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  1. Fosbury

    ive fallen

    From being my Spetsnaz Commander in 2017 To leaving your Chief Faithful spot yesterday. You'll always be with us
  2. -1 Hard to read app, you have some repeated answers, and answers could be more detailed You could expand your answers for whenever that application asks you for a paragraph instead of writing a single line. Will change to +1 if improved
  3. -1, Honestly i don't need to say anything
  4. -1 You put a video of you killing 3 people in spawn as your evidence, i don't understand how this is supposed to help you.
  5. +1 cool guy and follows rules would be good as mod.
  6. Cheaters don't get unbanned.
  7. no. There's no effort put into this application, grammar and spelling are all over the place. Simply kicking a well-known player for pulling a Massie is not acceptable. -1
  8. Fosbury


    why is this a thing if.. https://colossalgamingau.com/forums/index.php?/forum/13-general-discussions/ exists okk
  9. -1 Rushed App, pretty much what everyone else said. and also uh..
  10. +1 idk who this is but their words just made my ass clench
  11. Wibbly wobbly timey wimey
  12. +1 Dean is a good man. Good App and good ideas. Deserves EM
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