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  1. Nobody really needs to hack on a close range map like industrial compound. Just laughing at the thought of this disproving anything lol.
  2. *Despacito2.jpeg* This is so sad. Alexa, Play despacito.
  3. Keep grinding Matrix, you've done well with the US Army in the short time you we're active so I don't know why anyone is complaining. Take care bro and ease your mind on this "issue".
  4. He's already unbanned, Simon. IDK why someone hasn't locked this yet.
  5. "What EMs actually do when we're in debrief."
  6. The Navy Seals are your new family now, Nomad but the Spetsnaz will forever be your home. 🙂
  7. +1 I've always touted and said to trainees that the Riot Control were the front liners that provide defensive support for the US Army (Roleplaying/Storytelling, I know they don't actually provide defensive support right now) but with this addition they can finally be the US Army defenders that they've always been wanting to be.
  8. I'm not talking about what rank gets to train the trainees, I'm suggesting that we lower the rank that supervises SGTs that are training to try and rank up to SSGT so they don't a supervisor to watch them. I just want this to happen so we don't have to get a busy LT+ to stop what they're doing to just basically listen to something they already know and follow someone around for about 15 minutes. Hope I clarified it, sorry if my original post wasn't so clear on the intent.
  9. When was this? I can't believe I missed such a pretty sight.
  10. That would be the optimal way of training the SGTs but the COs/Drill Sergeants are very rare to encounter when they're on, I suggest this because there is an abundance of WO+ that can supervise the training and make sure they get it right. It even says in the Training Room that Warrant Officer is above Drill Sergeant hahahaha.
  11. Training Trainees and the problem of waiting for a supervisor. As of recently, There have been a lot of Sergeants that want to train but they can't find a training supervisor! I experienced this recently when I was training with my regiment SGTs. The reason behind this is there's not enough Lieutenants and Commanders+ that have free time to supervise. These people who have reached SGT and are eager to train have to wait a long time for them to get a supervisor and a recommendation to SSGT. What I suggest is we lower the ranks of training supervisors to at LEAST Warrant Officer OR at the MOST, Master Sergeant. I think that it would be more suitable for Warrant Officers and above to be able to supervise training because WOs have proven they have the required abilities and training to reach their rank, E.G. being able to train a trainee well and without any missing information. I'm sure the WOs would be willing to supervise the training for a few extra promotion points :^), and I know most of the WOs in the US, They're trustworthy enough not to mess up a potential long-time player's experience in the server and should be able to show the potential fun they could have on it. So, what do you guys think? Should we lower the rank of training supervisors? Sorry, I forgot to add this and it went completely over my head. I know the update might be coming soon and there isn't any point in doing this. I regard SGT as an important rank to gain the experience needed to, as I said above, help a potential long-time player see the full potential of the server. That's why i'm making this suggestion because it benefits both the trainer and trainees! Thanks for reading 🙂