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  1. +1 cloaker and i go way back. he was always a nice guy, never really showed any signs of toxicity and was always making the server a great place. i think he first started playing back in 1984, and he was and still is a really nice guy to this day. i think you should unban him
  2. yunder

    OK SO

    funni man
  3. Unban Dean now, he is a very nice man. Dean never done nothing wrong, he just chilling and we all misunderstood him that's all. Dean must live on, unban Dean.
  4. im already denied and everyone already thinks im a fuckface, and they'd be right
  5. my chances were over before i even made this appeal, the fuck is the point of lieing and acting like the nice guy if it all means nothing, out of everyone here the last person i wanted to see was gizmo, the little shithead
  6. my apologies that you are siding with miller, im sorry you posses too little brain power to think from a neutral standpoint. im also sorry that your spastic ass thinks this application is a joke, and youre too retarded to realise that ripping a joke from an OOC chatbox and posting it here doesn't mean anything. its a shame your mother drank while pregnant with you, it really is. i hope you can accept my apology.
  7. yunder


    ok now unban me
  8. look, im not gonna apologies just because asatru and canoon got cucked by some ethan shirley-grade fat cunt named yunder behind his 23.6" monitor wanking off with his premium pornhub subscription. like jesus asatru had to write 3 words and click 1 button and you are going "oh the humanity" like i just caused asatru a PTSD attack or something. the most i can say is my apologies, getting unbanned from this server is not life or death to me, but it's always a bonus. thanks.
  9. no i dont have a reason for the third chance, im just kindly asking for one
  10. i can't really prove anything at the moment, but here is a video of my excellent behaviour on the server from a year ago
  11. sounds worse when you say it out loud. i was never planning to appeal but then an individual, who shall not be named, brought up the conversation of getting un-unbanned and told me to ask Canoon about it... so i did. Canoon said maybe, so i figured i had a decent chance of getting unbanned and here i am.
  12. Canoon said apply in new year, so i did.
  13. yunder


    wait i know everyone here expect for you?
  14. In-Game Name/Alias: yunder SteamID: STEAM_1:0:148369420 Reason for ban: Violation of unban conditions Evidence: just do it, its been a while. it said i can't appeal but i figured its worth a shot.
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