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  1. Discord ID: yunder#9293 Alias: yunder What happened in your perspective: If I can remember correctly I used a voice changer to mimic the noise of an engine and was swiftly banned for mic spam. Why should we unban you?: I promise to never make engine noise with my mic ever again.
  2. +1 never had an issue with him, don't see why he shouldn't be unbanned
  3. That's ok. I can understand that. The reason you probably haven't seen much from me is I'm currently only in one CG discord and that is Al-Qaeda. I am banned from the main CG discord. So the only way I can communicate with anyone from CG is Al-Qaeda or the forums, and I don't really enjoy chatting on forums a huge amount. Now, I'm honest to god when I say this, I never remember typing out "too retarded to realise that ripping a joke from an OOC chatbox and posting it here doesn't mean anything. its a shame your mother drank while pregnant with you, it really is." I probably did because I was stupid, but I would never think of posting something like that now. A bunch has changed in my life since then, I won't get into it, but I promise you that I've made an effort to change. Unfortunately I have no way to prove this currently, and my reputation precedes me, so it's your decision I guess. Thanks for the reply :v
  4. SteamID: STEAM_0:0:148369420 In-game alias/rank: stimb/ruble/victrolit/yunder Who banned you?: Islamic Fighter (Asatru if I remember correctly) Ban Reason: Violation of unban conditions (minging, using alt to bypass ban, doing dumb things, other stuff I can't remember) Ban Duration (Initial/Remaining): Banned sometime in mid-late 2019 I think. Perm ban. Explanation: Hello, for those of you who do not know me, I go by yunder online. A lot has changed on CG from when I first joined. A lot of new people as well as some familiar faces from 3 years ago. I believe most can agree that my history on CG is not as bright as others. I have been banned enough times that I can't remember the exact number, and that is nothing to be proud of. Every time I joined the server, I got in trouble some way or the other, mainly things related to FailRP. 12-14 year olds are stupid, or at least 12-14 year old ME is stupid. The only thing ever going through my brain is how I could stuff up someone else's experience and get a laugh out of it. I like to think that I'm past this worthless phase now. In my time away from CG, I joined some communities within the DCS playerbase. DCS is similar to MilitaryRP but a lot more aviation based. In my time away from CG and in the DCS community, I met many people who are more matured and knowledgeable than me, and I learnt that you can have fun without being an asshole. In my last attempt to get unbanned, I was an asshole. The last time I joined CG or talked in a CG discord, I was an asshole. I can see this now because I'm better than I used to be, I promise that to you. I don't like being banned from places, and I'm sure the moderators of CG don't enjoy banning people either, but it's what's necessary when immature people like I was, join, just to ruin it for everyone else. My intentions on CG are different than they used to be. I want to play the server, rank up, and have fun, without spoiling it for others. Special apologies to the admins, and to all that had to deal with how I used to be, I'm sorry for that, and I hope you can see through the past and look at the future, and forgive me for what I have done, but if you can't that's still ok. Thank you for putting the effort in to read my whole apology and I hope you will see me on CG as a new PVT soon.
  5. +1 cloaker and i go way back. he was always a nice guy, never really showed any signs of toxicity and was always making the server a great place. i think he first started playing back in 1984, and he was and still is a really nice guy to this day. i think you should unban him
  6. can i just put it out there, i dont really care about cheaters, but i think cheating in RP is dumb. if you want to cheat, go play CSGO or something. you dont get brownie points for cheating and getting a high score in an RP server, you get brownie points for RPing. so yeah i'm all for unbanning or whatever, but just note that cheaters are unbothering but dumb in my books.
  7. Unban Dean now, he is a very nice man. Dean never done nothing wrong, he just chilling and we all misunderstood him that's all. Dean must live on, unban Dean.
  8. im already denied and everyone already thinks im a fuckface, and they'd be right
  9. my chances were over before i even made this appeal, the fuck is the point of lieing and acting like the nice guy if it all means nothing, out of everyone here the last person i wanted to see was gizmo, the little shithead
  10. my apologies that you are siding with miller, im sorry you posses too little brain power to think from a neutral standpoint. im also sorry that your spastic ass thinks this application is a joke, and youre too retarded to realise that ripping a joke from an OOC chatbox and posting it here doesn't mean anything. its a shame your mother drank while pregnant with you, it really is. i hope you can accept my apology.
  11. yunder


    ok now unban me
  12. look, im not gonna apologies just because asatru and canoon got cucked by some ethan shirley-grade fat cunt named yunder behind his 23.6" monitor wanking off with his premium pornhub subscription. like jesus asatru had to write 3 words and click 1 button and you are going "oh the humanity" like i just caused asatru a PTSD attack or something. the most i can say is my apologies, getting unbanned from this server is not life or death to me, but it's always a bonus. thanks.
  13. no i dont have a reason for the third chance, im just kindly asking for one
  14. i can't really prove anything at the moment, but here is a video of my excellent behaviour on the server from a year ago
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