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  1. im not sure as to if you should of gave me a warning to turn them off or anything, could you please give me another chance i would never have this happen, i am very sorry for this, maybe please give me a warning next time to turn them off, as to its really fine if you dont want to un ban me its fine, but i will be calling up paypal to get my money back im not trying to be rude or anything but i worked hard for it and spent it on something i like and i just feel that i worked my guts out for nothing and giving money to someone that cant even give a poor guy another chance after he is really sorry for his actions we all make mistakes and learn from them this is how the world is.
  2. MilitaryRP Ban Appeal TemplateYour SteamID: STEAM_0:1:244212447Your In-Game Alias/Rank: Prestige 1, level 40 TAL PRC NemesisBan Reason: Using Bhop SkirtBan Duration (Initial/Remaining): PermPreferred Outcome of Appeal: to be un bannedStatement (Why you want to be unbanned): i am dearly sorry for this, i never intended to use a Bhop script how ever i had it on and put it as my scroll wheel so i went alot after, i am really sorry for using this, if i got a warning about this to turn it off it such or how ever i would have, but no one never told me i wasnt allowed it or to even turn it off, as though i should of known not to be using one as no other server would allowed it, but i have just had it on for a long time and never really thought of getting a ban for it , i am really sorry for using this i would never use it again as i love playing on this server it is alot of fun and i have spent a fair bit of money on it such as i paid for the Ultimate Package and paid for 30 levels i would had never spent this money if i knew i was getting banned all my hard time and effort put into something of a waste, im not saying you guys are just taking my money and banning me i would never come to that as everyone loves this server and how people are, but i would never have paid for things if i knew i was doing something so wrong , all i am is asking maybe please like even let me know that if i ever use it again i will get banned or somthing not just straight ban me even, like im not just some guest i was playing on this every day and night, but all i am is saying is that i am really sorry for this and to have another chance please, i ill never use it again, i swear down on it and if i do use it again you guys can Exil me from the server and black list do what ever you want but please may i please have another chance i am so sorry, thanks NemesisEvidence to Support Statement (OPTIONAL): None
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