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  1. I understand that this will mtl sit and wait for a while so I’d say neutral (more of a +1) I thought you were a decent mod after RPO was removed, and I think you’d do a good job again. Just pick up your activity and I’ll most likely change to a +1
  2. Just because something isn’t apart of your ban reason doesn’t automatically make it irrelevant and illegal to bring up. Just saying.
  3. 1. +1 The server that utilizes this does it well, and I feel like we could work it to make this sort of stuff more exciting. 2. +1 It would make you work for that sexy raid intel. 3. +1 poor US MPs, they did help the US more when they weren’t KOS. 4. -1 The US are fine with the towers, and it’s unlike many people are complaining. (From what I’ve seen.)
  4. +1 if you were able to handle the smoke when you had 300 odd that should be fine, the only cause I see for smoke spam is muributin or however it’s fucking spelt
  5. This seems more tedious and annoying than a helpful suggestion.
  6. -1 I agree wholeheartedly with Lolly on how poor this is. Quite clearly you don't understand how the level system works, even I figured out after a few events how it worked, and you've been here longer than me. Half of these answers are so lazy. I mean look at the first half of the application. Applications don't want one-word answers. You need at least a sentence with the first half of the application, not one word. The event crafting is, mediocre to say the least. If I turned up to your event with a script as half-assed as this, I would go right to views and demand a reason on why we should keep you among our ranks.
  7. It's genuinely good imo.
  8. I know this sounds like I'm taking the piss but, ever thought of working with other regis to lure the civis into the base?
  9. Neutral. You tend to keep to yourself, and not talk with most of the other players (from what I've seen). If you change my mind on this point, it may switch to a +1.