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  1. gooooodbye gizmo!!!!! saw this boi from pvt-goa!!!!!
  2. jack off jacks off until he gets officer
  3. He is in australian army ingame so he is in the asutralian army irl that is how it works I am actually the field marshal of the real us army
  4. midday more like midsummersnightdream
  5. bring back stimb & ruble i liked them better +1
  6. Ezygle

    Regiment Artwork

    quighel is the adopted one
  7. This is so sad but dont forget us when you're twitch famous!!!! Family Photo
  8. Ezygle

    Regiment Artwork

    lmao goa just be cooking for the troops
  9. just be cool and you wont need that many
  10. When will adam walker evolve into adam runner????? still waiting
  11. when you're the spc of the sas
  12. I made a webpage with photos and videos of cg this year so check it out https://www.sanfransentinel.com/covidcolossalgaming.html also there is a secret surprise so dont ruin it by revealing what it is happy new year!!!
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