previously and have only encountered them in day to day RP in the checkpoint. So if anything, I knew you more then I knew the ticket-maker. k.
  13. Roleplay name: Fosbury DiscordID (Ian#8208): -Mark-#3457 Current rank (including faction): TAL Al-Shabaab DVT Do you understand the R&R's?: Yes
  14. +/- || As matrix said, you recently left EM. I want to know as well that you be dedicated to being a moderator.