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  1. yes i completely understand
  2. i would definitely be happy with these rules and i PROMISE none of the minge stuff i used to do will ever happen again
  3. victrolit


    i kick grass, chew ass and make glass
  4. by the way i dont know how to find my steam id so i just put the number at the end of my account URL, hope that's correct
  5. Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:148369420 In-game alias/rank: US PVT victrolit (also known as yunder, stimb, ruble, grunk, RedGuy or AmazingDude32) Who banned you?: Canoon Ban Reason: Mass RDM + Ban Evade Ban Duration (Initial/Remaining): Permanent Why should we unban you?: I would like to start off by saying that I am deeply sorry. Colossal Gaming Military RP was and still is very important to me, but unfortunately I was too brain dead to realise that beforehand. Asking for a community ban could have been one of the worst decisions I ever made, I could've just stuck with a 5 day ban, but at the same time I think the permanent ban opened my eyes to the annoying shit that I was being. I never realised what impact my minging, ban evading, regiment hopping, spamming and general FailRP had on other's gameplay and enjoyment. I fed off other people's frustration and I have no excuses for my terrible behaviour. I started off in Colossal like a regular player, it was rare that I broke a rule, as I was in fear of getting a warning. But when I got my first ban, my frustration started kicking in and I took it out on other people. Whenever I got banned or warned, I found it made me feel "cool" (sometimes people did think it was cool as well) so I would keep pushing the admin or mod's limits until they banned or warned me again, eventually leading up to me getting warned very often. I had no respect for the work that went into Colossal. I didn't realise there is no other server quite like Colossal and I didn't realise that Colossal was unique and there is a reason why it is so popular. I always said "if i get banned ill just go to some other server lmao" not realising that there was no other server to simply move on to. Even when I tried to evade my permanent ban by playing as a user by the name of "RedGuy" I pushed the trainer's buttons until he called an admin to watch, and then I started pushing the admin's buttons as well, what I was doing was horrible for the new trainees and setting a bad example, but of course I never thought about these things. I was full of bad intentions. I actually maintained a good reputation with the server for a while, but my bad decisions have lead me to this point. Unfortunately many of you today didn't know me in my heyday either when I was known as victrolit or ruble so i'm stuck in a bit of a hole here. I always thought of myself as the funny guy for mic spamming and forum/chat spamming, but now I realise that no one finds it funny and I was just being a pure asshole. All I'm asking for is one last chance. I do have friends on the server, but there is a severe lack of evidence supporting me in this scenario. I have acknowledged my mistakes and there is nothing more I can do. I guess you could say my own decisions bit me in the ass and I deserve this ban, but I can assure you I am different now. I personally apologise to you if I ruined your experience on Colossal and I apologise to all of the admins that had to deal with my bad behaviour and bullshit, especially Canoon, BananaKing, Ian and Ásatrú. I hope you will accept my apology and appeal. On the slim chance that I return, I WILL improve my behaviour and will hopefully progress to the higher ranks. Thank you for reading.