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  1. bye bye zamels!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. Ezygle

    Taliban chief car

    The Tank car is just the soviet object 120's prototype
  3. Ezygle

    Furdy 2

    snage please make up your mind first ur furry, then ur not, then ur furry, then ur not, she love me, she love me not
  4. adine more like... iodine gottem
  5. omgosh i am number 5 on zynixs cool list !!!!! i am so happy!!!!! #asianganggang
  6. Ezygle


    But... if we stop now, we still win
  7. Although the US does not usually negotiate with terrorists, it has forseen a potentially unpleasant outcome for the United States following several consecutive losses in the region, and has therefore decided to begin the evacuation and reassignment of the 11th and 12th Field Artillery Regiments, the 72nd Armoured Regiment, the 6th and 10th Infantry Regiments, the Green Berets Special Forces Regiment, and all USAF Battalions from the region. The remaining US Army Regiments, combined with the 75th Ranger Regiment, Delta Force Special Operations Regiment, 2nd & 3rd Marine Divisions, and the US Security Operations will remain active in the region for an extended period of time to ensure a safe evacuation of US Forces.
  8. Which n word did you mean? https://sites.google.com/site/englishpowerword/words-start-with-n Word Type Meaning Nab verb Catch a wrong doer, take suddenly Naive adjective Lacking experience or judgment Narcissistic adjective Excessive interest in oneself and ones appearance Narrative noun An account of something, a story, Nascent adjective Just coming into existence, emerging Natter verb Informal chatter Naught pronoun Nothing Nebulous adjective Not clearly defined, vague Negate verb Stop or undo the effect of, deny the existence of Neophyte noun A novice, beginner, a new convert Nepotism noun Favoritism showed to relatives or friends (Eg. by giving them jobs) Neutralize verb Make ineffective Niche noun a situation or activity specially suited to a person's interests, abilities, or nature; Job or role to which one is suited Nimble adjective Quick and agile Nincompoop noun A stupid silly person, a fool Nocturnal adjective Done or active ate night Nonchalant adjective Calm and relaxed Nonconformist noun A person who does not follow accepted ideas or behavior, not following established customs, beliefs, etc. Nondescript adjective Lacking special or interesting features Nonentity noun An unimportant person or thing, a person or thing of little or no importance Nonplussed adjective Surprised and confused Norm noun The usual or standard thing Nostalgia noun Longing for the happy times of the past Noteworthy adjective Interesting or important Nous noun Informal-common sense Novice noun A person new to and lacking experience in a job or situation Nuance noun A slight difference in meaning or expression, shade, distinction, gradation Nullify verb Make legally invalid, cancel out the effect of Nadir noun The lowest point Nemesis noun A means of deserved and unavoidable downfall, nemesis is something that a person cannot conquer, achieve, etc. Neologism noun A new word, meaning, usage, or phrase Nefarious adjective Wicked or criminal, Infamous by way of being extremely wicked. Nescient adjective Ignorant, lack of knowledge; ignorance, uneducated, Neurotic adjective Excessively sensitive, anxious or obsessive Nexus noun A connection or a series of connection Niggard adjective Not generous, A stingy, grasping person; a miser. Nimbus noun A halo, an aura of splendor about any person or thing Nomenclature noun A system of words used in a particular subject Nurture verb Care for and encourage the growth and development of, have a hope or belief for a long time Nonpareil noun Unequalled Notorious adjective Famous for something bad Nugatory noun Worthless Nouveau riche noun People who have recently become rich and display their wealth in an obvious or tasteless way Nought noun The figure 0, nothing Nitty-gritty noun Informal-the most important details of the matter Nitwit noun Informal-a foolish person, a stupid or silly person Nicety noun Accuracy, a fine detail, refinement, delicacy of taste Nether adjective Lower or under, lying, or thought of as lying, below the earth's surface the nether world Negligible adjective So small or unimportant as to be not worth considering Nettle verb Annoy
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    signed by the new fm marshal field of the us
  10. I am loving the effort put into the colours +1
  11. bye bye deku!!! ps i saw a deku floaty once and it was magical
  12. This dude makes cool videos !!
  13. I SAW A DEKU FLOATY ONCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. 中国人民解放军,是中华人民共和国主要的国家武装力量,由陆军、海军、空军、火箭军、战略支援部队五大军种以及中央军委联勤保障部队组成。解放军由中国共产党建立,自成立起坚持“党指挥枪”原则,由中央军事委员会[註 1]所领导,中央军委主席统率全军。
  15. song is good but you know what is better? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ub82Xb1C8os&ab_channel=JuiceboxHero why is link no embed pls hel
  16. Ezygle


    hello el cabron mi amigo it has occured to me after i posted this that el cabron means bastard and that was not the intended message and for that i apologise
  17. It depends on what you want to do and what subjects you pick. Generally what you learn will be helpful for you later in life, for example Maths Standard (or General or whatever its called) teaches you how to do taxes and be an adult while Maths Advanced is all about therotical mathematics that you probably won't use unless you are doing a maths degree in uni or some job involving maths.
  18. i submit lots of stuff 4 u!!!!!
  19. did you come here on a yellow submarine?????
  20. This is easy in theory, difficult in practice, that is why the rank quota required for a tool gun has been set to 1LT. If you want to spawn helicopters yourself, you just have to reach el uno lieutenantenuto by showing your dedication and commitment to the SAS and the US.
  21. Ezygle

    good night friends.

    omgosh the sequel!!! guten morgen!!!
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